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Tom Kottler, co-founder and CEO of patient engagement platform Healthprize Technologies, tells eMarketer about the effects of medication nonadherence on the pharmaceutical industry, and how available technologies can improve patience adherence.

NewsCred, a content-oriented online marketing firm that works with brands to manage creation, distribution and measurement, spoke with eMarketer about how pharmaceutical companies in the US are investing more in their digital properties.

Over two-thirds of internet users in France research medical issues online. But most avoid the sites of government institutions or health professionals, favoring more general information sources.

Healthcare and pharma marketers in the US invested $1.67 billion in paid digital media in 2015. This year, those marketers will increase their spending 15.4% to reach $1.93 billion.

Most US internet users are willing to share their personal health information if it can help improve their personal healthcare. According to February 2016 research, almost half of respondents said they would be willing to do so, but only if it was anonymous.

Health and fitness have provided a key opening for wearables-makers, as internet users tend to be attracted to such devices to keep tabs on their activity levels. In the UK, mobile users are open to many applications that could prove relevant to wearables.

Amy Landucci, head of digital medicine at Novartis, talks about the new and improved role of technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

Family doctors, medical specialists, local pharmacists and hospitals were the most commonly trusted sources for health information in Canada among internet users ages 45 and older surveyed in June. On the opposite end of the spectrum were the internet and TV.

Steijn Pelle, co-founder and COO of on-demand health consultation company HealthTap, speaks to eMarketer about Facebook Messenger’s potential and its limitations.

Eight in 10 of healthcare execs surveyed in December said they use website traffic as a measure of content marketing success. Another 57.1% of respondents say they measure time spent on their website when considering their ROI.

Tip Rose, vice president of enterprise digital marketing at healthcare supply chain Cardinal Health, spoke with eMarketer about how the company manages its marketing stack and braces for changes.

At first mention of the internet of things (IoT ) for healthcare, Fitbits, Jawbones and smart watches probably come to mind. These devices have received a strong dose of media hype, but they are just the tip of the iceberg in a growing infrastructure that is bringing meaningful connectivity to the business of health.