Nestlé targets GLP-1 users with line of nutritious frozen meals: The CPG company sees an opportunity to gain an early advantage as drug-takers shift to healthier options.

Loyalty programs are becoming a bigger part of the retail landscape: Gatorade is the latest brand to use rewards to build loyalty (and acquire valuable customer data).

Dupe culture goes mainstream: Target and e.l.f. Beauty are among the companies benefiting from Gen Zers’ affinity for cheaper versions of premium products.

Beauty brands have long ignored Gen X consumers: But that’s starting to change as emerging beauty brands U Beauty, Jones Road, and Beautystat address “advanced skin” concerns.

McDonald’s embraces “grandmacore”: The company’s limited-time “Grandma McFlurry” aims to recapture the success of last summer’s Grimace shake.

Budget pressures drive shoppers’ grocery choices: Price is the biggest factor when deciding where to shop, although quality, availability, and convenience also matter.

Walmart is in cost-cutting mode: The retail giant cuts corporate jobs as it prepares for growth to slow.

Kraft Heinz weighs Oscar Mayer sale amid mounting criticism of processed foods: The company is on a multi-year path to make its products more nutritious in response to shifting consumer preferences.

Promotions were tied to 28% of Applebee’s transactions in Q1: That’s up from 19% in the previous quarter as casual dining customers spend cautiously.

On today's podcast episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss why the restaurant industry is facing another year of uncertainty and how restaurants are boosting loyalty. Then, for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank the top restaurant loyalty programs. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analyst Blake Droesch and senior director of media content Becky Schilling.

The beer industry sees brighter days ahead: After several quarters of declines, Heineken, Carlsberg, and even Anheuser-Busch InBev expect to return to growth.

Bad weather drove more shoppers to Instacart in Q1: The company expects the positive trend to continue in Q2 as it prepares to add Uber Eats to its platform.

Instacart and Uber team up to keep DoorDash at bay: Instacart hopes the deal will protect its grocery business and widen consumer appeal, while Uber looks for new customers.

Howard Schultz says Starbucks’ ‘fix needs to begin at home’: Following a tough quarter, the company’s former boss took to LinkedIn to detail how it should revamp its US operations.

Amazon sees a big opportunity in beauty: The retail giant is hosting the Summer Beauty Haul sales event to capture shoppers’ attention, boost retail media spend, and drive sales.

US households with heads of households aged 21 to 34 are the biggest malt seltzer drinkers, according to March 2024 data from Circana.

“There's a big change in the luxury market. The consumers are still there, but they're being more selective about what they buy and when they buy it,” our analyst Sky Canaves said on an episode of the “Behind the Numbers: Reimagining Retail” podcast. Expanding into new markets and raising prices isn’t always an option for luxury brands, but there are other areas of opportunity. Here are three ways luxury brands can fuel discovery, spark engagement, and develop loyalty.

Kroger pursues Disney+ partnership to jolt ecommerce sales: The move could help the grocer narrow the gap with Walmart and Amazon.

With a booming economy and a flourishing middle class, Indonesia has become an intense battleground for leading ecommerce players, including Shopee, Tokopedia, and TikTok Shop.

QSR customers focused on value in Q1: The common thread in the earnings of Starbucks, McDonald’s, Yum Brands, and Restaurant Brands International is that consumers are feeling jittery.