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Is your business ready for 2017? How much do you really know about the key challenges that you’ll face next year? Join us for a special webinar where we discuss the key trends we expect to happen—and not happen—in the coming year. This is our seventh annual “Key Trends” webinar, and it promises to be a free-wheeling, data-packed conversation that will cover: millennials and ad blocking; AI; mobile app usage; live video; the emergence of Gen Z and much more!

With the endless possibilities that the digital landscape gives marketers by way of agility and innovation, it’s no wonder that perhaps more traditional companies are looking to safeguard themselves more and more. According to March 2016 research, almost all CMOs worldwide believe they’re prioritizing their defense against new competitors, particularly those that are nontraditional entrants to their industry.

Justin Reckamp, social media and brand development manager at State Farm, talked about how the insurance company uses social media to showcase diversity in its messaging.

God-is Rivera, associate director of social media at digital marketing and advertising agency VML, discusses diversity in messaging and how brands can use social media in that effort.

The marketing technology space is buzzing with activity, but it's a transitional time for many brands. eMarketer asked a number of marketing technology experts at some leading brands and agencies about the biggest changes and challenges in the space.

It’s not easy to be a nimble marketer in today’s ever-expanding, increasingly real-time digital world. But a growing number of brands and agencies are able to make decisions about customers, products and markets more quickly and thoughtfully by revising and updating their approaches to processes, technology, people and partnerships.

GrubHub CMO Barbara Martin Coppola spoke with eMarketer about how the brand balances data with agility.

Erica Seidel, founder and principal of talent recruiting agency The Connective Good, talks about trends and pitfalls in hiring the right people to excel in today's complex marketing world.

Dhanusha Sivajee, executive vice president of marketing at XO Group, talks about alignment and collaboration between the lifestage media company's marketing and product teams, as well as the skills needed to work in a fast-paced environment.

Casper's Terri Rockovich, vice president of acquisition, and Lindsay Kaplan, vice president of communications, talk about how the marketing team hires—and retains—the right talent for its fast-paced organization.

The rise of digital has also meant, for most marketers, the rise of data. And according to research from August 2016, data is changing the way brands deal with agencies. Just about all client-side marketers rely on data at least sometimes to manage these relationships.

Acquiring new customers is a major priority for most marketers. But in order to maximize the effectiveness of dollars allocated to acquisition efforts, marketers must place an emphasis on data, audience centricity and the lifetime value of customers.

Marketers put more dollars behind their data-driven marketing efforts, and saw revenue gains from those efforts, between Q1 and Q2 2016 in the US. According to August research, this upward track is expected to continue into Q3.

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, it’s no wonder that US marketers want their department personnel to remain both informed and nimble. According to March research, almost seven in 10 feel the drive to innovate will likely impact their staffing decisions over the next two years.

Roughly half of US ad agency professionals said their clients are most interested in advertising on spot TV or spot cable—more than any other medium including digital, mobile, streaming video and radio, April 2016 research revealed.

Matt Preschern, executive vice president and CMO of global technology outsourcing firm HCL Technologies, talks about his company's marketing transformation to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

Andy Kauffman, vice president of digital at global hotel chain Marriott International, talks about his company's approach to digital transformation for the hotel's people, processes and technology.

The growing complexity of marketing technology is forcing many client-side marketers to rely on agency partners like never before. Research shows that many clients are retaining more agency partners than in years past, relying on them to fill gaps related to a variety of strategic initiatives well beyond their traditional areas of expertise.

Over 80% of marketers in Canada said they conducted social media engagement activities in February 2016, making it the leading digital marketing activity. And they’re convinced content marketing will be one of the most important over the course of this year.

Matt Trotta, vice president of agency relationships at BuzzFeed, explains how brand-publisher interactions are now more symbiotic.