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Nike wants Big Tech’s layoffs: In a shift to direct sales, Nike is spending big to lure technologists. It’s a trend that could diminish the tech sector’s pull on workers.

They’re offering generous salaries and impressive titles. But will they actually listen to these experts and change?

Their customers are opting out of generic communications. CMOs play a critical role in customer re-engagement.

Crypto supporters would welcome the “digital commodity” designation and regulation by the CFTC, which is less stringent than the SEC.

Customer-to-customer payments volume dropped 13% YoY in Q2. But it outlined three initiatives to help it reverse declines in H2.

Closing Medicaid mental health gap: MedArrive and Brave Health are teaming up on a home-based behavioral health initiative targeting a severely overlooked population: Medicaid patients.

Our forecast shows that dwindling available market share and more convenient investment options in the economic downturn will reshape the robo-advisor market this year.