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Find out what’s ahead for digital ad convergence and how the current ecosystem’s challenges are driving change from industry expert Jeff Greenfield, senior vice president, buy side at WideOrbit.

Attribution innovations have brought the focus away from video completion rates and toward return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost-per-action (CPA) metrics

Find out how to gain an understanding of consumers’ likes, interests, history, and preferences with empathy while delivering personalization in the right moments

As the average time spent with digital video continues to increase, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to present your brand’s video content with an experience just like on your audience’s favorite streaming platform?

Find out why B2B marketers and sellers can’t seem to get on the same page when it comes to sales collateral—and what you can do to buck the trend

Today, marketers have to juggle third-party cookie loss and new data privacy legislation, impacting their ability to identify customers and create a strong data foundation

Find out if there is such a thing as the perfect connected TV (CTV) commercial from Ali Haeri, vice president, marketing at MNTN, and Lucas Piazza, CMO at QuickFrame.

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, Suzy Davidkhanian, eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, revealed our new retail ecommerce sales estimates for 2022 and beyond

Find out how B2B teams can reliably identify and optimize the most important pages on their website with data, and then replicate that success at scale.

Find out how best to implement a customer data platform (CDP), and how marketing, analytics, and technology executives are embracing CDPs to operationalize data to power in-the-moment experiences.

Watch us as PwC’s Brian Morris, marketing data and analytics leader, and Dan Renner, marketing, sales, and service transformation specialist, outline what’s needed to unlock the power of personalization when using a customer data platform.

Find out how Made.com, Guess, and others have set up a visual storytelling framework that resonates with consumers.