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Anand Eswaran, vice president of Microsoft Services and Microsoft Digital, is at the forefront of digital transformation. He talks about the four pillars every organization needs to think about to have a successful transformation.

Stephanie Linnartz, global chief commercial officer at Marriott International, spoke with eMarketer about how the organization keeps marketing moving forward by looking outward to other industries and ahead to emerging trends.

Anthony Long, global ecommerce technology lead at Kimberly-Clark, talks about how the company is responding to changes in consumer behavior and tackling ecommerce.

Less than half of marketing executives worldwide consider themselves “fairly prepared” to meet digitally disruptive competition, according to data from IMD and Cisco.

As advertisers shift to using fewer suppliers, they want closer collaboration and more agility from their agencies.

From Brexit to brand safety, UK marketers feel beset by largely external challenges.

Many retail marketers turn up their noses at new technology and plan to put more money into an old standby in 2017.

Over 80% of advertising and marketing agencies in Germany enjoyed positive relations with their clients in the past few years, and a similar share of clients felt the same. But the need for speed, cost efficiency and specialist know-how are straining these bonds.

More marketers plan to increase their investment in data-driven marketing, according to recent surveys. Executives say tactics like cross-channel and cross-device marketing are helping to boost revenues.

Quim Gil, head brand planner at Hispanics-focused agency Richards/Lerma, spoke with eMarketer about how ad agencies are approaching the US Hispanic market.

Mark Weinstein, senior vice president of customer experience, engagement, loyalty and partnerships at Hilton Worldwide spoke with eMarketer about how the company tackles change by thinking like a millennial.

General Electric's CMO Linda Boff reveals what has changed within the organization since the onset of the digital age.

Nearly two-thirds of digital marketing decision-makers say advertisers in the country will cut allocations to Google and shift digital budgets elsewhere.

Wade Allen, vice president of brand and digital innovation at restaurant chain Chili’s, spoke with eMarketer about the technological challenges of personalization.

Peter McGuinness, CMO at Greek yogurt brand Chobani, spoke with eMarketer about how the company’s agile product and marketing teams give it a competitive advantage.

In the latest edition of eMarketer’s “Behind the Numbers” podcast, we look at three powerful forces transforming virtually every aspect of the global media and marketing ecosystem: mobility, automation and ad avoidance.

Duane Schulz, vice president of digital and demand marketing and technology at Xerox, tells eMarketer about how the company has wrangled its marketing technology stack and how that has led to organizational changes.

Feeling fuzzy on the latest progress on the cross-device targeting front or hoping to get a pulse on what's in store for 2017? This webinar can help. Join eMarketer's Lauren Fisher for her annual look at the changing capabilities and technologies in cross-screen targeting, including:

Automating workflows and obtaining sufficient budgets are important goals for marketers, but they're not as much of a priority as lead generation or driving web traffic.

Generating new business has always been a difficult job for ad agencies, but more agencies are finding it harder this year to find and secure new assignments.