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Client-side marketers in Southeast Asia are dissatisfied with their current marketing efforts. A perceived lack of agency capabilities in the areas of PR, creative and digital, as well as gaps in media audience measurement, are reported as key shortcomings.

No one issue takes precedence in Canada when it comes to challenges facing the advertising industry, according to November 2015 research. Agency professionals are split on their primary struggle.

Research suggests that marketers in India already see mobile as a key part of their efforts, even if spending is still relatively low.

eMarketer checks in with Dun & Bradstreet CMO Rishi Dave to see how the role of marketing technology evolved at the business information services company throughout 2015 and how it’s influencing priorities for 2016.

Andrew Daley, vice president of marketing at Zipcar, spoke with eMarketer about how the rental car company plans to manage and operate its marketing ecosystem in 2016.

Best practices can help businesses run more efficiently, but sometimes identifying and integrating them internally is challenging, according to December 2015 research.

Understanding consumers and delivering an engaging experience is important to marketers, especially those that want to boost brand perception. According to October 2015 research, improving the customer experience is what primarily keeps CMOs and marketing leaders up at night.

Marketers are constantly looking to better understand consumers and ultimately deliver an engaging experience. According to Q4 2015 research, many executives are using revenue metrics to measure the success of customer efforts.

Financial institutions are facing many challenges this year, ranging from implementing EMV payments to making strategic hiring decisions. According to research, driving growth and profitability are among their biggest hurdles.

Retailers are increasingly prioritizing their digital efforts this year, and according to 2016 research, unified commerce is one of their primary focuses.

Digital ad spending will surpass TV next year, eMarketer estimates. And according to February 2016 research, US ad agency professionals say their clients are interested in digital advertising more than last year.

Marketing technology is a key area of focus for marketing managers in 2016, according to research. As managers think about where to spend their budgets on such technology tools this year, business intelligence reporting, marketing automation and customer interaction products are likely to see more investment.

Scott Brinker, co-founder and chief technology officer of martech firm ion interactive and editor of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, provides an update on the marketing technology landscape and what its evolution means for marketers in 2016.

The use of data management platforms (DMPs) among industry professionals continues to grow. Yet, those same marketers are skeptical of DMPs' ability to deliver on expectations and business goals, according to research.

Nearly 90% of advertisers say it’s important to keep control of their marketing data—and many fear automation undermines that.

Mobile is the most likely digital channel to see an increase in budget among marketers in Canada, according to research from December 2015. The same channel will also enjoy the largest planned increases in spending.

Nearly three in 10 (29%) advertisers in Finland plan to increase ad and marketing spending in 2016, according to a January 2016 survey. Digital is especially likely to enjoy increases in spending.

Marketers have been teaming up with influencers for content creation and promotion, and these types of marketing campaigns have generated impressive results. According to December 2015 research, the beauty and fashion industry has also allocated a percentage of their budget to influencer marketing.

Mobile accounted for more than half of digital ad spending in 2015, and marketers continue to see increased value in mobile advertising. While there are benefits, there are challenges too, according to Q3 2015 research.

Agency executives—more so than senior marketers—plan to increase spending on a variety of different formats in 2016, including digital, social and mobile.