Media Buying

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the media companies with the highest TV usage, how ESPN is being maneuvered, how multiple new streaming bundles will change the game, and a tie up between Walmart and Disney for enhanced targeting and measurement across streaming. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of content Paul Verna.

Its AI Overviews feature aims to keep consumers engaged and integrate targeted ads seamlessly, enhancing both user experience and advertiser reach.

The old Google-Meta duopoly will claim less than 47% of digital ad spending this year. Adding Amazon brings the share above 60%. Every other digital ad publisher pales in comparison, including seemingly major players like Microsoft and TikTok.

Google rolls out genAI tools to help retailers market their wares: The features aim to make it easier for brands to create compelling content that grabs shoppers’ attention.

Truth Social's harsh reality: Trump's platform loses $327.6 million in first quarter, with its viability as an ad platform in doubt.

WBD courts advertisers with ads integrated into blockbusters: The move represents the blurring lines between film and television.

Tiktok tests 60-minute video uploads: The platform signals a shift towards longer, horizontal content similar to YouTube.

At Upfronts, Warner Bros. Discovery leans into streaming ad innovation: New formats include shoppable ads and contextual targeting, aiming to improve viewer experience and ad performance.

Netflix partners with NFL: The platform will be streaming live Christmas Day games to attract new subscribers—and advertisers.

Google’s I/O showcases bold AI integration across products: The announcements show its marketplace strength but it’ll need an effective monetization strategy to beat the competition.

Prime Video hosts first upfront show: Amazon unveils a star-studded lineup of new series, movies, and sports content to attract advertisers.

Economic pressures reduce marketing budgets as percentage of revenues: CMOs respond by prioritizing AI to enhance efficiency and ROI.

At NBCUniversal’s Upfront, ads and content share center stage: Return on ad spend, AI concerns, and streaming-first projects were all featured.

US digital audio ad spend will reach $7.12 billion this year, according to our March 2024 forecast.

Key exec departure reflect's Spotify's podcast pivot: The company thinks a shift to less exclusive shows and more video content is part of its future.

US social video spend is still growing, reaching 45.2% of total digital video ad spend, or $48.89 billion, this year, per our March 2024 forecast. But that share growth is slowing, with rates increasing just 1% between 2024 and 2026.

OpenAI considers creator privacy features and whether ChatGPT should engage with adult content: The genAI sector faces tension over content moderation and profitability. A technical fix remains elusive.

Meta’s legal battle over ad viewership metrics signals a bigger problem: Advertisers are expressing growing discontent with the platform, which is launching new features to make amends.

Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney will launch a major streaming bundle for Max, Disney+, and Hulu this summer: The strategy aims to curb subscriber churn and simplify consumer choices.

Meta’s latest AI advertising rollout reveals a significant shift: Free, broad access to AI creative will help win favor with brands, but ethical quandaries are unresolved.