Media Buying

What marketers can learn from the struggles of a publisher: G/O Media is selling off assets after years of valuing ad space over content.

Even the oldest members of Gen Alpha (born between the early 2010s and 2024) are younger than the iPad. For this digitally native generation, YouTube is the place to be, but other media channels like streaming platforms and even podcasts are popular. With the future of Gen Alpha’s social media use uncertain as states like Florida bar children under 14, marketers should know where the demographic is consuming content.

US adults will spend 12:39 per day with all media in 2024, 0.9% more than last year. This increase will derive from a 15-minute boost in daily time spent with digital media, which will offset a 9-minute decline in time spent with traditional media.

March Madness viewership growth cements sports as a crucial channel: The basketball tournament’s success reinforces the importance of reaching viewers via sports.

Marketers bet on gaming's potential: IAB reports planned increase in ad investment, reflecting confidence in the medium's reach and safety.

Snap and Integral Ad Science strike a brand safety partnership: New brand safety tools will help the platform distinguish itself from others.

On today's podcast episode (part 2), we discuss what America looks like without TikTok, who would be most likely to buy the short-video app, and what marketers should be thinking about to plan for the future. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Minda Smiley and Max Willens.

Unwitting users experience Google’s AI search: Google wants feedback from people who aren’t AI-inclined. Dealing with spam will help build a symbiotic hybrid search platform.

Lyft partners with Oracle and Nielsen to refine ad targeting: The rideshare platform is also introducing in-app video ads to engage riders.

NBCUniversal expands shoppable TV opportunities amid growing interest from consumers: Viewers will soon be able to order food delivery and purchase items inspired by their favorite Bravo shows.

Hispanic digital media usage rivals or exceeds that of the total population on most media platforms, especially Instagram and WhatsApp. Their strong online presence and enthusiasm for sharing product recommendations with friends make them both a target and an ally for advertisers.

Political ad spend will hit $12.32 billion this year, according to our December 2023 forecast. That’s nearly three times what it was in 2016.

Offsite programmatic retail media ascendant: A 167% spike in the category will help drive US retail media to $81.6 billion by next year.

After Reddit’s IPO surge, driven by AI plans and vast user content, the platform faces a balancing act between new AI market opportunities and preserving community trust.

Reddit is finally public: Balancing community ethos with ad revenue & AI deals will be key for its market success and user base expansion.

Comscore’s landmark accreditation is a blow to Nielsen: The company is the first to receive MRC accreditation for big data measurement across local and national TV.

Meta’s dive into decentralized social media could boost engagement: As Meta brings Threads to the “fediverse,” the movement gets a moment in the spotlight.

Disney and NBCU signal a major shift in CTV ad buys: Both are working with The Trade Desk to make inventory available programmatically.

Fubo wants consumers on its side against its looming sports streaming rival: While its points about fractured streaming are true, consumers likely won’t budge.