Another day, another network: Dollar Tree becomes the latest company to launch a retail media network, in effort to capitalize on the rise in ecommerce channel ad spending.

Gig economy meets supply chain: Target is piloting a delivery model that aims to reduce delivery times by incorporating Shipt contract workers.

Vice launches its affiliate content business: The publisher’s Rec Room will focus on smaller, independent brands tied to CBD, sexual wellness, and other industries within Vice’s coverage area.

Trouble in the Sandbox: Google’s Privacy Sandbox has faced a few setbacks recently in its efforts to replace third-party cookies, which could mean a delay in the company’s cookie deprecation plans.

In 2020, China was the only major economy to produce economic growth. It’s not surprising, then, that it was also the only major national market to see an increase in total media ad spending. Girded by this economic strength, China’s digital ad market hardly missed a beat.

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