Artificial Intelligence

59% of US adults interested in using AI chatbots for shopping-related activities would use the tech for product research, according to SurveyMonkey.

On today's special podcast episode, we continue our monthly show where we discuss the biggest trends of the moment and the newest research, sprinkle in some analysis, and bundle it up into a quiz. Every month, three of our analysts representing their respective coverage area teams compete against each other. (We also encourage you to play along at home.) We keep a running score and will crown a winning team at the end of the year. Today, we cover the future of AI devices, shopping Amazon from your social feed, what happens now that the Hollywood strikes are over, and how Amazon is expanding. Tune in to the discussion with this month's contestants: our vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti and analysts Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf and Carina Perkins.

AWS intensifies AI competition with Microsoft and diversifies AI services and partnerships. Its progress challenges existing platforms and emphasizes enterprise integration.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman strikes a new tactful tone: His firing and reinstatement have pushed him toward more cautious messaging as he tries to navigate pitfalls over generative AI’s divisiveness.

Attentive's Cyber Week triumph: Sales of $1.8 billion driven by AI-SMS synergy and personalized messaging.

UK's Gen Z Leading GenAI Adoption: Ofcom's 2023 Report Highlights Teenagers' Predominance in AI Tools Usage

Competitors thrive amid OpenAI’s leadership quagmire: Other startups gain clients, investors are concerned over board changes, and questions swirl over AI self-regulation and operational reliability.

GenAI becomes a reliable source for health information: Consumers are comfortable using the tech for their health-focused searches. But how does genAI stack up against more traditional health sources?

iRobot shares fall 17% after the EU warns of antitrust issues in Amazon's $1.7 billion bid. Now the FTC could weigh in.

Symphony to use Google Vertex AI for voice analysis: Voice-to-text AI is booming but accuracy is still a limitation. Generative AI could help firms meet strict regulatory requirements.

Amazon’s new chatbot and chips unveiled at re:Invent: It’s making more aggressive moves in the generative AI space. Release of its Olympus model will be a defining moment.

It’s a promising start for global AI safety guidelines yet lacking in concrete actions and accountability. Will other nations join the regulatory effort?

Generative AI triggers a hiring surge amid tech industry layoffs: Marketplace fanfare over the technology could shift hiring and resources from other critical areas, like cybersecurity.

Rumors swirl about OpenAI’s ‘Q*’ project: A secret AGI project could be linked to Sam Altman’s firing. It shows how generative AI is a loose cannon without regulation.

OpenAI turmoil’s ripple effect on social media: The chaos could create opportunities and challenges for platforms in the red-hot genAI market.

Stable Video Diffusion creates brief, quality videos from still images, promising industry-wide applications. Concerns over ethics and training data sources intensify.

Details emerge about what may have led to OpenAI CEO’s firing: Tension with a board member may have added to preexisting problems. The ensuing chaos threatens the startup’s marketplace standing.

Global AI market sees major developments: AI21 Labs' funding boost, Anthropic's chatbot breakthrough, and Baidu's revenue growth mark significant industry strides.

Amazon restructures its showy AI division: It’s using the “artificial general intelligence” banner as a way to impress prospective customers, pitting itself directly against OpenAI.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether Humane's new AI pin is about to become as ubiquitous as the smartphone, just how much ground brick-and-mortar retail will give to online shopping, the next big social media app, if folks will start shopping on Amazon right from their Facebook and Instagram feeds, how news consumption on social media is changing, which airlines carry the most passengers, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian and analysts Max Willens and Yory Wurmser.