Gen Zers and millennials are increasingly turning to social media platforms for health-related information. Here’s the data you need to ensure your marketing campaigns are reaching these cohorts.

Done CEO and head clinician charged with fraud in Adderall distribution scheme: Regulators are paying closer attention to companies that promote prescription drugs directly to consumers online. It’s a wake-up call for telehealth companies and healthcare marketers.

In TikTok we trust (for health): We unpack new survey results examining TikTok users’ trust in health content on the app and the opportunities this presents for healthcare marketers.

As more pharmacies shut down, where will consumers go? Some say that convenience matters more than brand loyalty, but just barely. Here’s how pharmacies can improve the patient experience as stores close across the US.

Michigan’s largest insurer to stop covering GLP-1s for obesity: Here are the details behind Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s decision and why estimates projecting skyrocketing GLP-1 uptake are likely overstated.

Users aren’t happy with the downgrades, and some may be wondering if it’s Google’s attempt to push them away from Fitbit and toward the Pixel Watch

Venture capital investments in healthcare AI are soaring: Here’s a look at current and future digital health investing trends, including the AI use case we expect to attract investment dollars.

Walmart’s patient acquisition failure: On the back of Walmart’s $230M primary care business loss, we examine the challenges retail health players face in reeling in patients.

Kroger Health pushes into GLP-1s: Kroger plans to drive more business to its health clinics and pharmacies with a new weight management program.

Teladoc names new CEO: The virtual care giant’s new CEO, Chuck Divita, could be in the right place at the right time to turn Teladoc’s fortunes around.

Consumer trust in genAI-driven healthcare information is waning: It’s a top reason why non-users are reluctant to try genAI for healthcare. We explore what’s driving this lack of trust.

Black, Hispanic Americans more likely to lose Medicaid coverage: We unpack new study findings and explore what needs to be done to effect real change amid Medicaid redeterminations.

AMA considering Change Healthcare lawsuit: While February’s cyberattack may have less of a financial impact than initially feared, Change Healthcare isn’t out of the woods yet. Here’s why.

FDA panel says no way to MDMA: We explore the unique challenge that psychedelic drugmakers face in trying to get their drugs legalized.

Apple Watch, Dexcom G7 now pair directly: It highlights convenience, but won’t be a gamer-changer just yet. Here’s why.

Alphabet’s labs are launching new models for AI-enabled drug discovery. The new hire reveals the company’s increasing efforts to enhance and prioritize its AI investments.

Amazon Pharmacy launches in California: Amazon’s same-day prescription medication delivery service has speed on its side, but still has a lot of catching up to do with CVS and Walgreens.

Social media and AI promote cancer screenings: We explore how healthcare providers and marketers can best use these tools to their advantage.

Sword Health rolls out AI-based care specialist: But the jury is still out on whether AI can live up to the hype in patient care.

Consumers are seeing and hearing healthcare-focused ads on a range of traditional and digital channels. Here’s the data you need to ensure your advertisements are resonating with patients.