Email marketing company Coherent Path, in a study released today, evaluated the personalization practices of 100 top retailers and found sharp differences in email practices among different sectors.

Email remains a tried-and-true messaging channel. New research underscores how dominant mobile has become to the medium.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, Minibar Delivery's Lauren Henderson talks about the company's email marketing efforts and what the company does to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Email remains an extremely reliable and popular way for brands to communicate with their audience, with an enviable return on investment. Though there are few signs of adoption waning, many marketers are working to head off future problems of relevancy by embracing sophisticated data practices and emerging technologies.

Jessamyn Block, director of marketing at smart jewelry company Ringly, explains how email marketing helps the brand retain customers.

Amanda Tolleson, CMO at Birchbox, shares how the company uses email marketing to connect the digital and physical aspects of its business.

Postmates’ Tanner McGrath and Appboy’s Bill Magnuson discuss how real-time data insights help improve broad marketing campaigns both immediately and in the long term.

Alex Weinstein, director of marketing technology and CRM at eBay, spoke with eMarketer about how the company built its own personalization platform.

Finding the right message depends on the business goal

According to a new survey, email's value as a retail marketing tool is not lessening among younger consumers.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer analyst Jillian Ryan talks about whether or not consumers find emails useful and if email marketing is becoming less effective.

Personalization is only as effective as the data that powers it—and when that data is wrong, it’s downright irritating.

Email marketing open rates in the UK were high in 2016, but clickthrough rates fell—possibly due to the absence of engaging content.

Lauren Henderson, marketing manager at Minibar Delivery, explains the significance of effectively scheduling marketing emails.

Sandro Roco, director of strategic initiatives for subscription clothing delivery service Bombfell, discusses the role customer input plays in personalization.

Less than half of brands include a "buy now" button of some sort in their email campaigns, missing a chance to convert shoppers who may have left items in a cart without completing a purchase.

Email appears to be the medium of choice for messaging with retailers among UK internet users who communicate regularly with brands.

Internet users of all ages in Germany are surprisingly similar in the ways they interact with retailers via email.

Marketers think great content and a good reputation make for effective mailings. Consumers see it differently.