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Twitter’s CEO is a strategic pick that ultimately won’t do much: Linda Yaccarino is an experienced exec, but it may be too late to stop Twitter’s decline.

The company is threading artificial intelligence into its core products and services used by millions of users while doubling down on AI accountability. Read online

Microsoft’s new Bing has had a persistent hold over headlines. Combine this with a third consecutive quarter of ad loss for YouTube and the picture for Google may look less than rosy. But the company remains in good shape, with overall earnings beating expectations. It remains dominant in search, and YouTube use is still remarkably high. Here’s a closer look.

Is Google reversing its tone with publishers? A $100 million deal with The New York Times is good news for the newspaper but doesn’t affect other publishers.

News media make gains in trust: US poll puts The Weather Channel at No. 1 but shows differences across political persuasion.

Google and Meta’s combined share of the US digital ad market dropped below 50% in 2022, and in just a few years that figure will be down to 43.0%. The triopoly is losing share now, as well; Amazon’s ascent will not be fast enough to offset the weakness of the other two giants.

YouTube is no longer separate from the streaming wars: Almost half of its viewership is on TVs, and advertisers are spending heavily on the platform.

Paramount to shed “noncore” assets after tough earnings: Streaming losses widened, raising questions about whether it can survive the digital future.

Microsoft assures advertisers that AI won’t change the business: Early ad formats and channels mimic existing ones, but it’s far from a permanent solution.

Next year, Snapchat’s ad revenues will increase by 10.4% worldwide after a year of almost no growth. Its ad revenues will rise from $3.80 billion this year to $4.20 billion next year, but they’ll still make up just 0.6% of total digital ad revenues worldwide.

While the platform’s ad-supported tier gains momentum, Netflix needs to beef up its targeting capabilities to win advertisers over. Meanwhile, viewers may be turned off by a heavy ad load and a crackdown on password sharing. But global growth shows promise for Netflix’s future.

Snap looks for revenue lift from new ad products: NewFronts presentation includes increased facilitating of brand-creator partnerships.

On today's episode, we discuss what the biggest impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) will be, whether time spent with ad-supported media is falling, why Lululemon is looking to sell its connected fitness company Mirror, the battle between SMS and email, what makes a shopping experience convenient, which country could see its population cut in half; and more. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian, and analysts Blake Droesch and Paul Verna.

Time spent is decreasing across cable and broadcast TV but increasing in streaming. In Q4 2022, streaming boosted overall time spent with TV among US adults, reversing the decline in TV viewing over the past few years, according to Nielsen.

Day one of the writers strike loomed over NBCU at NewFronts: There was no mention of the strike at Peacock’s advertising event while major shows are postponed.

Roku tries to keep up its Q1 momentum at NewFronts: The CTV service boasted higher reach than primetime network TV amid record cord-cutting.

Reddit pilots chat channels to expand communication options: Move seen as effort to boost users’ time spent with platform and not on rivals like Discord.

Shorts wants to take ad dollars from TikTok: YouTube uses the NewFronts to tout their short-form video format.