Media Buying

Walmart's Vizio buy signals major push into streaming and advertising: The retail giant is aiming for digital dominance against competitors like Amazon and Roku.

Roku battles for ad dollars amid stiff competition from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: company's resilience shines with 80 million accounts and a revenue uptick despite a dip in user revenues.

Meta tells advertisers not to buy ads on iOS: The company looks to build SMB allies by advising brands to avoid Apple fees.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the main takeaways from this year's Super Bowl; which ads had the biggest impact; how Fox, ESPN, and Warner Bros. Discovery's (WBD's) new giant sports streaming service announcement changes the game; some unbelievable facts about trees; and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, director of forecasting Oscar Orozco, and analyst Max Willens.

This year, US programmatic digital display ad spend will increase 15.9% YoY, growing three times the rate of nonprogrammatic digital display ad spend, according to our December 2023 forecast.

Digital ad spend is growing and going increasingly toward programmatic formats. Search ad spend is on the rise as well, as retail media growth remains healthy. And social media is in better shape than previously projected. Here are five recent charts forecasting the future of ad spend.

The youngest US generation is already online and outnumbering its teen counterpart on digital video and gaming platforms.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the takeaway from Snap cutting staff, what to make of its current user total, and whether Snapchat+ can prove that there's a market for paid social features. Tune in to the discussion with our director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman and analyst Minda Smiley.

60% of US digital media professionals agree that social media is most vulnerable to ad fraud, according to a September 2023 survey from Integral Ad Science.

X needs SMBs to replace high-profile advertisers, but will low CPMs do the trick? Smaller players are intrigued but are concerned by inconsistent conversion rates and brand safety concerns.

LinkedIn's new API aims to transform B2B media planning: The new tool promises precise targeting and budget optimization.

Influencers fail to disclose paid ads: The EU is eying tougher transparency laws at a time when influencer marketing spending is outpacing social media ad spending.

On today's podcast episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss how buying alcohol online is different, what Uber’s shutdown of Drizly means for its retail media business, and how consumption habits are changing. Then for "Red-Hot Retail," our analysts give us four spicy predictions about the future of alcohol. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analyst Blake Droesch and director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman.

Paid search leads in conversion, beating paid social by four times: New report’s insights emphasize strategic channel use and tailored marketing approaches.

The best ad practices for Facebook, Snapchat, or even Instagram Reels won’t convert to TikTok, which has its own ad creation tools, bidding process, and attribution metrics. We’ve analyzed TikTok’s new Web Auction Best Practices Guide and pulled out the most important advice for advertisers.

The purchase could redefine smart TV advertising and give the big box giant an edge in revenue from shoppable ads and streaming fees.

Pfizer pays big bucks to advertise during the Super Bowl: Consumers and lawmakers aren’t happy with Big Pharma right now. Pfizer hopes the Super Bowl ad will strengthen its brand reputation.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether Meta has officially turned things around, just how big Instagram has gotten, and whether Threads can turn itself into a viable X (formerly Twitter) alternative. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jasmine Enberg and Max Willens.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how Amazon turned its ecommerce business around, how much its new AI shopping assistant moves the needle, and what's really driving its ad business. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Zak Stambor and vice president of content Paul Verna.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how much Amazon's new shopping chatbot can move the needle, what Planet Fitness' out-of-home ad network looks like, becoming a digital mannequin to see what clothes look like on you, whether minutelong soap operas will catch on, who the smartest people in the world are, and more. Tune into the discussion with vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian, analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, and vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti.