The FTC wants to stop the seemingly never-ending struggles to cancel unwanted subscription plans for gym memberships, cellular plans, apps, and more.

If TikTok’s only recourse is to separate from ByteDance, then Beijing could lean on export rules to veto the sale, potentially ending TikTok’s presence in various countries.

Apple to invest $1 billion a year on big cinema push: Company thinks raising its Hollywood profile could lead to increased connected TV revenues.

Can Netflix afford a long-runway gaming business in a high-interest rate environment? Gaming can be a risky, costly sector, but Netflix is showing no signs of turning away.

Netflix’s ad tier rebounds from a shaky launch: With viewer expectations hitting their marks, Netflix is looking to the future of its ad business.

Movies not only need to be good, they need to matter to audiences: That’s one takeaway from the ‘Shazam’ sequel bombing.

As the possibility of a TikTok ban grows in the US, users are looking for other platforms to satisfy their short-video needs. In a Cowen survey, 26% of adult US users said they’d switch to Instagram Reels, and 21% said they’d head to YouTube Shorts. Meanwhile, 37% had no plans to use another short-video app.

An ultimatum by the Biden administration gives ByteDance no recourse but to sell TikTok—which China’s government doesn’t seem likely to allow—or risk being banned.

On today's episode, we discuss what's going on with Netflix's ad-supported tier, what its plans to crack down on password sharing could do to viewership, and what Netflix's subscriber growth will look like over the next few years. "In Other News," we talk about fuboTV's current position in the market and what people stream the most on their TVs. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paul Verna.

A TikTok ban would put influencer payment policies to the test: YouTube and Instagram are eyed as alternative platforms as the TikTok debate heats up.

YouTube TV boosts prices due to rising content costs: Platform faces competition from other streaming services, and higher fees could push cord-cutting downward.

A writer’s strike would make streaming’s stock market problems worse: Writer and producer pay has fallen 23% in 10 years despite record profits, but streamers are hesitant to spend.

YouTube TV launches multiview: Feature enables sports fans to watch up to four streams simultaneously in another shot at Hulu.

Time spent with TikTok will reach 55.8 minutes per day among US adult users this year, per our latest forecast, about 9 minutes more than expected in last year’s update. In 2024, time spent will increase to 58.4 minutes, up 4.8% year over year. We also expect TikTok’s US user base to cross the 100 million mark this year.

After a spring lineup of hits, Warner Bros. Discovery’s management of HBO will be tested: The network is currently coasting on pre-merger hits, but the future looks uncertain.

Can Netflix develop an ad stack without Microsoft? After just a few months, the streamer is already showing nervous signs around how to handle its advertising future.

SVB collapse hits Roku and Roblox, among others: Trustpilot, with Vox Media also reportedly holding a "substantial concentration of cash" at the bank, but all depositors' funds are now fully protected by US authorities.

Meta takes steps toward cost-cutting and transparency: Social giant halts its Reels Play program, as it looks to revamp how it supports creators.

This year, time spent with digital video will officially surpass time spent with TV among US adults. Video advertising is also moving toward digital as advertisers set their sights on connected TV and social video, and even take advantage of retail media networks’ video opportunity. Whether you’re pitching a video ad campaign or reevaluating a tight ad budget, here are five charts that will help with the how, what, where, when, and why of video advertising. Whether you’re pitching a video ad campaign or reevaluating a tight ad budget, here are five charts that will help with the how, what, where, when, and why of video advertising.

TikTok assembles its legal team: Embargoes are escalating globally, forcing TikTok to refocus its efforts on upcoming legal battles. Legal woes could curtail growth and allow competitors to take back users and market share.