Media Buying

Walmart Connect, Disney team up to give advertisers proof of performance: Instacart and NBCUniversal are similarly joining arms to empower brands to better target consumers and get closer to closed-loop attribution.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how Meta could take the GenAI space by storm, the likelihood that rapid AI development and deployment backfires, and how advertisers are viewing Threads as it approaches its first birthday. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Jasmine Enberg.

Reddit's user base grows by 37%, revenue up 48%: Despite a $575.1 million loss, new ad offerings and AI deals hint at a bright future.

A major rebound for Disney's streaming sector: Losses cut dramatically to $18 million, while Disney+ adds 6.3 million subscribers thanks to key partnerships.

“The pace of change and innovation is accelerating, and that's bringing with it a lot of big new challenges for advertisers to navigate,” our analyst Jasmine Enberg said during our recent Outlook and Strategies for 2024’s Second Half summit. “It's also bringing pockets of new opportunities as ads become ubiquitous across platforms, creators reshape strategies, and AI powers it all.”

TikTok's NewFronts showcases AI-curated ads and partnerships: Despite regulatory scrutiny, the platform shows no signs of being distracted in its efforts to pursue ad dollars.

Google’s new DSP centralizes video inventory, but there’s a catch: The exchange is the only platform that hosts YouTube inventory, leaving little room to opt-out.

Google faces a new challenge as OpenAI prepares to unveil search: The startup could launch a search engine prior to Google’s I/O AI updates. But its revenue model remains unclear.

New AI advertising tools introduced by Meta: Updates are designed to boost Reels campaign performance with advanced creator filtering and dynamic product ads.

While social claims a sizable portion of most advertisers’ budgets, two advertising categories—retail and CPG—are responsible for an outsized share of social ad spending in the US.

As iPhone sales dip, expansion into services is creating a resilient profit source, fostering user loyalty and broadening Apple's ecosystem.

Fubo calls for Congressional oversight on a major streaming venture: claims it monopolizes 80% of US sports broadcasts.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss why fewer folks are signing up to Spotify, whether breaking out an audiobook-only tier makes sense, and how much a speculative 'Music Pro' can move the needle. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Ross Benes.

Out-of-home (OOH) campaigns in big cities need diversity in OOH formats so more of the target audience sees the ads without advertisers necessarily spending more, according to Brian Rappaport, CEO of OOH agency Quan Media Group.

Advertisers accuse Meta’s AI of wasting their entire ad budgets: The Advantage+ Shopping Campaign isn’t living up to promises and points to a dubious future for AI agents.

Pinterest reaches 518 million MAUs with a 12% YoY increase: Revenues rise by 23% to $740 million, outpacing expectations and highlighting strategic gains.

Our industry KPIs reveal which native ad sectors have the largest CPMs: Health and fitness is the costliest sector, while food and drink offers cheaper access.

US ad market maintains its upward trajectory: March saw digital ad spending continue to chip away at legacy media.

Paramount announces leadership committee amid CEO Bob Bakish's departure: Potential sale and stock impacts loom large as new structure faces scrutiny.

Microsoft ramps up AI strategy, boosting revenues across the board: Ethical challenges and cybersecurity risks loom as AI reshapes tech landscape.