Media Buying

Ad spending growth is an illusion: Dentsu downgrades its 2023 ad spend growth forecast due to macroeconomic factors and inflation.

What Insider and Gannett strikes mean for publishing: The industry’s long decline has made it hard for companies and workers to meet at the table.

Soon you’ll be able to chat on BeReal: The authentic social media app is finding ways to increase time spent before turning on revenue streams.

Netflix’s enhancements to its ad-supported tier has helped it amass 5 million monthly active users worldwide, though its password crackdown could slow momentum. Meanwhile, Max, the combined streaming service of HBO Max and Discovery+, debuted to “early positive feedback,” and Paramount+ hopes partnering with Showtime will prevent it from losing subscribers.

Twitter's valuation takes a tumble: Linda Yaccarino faces challenges as new CEO amid falling revenues and reputation damage.

Snap’s subcontinent surge: As Snapchat crosses 200 million users in India, the introduction of 'My AI' signifies its focus on user experience.

After 10 months of ad spending slowdowns, the ad industry has changed: The industry is still growing, but major shifts have advertisers worried.

TikTok's privacy debacle deepens: Internal documents reveal ByteDance employees have been sharing user data on internal platform Lark, undermining the company's claims of robust security measures and stirring fresh concerns about potential security risks and ties to China

Musk’s embrace of the far-right could hurt Twitter’s turnaround efforts: The amplification of far-right voices is likely to keep liberal and moderate users, as well as some advertisers, on the sidelines.

Marketing budgets squeezed: CMOs are pivoting toward tech and away from labor to hit objectives.

Google experiments with chat ads: The tech giant plans to embed its Search and Shopping ads into the AI-powered SGE conversational mode.

Retail media’s rise in popularity is being boosted by increasing ecommerce sales, a wide variety of ad formats, and established retailer-brand relationships. But an increasingly crowded space may have advertisers feeling overwhelmed, which could put a bit of strain on retail media’s growth.

Esports’ uncertain future: As viewership declines and major investors exit, companies are forced to cut costs.

We slashed our 2023 US ad revenue estimates for almost every social platform. For Snapchat (revised down by $505.2 million), TikTok (down $649.0 million), and Twitter (down $991.0 million), the cuts are significant. For Pinterest (down $31.5 million) and Reddit (down $40.9 million), the cuts are smaller but still impactful—$40.9 million is nearly 10% of Reddit’s annual revenues.

Healthcare marketers, check your mobile ad budgets: Online health consumers are using mobile devices to search for health information. Yet, healthcare marketers are lagging on mobile ad spending.

Strike, streamers, and sports: Programming emerges as a key differentiator to retain subscribers and minimize cancellations

The AI-assisted search revolution will take place primarily on the nonretail battleground, which is still dominated by Google. But Google lost share of the market last year, and Microsoft and Apple are starting to appear a little closer in Google’s rearview mirror.

ESPN moves towards standalone streaming: Declining linear TV revenues and growing demand for digital sports content force Disney’s hand.

Meta's foray into microblogging: Social giant will launch its decentralized text-based app next month—and it’s seamlessly integrated with Instagram.