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Paid search CPMs declined by double digits YoY every quarter in the past four quarters—29% in Q2 2023 alone, per Skai. Paid search CTRs have not seen the same pattern of decline.

Reddit users will be opted into personalized ads by default: The change drew more criticism from users and will have to be adjusted for certain markets.

Just over 80% of US Gen Zers ages 15 to 26 use YouTube monthly, and almost the same percentage use Instagram or TikTok, per our July 2023 survey. More than half still visit Facebook. And though BeReal was the trendy app last year, only 15.1% of Gen Z respondents use it.

“AI” was the phrase of the moment at Meta Connect: The tech company is launching a number of AI features like chatbots and image generators to entice young users.

Meta’s AI chatbots catch flak before even launching: The company is expected to announce the feature to attract young users, but early signs aren’t great.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how affiliate is helping marketers take back control of their ad spend. "In Other News," we talk about Amazon unveiling a smarter, more conversational, Alexa and TikTok Shop hitting the US. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Max Willens and Alexandra Forsch, president of Awin Americas.

On today’s podcast episode, host Bill Fisher is joined by our researcher Man-Chung Cheung and analyst Carina Perkins to examine TikTok’s ecommerce plans around the world, looking at what’s driven success in some markets and held it back in others.

Snapchat turns to social commerce for ASEAN growth: TikTok's broad reach and engagement overshadows personal content sharing platforms.

How can we tell if our Facebook page is helping us make money? Though banks are active on social media, many still wish they could clearly connect their posting activity to actual business results.

TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are where Gen Zers spend most of their daily time. Across the US population ages 18 to 24, time spent on TikTok will average 58 minutes per day in 2023, compared with 38 minutes for Instagram and 30 minutes for Snapchat.

Meta to unveil Gen AI Personas this week: It’s part of a strategy to appeal to younger demographics and gain ground in the AI race. There are pitfalls ahead.

Snapchat+ growth is defying expectations: Messaging apps are historically difficult to monetize, but Snapchat+ has hit 5 million in one year.

Businesses on Meta platforms get a trust boost: New subscription offers verification badges, protection against impersonation, and prime search placements.

Grocery shoppers are omnichannel shoppers, our analyst Blake Droesch said on a recent “Behind the Numbers: Reimagining Retail” podcast. That means consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands should employ a mix of digital and in-store advertising strategies to engage customers where they shop.

Influencer marketing once referred to an Instagram power user featuring products in posts resulting in native promotional content. It was a cheaper and more authentic-feeling alternative to celebrity endorsements and paid social ads.

TikTok to add Google Search integration: It’s part of the social media platform’s broader push for integrations pointing to possible “everything app” ambitions. Google could benefit, too.

By 2025, US adults will spend more time on TikTok than on Facebook, according to our June forecast. This marks a major milestone for TikTok, which is on track to become the largest social platform in total daily minutes by the same year.

On today's podcast episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss how younger Gen Z consumers are most likely to discover grocery products, whether this new wave of celebrity-backed brands is different from previous ones, and what social media's role in all of this is. Then, for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank the four elements a celebrity- or creator-led consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand needs to succeed. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Blake Droesch and Carina Perkins.

How social media fits into the marketing mix for smaller firms: We look at the ways four community and regional financial institutions are humanizing their brands on social media—turns out everyone’s on Facebook—as well as through other channels.

Meta Verified faces creator backlash over support: Signifies hurdles in the shift from ad-revenue to subscription models.