Media Buying

Mobile duopoly under scrutiny: Apple and Google own the platforms, mobile devices, operating systems, app stores, and browsers. UK regulators are preparing to enact more stringent regulations.

Digital video viewership is being propped up by connected TVs (CTVs), which allow for easy access to streaming apps on the biggest screens in households

LinkedIn moves to bolster B2B marketing: New measurement tools and ad formats are designed to illuminate ROI for financial stakeholders.

Better audience targeting with the launch of Audience Insights could help protect the TikTok from the current ad decline.

Paramount’s restructuring and layoffs bely their challenged market position: Pluto TV and Paramount+ are attractive streaming assets, but may not be enough to help them increase market share.

Five consecutive months of lower ad spending: The US ad industry is approaching a milestone for reduced spending, but the market will grow overall.

Roku continues to shrink: The CTV and set-top box company has seen its market cap decrease by 75% this year, and is now laying off 200 employees.

acklash from Twitter’s verification misstep: Eli Lilly, Nintendo, American Girl, PepsiCo, Nestlé, and Tesla were trolled by spoof “verified” accounts. Brands and users must come to terms with unmoderated content.

A perfect storm hurts World Cup ad spending: The holiday overlap, controversies, and a general downturn have weakened the event’s ad performance.

Microsoft makes video ads broadly available: The company is letting advertisers purchase video placements using intent data culled from the tech giant’s products

NBCU announces Currency Council: The future of measurement is multicurrency—and the media giant continues to take a leadership role.

Privacy-tracking fines are piling up for Google: Tracking users without their consent has consequences. But million-dollar fines for billion-dollar profits are a slap on the wrist.

Nielsen suspension remains as rivals try to capitalize: The monopolistic measurement player will be hard to oust, given how much money is at stake.

Despite the Basic With Ads subscription tier being released just two weeks ago, we’re forecasting Netflix will see US ad revenues of $830 million in 2023, growing to $1.02 billion in 2024. It’s an impressive acceleration in ad revenues, but it puts the company behind a few streaming rivals.

Search engine marketing costs are on the rise in 21 of 23 industries: New analysis finds that Google Ads are getting more expensive.

GroupM warns clients that Twitter is a “high-risk” media buy: Chaos under Musk's leadership is causing brands to pull spending or leave the platform entirely.

YouTube’s ad frequency capping solution should help campaign ROI: The video giant cites data suggesting advertisers can earn better returns by showing fewer ads.

TikTok reduced its revenue target by $2 billion: An ad spending downturn caught up with the short-form video app that’s staring down internal strife.

Holiday travel demand was already low, but it just got lower: Domestic travel looks to slow significantly this season due to higher airline ticket prices.