But just 41.2% of B2B marketers surveyed by InsightSquared and Heinz Marketing said they are satisfied with the analytics and reporting they receive from their automation vendors.

Doug Root, CEO of ALB Energy Solutions, discusses the tactics the company uses to maximize ecommerce sales.

Chris Hiller, general manager of Freund Container & Supply, discusses how its 40,000 active business-to-business (B2B) customers get a customized ecommerce experience.

Erin Stender, vice president of marketing at online giving platform Classy, explains how content helps move customers down the sales funnel.

David Jonker, vice president of thought leadership marketing at SAP, discusses his team’s use of technology to deliver a bespoke content experience.

B2B marketers will continue to rely on data and deep background research to better understand and engage their prospects and customers.

eMarketer estimates that US business-to-business (B2B) advertisers will spend $4.07 billion on digital advertising in 2017. The B2B digital ad market is growing steadily, and in 2018 it will jump 13% to reach $4.60 billion.

Liz Matthews, senior vice president of global brand and creative at Dell, shares insights on the state of B2B digital advertising.

B2B marketers have long valued events to generate new sales leads. But they are investing in digital to augment traditional channels.

Evyenia Wilkins, vice president of account-based marketing at Traackr, explains why her company moved forward with ABM before investing in marketing technology.

Thomas Prommer, managing director of technology at Huge, explains why B2Bs can alienate their customers if they eliminate the human element of commerce.

Mike Brooks, CMO of Ferguson Enterprises, discusses how the company got its salespeople to embrace digital.

In 2018, nearly nine in 10 business-to-business (B2B) companies in the US will use digital content marketing, eMarketer estimates. As adoption reaches the saturation threshold, continued growth will require more refined and mature programs.

Amber Naslund, senior director of industry leadership at Hootsuite, discusses why content marketing should go beyond the marketing department.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, senior analyst Jillian Ryan breaks down the state of B2B content marketing: How widespread is the use of content marketing amongst B2B companies, and where will they focus their efforts this year?

According to a survey of business-to-business (B2B) marketers, owned media wins the highest share of marketing spending.

Ivo Totev, CMO of SAP’s ERP solution, S/4HANA, discusses the challenges of delivering omnichannel digital advertising while still optimizing every channel.

B2B marketers deal with a more complex path to purchase. New research shows that offering potential clients content downloads can help to drive conversions.

Determining just how many B2B organizations are implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy is difficult. In fact, data points on adoption are all over the map, especially since many of the surveys about the topic are commissioned by ABM vendors.

Localytics’ vice president of demand generation, Lisa Skinner, explains why the jury is still out on whether or not account-based marketing results in increased revenue.