Biotech firms suffer job cuts: Being in one of the biggest growth sectors in technology has not insulated the biotech sector during tech’s cold winter, but there are signs that it could be one of the first sectors to bounce back.

Weak medical device security leads to patient harm: New survey data reveals just how laggard health systems are with protecting their medical devices. What will it take to improve?

AI tool can predict diabetes in 12 hours: We look at Klick Applied Sciences’ diagnostic tool that can screen for prediabetes in hours rather than days.

Good Measures launches prescription food delivery powered by Instacart: We unpack how health systems, health plans, and grocers are getting behind the food as medicine trend.

Convenience > loyalty drives where consumers get care: Our new forecast highlights where patients are getting care now and in the future, and which trends are driving that shift.

Kraydel launches a TV-based wellbeing platform: The Ireland-based digital health company is engaging older UK adults via a technology they know well.

Digital health startups to watch: This week, we spotlight healthcare fintech PayZen and health data monitoring company Medical Informatics Corp.

Google Health inks licensing deals for AI models: We unpack Google Health’s efforts to commercialize its AI solutions and examine if the company can secure clinician buy-in.

State AGs push for prolonged virtual opioid use disorder treatment: Telehealth increased the number of patients receiving addiction medications during the pandemic. Will patients lose this access in 2023?

Telemental health consolidation is coming: Amwell makes a second bid for Talkspace. We think it foreshadows a bigger trend for struggling telemental companies in 2023.

Parkinson’s? There’s an app for that: H2o Therapeutics’ app for monitoring Parkinson’s Disease patients nabbed FDA clearance—which will be critical for adoption.

Cleveland Clinic charges for patient-provider messaging: We unpack the health system’s controversial move and examine if other provider organizations could follow suit.

Pharma advertisers pull back on Twitter ad spending: A fake Twitter account posting about free insulin is causing harm to leading pharma players. What should their next move be?

Health plans don’t spend much on social determinants of health: We dive into a study revealing how much payers invest into social spending programs and explore if they should be doing more.

Walmart Health lost its top executive to JP Morgan: The move doesn’t bode well for the retailer’s health clinic program.

Health Union launches We unpack why patients with rare conditions need social platforms like these for support.

On today's episode, we discuss why the US healthcare system is so fragmented, how an app could save the day, and whether the US will ever be able to synchronize its health services. "In Other News," we talk about the deal to buy multispecialty physician group Summit Health and what to expect from Amazon Clinic. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Lisa Phillips and Rajiv Leventhal.

Google Health Connect gets 10+ more health app integrations: Here’s why we think the platform could keep users around for a while.

Uber Health expands into employer segment: But Uber’s latest healthcare push may not have the large-scale impact it’s hoping for.

Overcoming TikTok censorship: We spoke with Pandia Health’s co-founder and CEO Dr. Sophia Yen about the unique challenges the women’s health company has experienced marketing its products on TikTok.