Banking trade groups, including The American Bankers Association, have sued the agency, claiming it overstepped its authority regarding UDAAP enforcement.

Regions Bank paid $191M in fines and reimbursements for improper overdraft charges on ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases.

A Fed official has suggested updating bank merger rules that account for the proliferation of fintechs and nonbank entities in the banking system.

The UK’s cost-of-living crisis is getting worse: A weakened pound, ongoing labor strikes, and worsening inflation are causing consumers to pull back their spending and confidence to plummet.

The Payment Systems Regulator’s proposal could restore trust in P2P payments and mobile wallets—and could serve as a model for US regulators.

Google courts younger cohort with search updates: New features put bigger emphasis on visual elements to address user preferences.

Creators and influencers are looking for ways to diversify platforms in order to increase audience outreach, foster community, and assure they’re not at the whims of any single social media algorithm.