The top 10 ecommerce sites in the US February 20

Amazon’s website is by far the most visited ecommerce site by unique monthly visitors in the US, per November 2023 Similarweb data.

YouTube is trying to close the affiliate marketing gap: TikTok and Instagram far outperform YouTube’s affiliate links. YouTube is trying to remedy the problem.

Home Depot is in a tough spot: As long as interest rates remain high, few consumers are willing to embark on remodels or splurge on big-ticket items.

Reddit's $60 million AI deal aims to monetize content before its IPO: The move sets new standards in how UGC and AI will interoperate.

Crashes, declining trust, and potential bans fuel safety concerns and activism, challenging the technology’s readiness and future expansion.

On this podcast episode, we explore the deployment of AI in payments in 2024. First, we discuss the most impactful use cases for AI in payments, such as fraud detection and prevention, false declines and purchase conversion, B2B payments, enhanced customer service, and digital wallets. In our "For Argument’s Sake" segment, we rank these use cases in order of impact and debate our decisions. Join the conversation with host Rob Rubin, our analyst David Morris, and Angela Murphy, PhD, client partner at Persistent Systems.

GLP-1 medication users spend less money on groceries: The likes of Ozempic and Wegovy are reshaping consumer spending patterns. We explore how grocers and food companies must adapt. looks to expand abroad: It may bid for UK electronics chain Currys as it eyes new paths to growth given the numerous challenges it faces in China.

A Switch 2 delay and PS5 sales slump: Aging consoles pose a challenge for this year’s holiday sales forecast. But it could also create an opportunity for other gaming formats.

More consumers turn to digital tools for Rx management: But increased demand for online pharmacy services could actually spell trouble for pharmacy disruptors—here’s why.