Media Buying

CTV spend will see a downturn after Roku’s Q2: Months of macroeconomic pains and murky CTV credibility hurt the sector’s ad spend.

The TikTok train continues to gather steam, with growing user numbers, engagement rates, and ad revenues. But UK marketers have a lot to consider when marketing on TikTok—where catching the eye of users is an entirely different proposition than it is on other social platforms.

Peacock looks to the fall to boost subscriber numbers: The company promised a strong rest of the year after subscriptions stalled in Q2.

Behind YouTube’s slowdown lurks TikTok: Q2 marks slackest revenue growth in over 2 years against tough comparisons and increased competition.

Google’s Q2 results are a mixed bag: Although expenses grew at a faster rate than revenue, its search advertising business could be stealing advertisers from social platforms like Meta.

One of the most common buzzwords in programmatic is transparency. It’s little wonder why—programmatic advertising involves a lot of moving parts and evolves quickly and constantly.

Netflix recently announced it's set to introduce an ad-supported tier. But what’s the lay of the ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) land in markets around the world? Join our analyst Bill Fisher as he hosts analysts Paul Briggs and Matteo Ceurvels to discuss a few of the markets Netflix is looking to disrupt.

Is Netflix rushing its ad-supported tier? News that its new subscription tier won’t have its full catalog is raising concerns about its timeline.

Snap’s Q2 results in one word? Ouch. The social platform’s brutal earnings report foreshadows more bad news to come for rival, ad-reliant platforms.

Elon Musk doesn’t own Twitter, but he partially owns its Q2 results: The Tesla CEO has been a headwind factoring into the platform's weak Q2 results.

For once, Meta doesn’t want to be in the same boat as TikTok: Both companies are in the headlines for uncertainty-driven layoffs.

Netflix losses deepen as it bets on an ad-supported future: An early 2023 ad launch is good news for marketers, but may not be enough to reverse churn.

The US insurance industry will top $12 billion in digital ad spending this year, up 15.0% from 2021. Outlays will continue to increase by double-digit rates over the next couple of years, surpassing $15 billion in 2024.

The wave of in-game advertising is growing: Game engine Unity has acquired mobile ad firm ironSource to help integrate ads into games even earlier in the development process.

40% of Gen Z likes to search on TikTok instead of Google: Those numbers come from Google itself, which is eager to deflect monopoly accusations.

CTV and upper-funnel campaigns see the biggest cuts: Economic uncertainty is causing advertisers to pull back their spending.

On today's episode, we discuss what to make of Elon Musk trying to pull out of the Twitter deal, the ramifications for both parties, and how advertisers will likely view the platform going forward. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Jasmine Enberg.

Netflix announces its long-awaited ad partner: The streamer’s partnership with Microsoft will ease anxiety about its rushed ad-supported tier.

Google is proposing concessions to avoid antitrust concerns: One idea to divide up portions of its ad business may not be enough to appease the DOJ.