Financial Services

They want more nontraditional rewards, greater personalization, and less friction in the rewards process

The addition of BNPL at checkout can help improve credit access in a market where 70% of adults don’t have a credit card

The company used its proprietary stablecoin as the main funding instrument, highlighting the asset’s transfer benefits

AI is both part of the problem and part of the solution through new insurance products tailored to highly specialized needs.

The rollout includes AI-powered product recommendations and a one-click checkout experience. But in the fast-moving industry, these features could soon become commonplace among the major wallets

The company saw strong card spend in FY 2024 Q1, and its performance was also propped up by its diversification into value-added services

Delinquency rates are growing alongside consumer spending, but a peak in its growth may be in the near future

GenAI will generate more financial value for banks than any other technology introduced in the last decade. Per a September 2023 McKinsey & Company research, it could hit $200 billion to $340 billion annually through greater productivity.