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Insider Intelligence spoke with Dr. Sophia Yen, co-founder and CEO of Pandia Health, a service that provides online access to birth control, about the unique challenges the telemedicine company has faced on TikTok.

We expect US subscription OTT video ad spending to near $10 billion and account for 3.4% of all digital ad spending—and 10.2% of total video ad spending—by the end of 2023.

“As TV takes on more elements of digital, institutional barriers around those centers of knowledge are being broken down, and TV and digital teams are being integrated,” said our analyst Evelyn Mitchell on our “Behind the Numbers: The Daily” podcast. But “institutional change takes time.”

We’ve lowered our Meta ad revenue forecast by about $16 billion for this year, from $129.16 billion to $112.68 billion. Through 2024, its ad business will bring in billions of dollars less each year than we previously expected.

Popularity with Gen Z isn’t enough to stop a US reorg at TikTok: With ad sales slowdown looming, the company is shuffling leadership and hoping social commerce moves pay off.

Faith in Meta’s ad business gets another heavy shake: An AdExchanger report alleges that employees took secret payments from advertisers to fix rampant tech issues.

Advertisers are ditching a tumultuous Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk’s erratic behavior, combined with an underwhelming (or downright concerning) earnings season for Big Tech.

Our latest forecasts on media and tech usage in Japan offer a glimpse of what’s expected.

Chaos reigns at Twitter: The company takes on an impulsive character as it lays off half its staff but then implores ex-employees to return. Advertisers are pausing while new features are stalled until after the midterm elections.

After a brutal September, ad jobs are on the rise: In fact, they’ve never been higher despite the industry’s shaky ground.

Pro soccer will mark Apple’s first foray into live TV ads: Apple TV+ is one of the last streaming ad holdouts, and the company is honing in on ad revenues.

As political advertising grows, social media's role has evolved: More ad collars are flowing to CTV now, though campaigns are approaching influencers to support candidates.

Each year, our analysts dig into media and device usage across the world. In total, we looked at 44 markets. Here’s a look at eight key insights our analysts found in the United States and Canada.

Most drivers will be connected in their cars within four years. By 2026, nearly three-fourths of the US population aged 14+ (72.3% of licensed drivers) will be driving a connected car.

Twitter advertisers wait and see as Musk shakeup plays out: Caution about platform’s direction abounds as deep staff cuts loom.

Roku’s advertising troubles won’t end anytime soon: The company is struggling with divestments from CTVs, but a buyout could be on the horizon.

The New York Times soars while publishing struggles: The news giant saw ad revenues grow as it passed 1 million subscribers.

Warner Bros. Discovery earnings demonstrate the conglomerate’s tricky position: It can’t invest enough to right its ship considering its crushing debt.

Twitter advertisers wait and see as Musk shakeup plays out: Caution about platform’s direction abounds as deep staff cuts loom.