Product research is the leading use for AI chatbots in shopping November 30

59% of US adults interested in using AI chatbots for shopping-related activities would use the tech for product research, according to SurveyMonkey.

On today's special podcast episode, we continue our monthly show where we discuss the biggest trends of the moment and the newest research, sprinkle in some analysis, and bundle it up into a quiz. Every month, three of our analysts representing their respective coverage area teams compete against each other. (We also encourage you to play along at home.) We keep a running score and will crown a winning team at the end of the year. Today, we cover the future of AI devices, shopping Amazon from your social feed, what happens now that the Hollywood strikes are over, and how Amazon is expanding. Tune in to the discussion with this month's contestants: our vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti and analysts Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf and Carina Perkins.

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It’s been a complicated year for advertising, punctuated by a slow first half of the year followed by better growth in the back half. Limited budgets mean brands have had to get creative. One form of creativity has been partnerships from names both big and small. Here are five that caught our eye.

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