Financial Services

Chase’s UK debut includes 12-month sweeteners for customers: The US banking giant is offering customers in its new market cash incentives tied to debit-card transactions. Their lengthy availability and the lack of the usual strings attached could be a recipe for success.

U.S. Bank steps up closer to a bigger tier with MUFG Union Bank deal: Under a deal worth about $8 billion, the super regional player will boost its assets by 19% and get a large West Coast customer base. With the added heft, it’s nearing mega bank territory.

On today's episode, we discuss how digital-only neobanks are reshaping consumer banking, what makes them an attractive alternative to legacy banks, and how they are incorporating subscriptions into their business model. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer vice president of content and head of financial services at Insider Intelligence Daniel Van Dyke.

The world’s largest crypto exchange is ditching its decentralized structure to appease regulatory concerns as it could no longer ignore consecutive bans across the globe.

Recognise’s jump into deposits lands it in a busy SMB banking space: The UK neobank cleared its last hurdle and became fully authorized after a regulator lifted a cap on its deposits. Its next challenge will be standing out from other banking players.

Monese’s venture into BaaS will run up against earlier movers:The UK neobank’s platform will help financial institutions customize their digital banking offerings—but it will compete head-on with similar ClearBank and Starling products.

In an exclusive Q&A with Insider Intelligence, Michael Naggar talks about his role in evangelizing the adoption of Agile processes and how this transformation impacts Citi’s business culture.

The pandemic has changed customer expectations, providing a welcome boost to insurtechs’ and Big Techs’ user growth and forcing insurers to adapt.

Influencer marketing is no longer just for beauty and fashion: The pandemic-induced interest in personal finance opened the door for a boom in “finfluencers,” or financial influencers.

Following rollouts in Ireland and France, Square launched an early access program in Spain, where it can capitalize on rising digital payments use.

The US banking giant will launch its first international retail presence this week. Its resources, market experience, and patience about attaining profitability suggest that it could be a formidable player.