Social Media

More businesses engage with creators: $5 billion will be spent on influencer marketing this year, up more than $1 billion from 2021, in part driven by the return of travel and travel marketing.

Creators and influencers are looking for ways to diversify platforms in order to increase audience outreach, foster community, and assure they’re not at the whims of any single social media algorithm.

On today's episode, we discuss how the digital ad duopoly is evolving, the most interesting dark horse digital ad giant, and whether Netflix, not TikTok, is a bigger threat to Facebook and Instagram. "In Other News," we talk about ad industry practices coming under fire as privacy lawsuits surge and who the winners and losers will be when the third-party cookie says goodbye. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paul Verna.

YouTube’s new Shorts functionality shows it views TikTok as a threat: The video giant is taking steps to make its short-form rival more creator-friendly.

Participation in Halloween activities will be back up to pre-pandemic levels this year, with 69% of consumers planning to celebrate (up from 65% last year and 68% in 2019), according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Instagram’s shopping tab sings its swan song: The app is testing a home screen without the tab that’s prompted complaints from celebrities and average users.

TikTok ups the ante on app experience with two significant updates: Its much-longer character limit and comment dislike button should help the platform in vastly different ways.

Podcasts go multilingual: As podcast listeners grow and become more diverse, demand for content in different languages is also picking up.

For more than half of US social media users, a platform’s privacy and data practices are extremely impactful on their decision to engage with ads on that platform. Other top influences on ad engagement are reliable content and safety. The relevance of the ads themselves is less of a factor.

Social commerce experienced two years of exceptional growth amid the pandemic, and while growth in the number of social buyers is slowing, the amount of social commerce sales is still rising rapidly, said our analyst Jasmine Enberg on a "Behind the Numbers" podcast.

Big Tech takes the TikTok bait: Apple, Microsoft, and Google are getting a lot of likes on TikTok. It could help build brand awareness but not Q3 performance.

Meta tries to skirt around ATT: A lawsuit alleges that the social media giant injected tracking code into its in-app browsers, breaking privacy rules.

As Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram chase TikTok’s success in cornering short-form video, the race underscores just how important video has become as a marketing channel.

In the US, 52% of Facebook users reported seeing more ads on the social network, while nearly half of YouTube and Instagram users said the same of their respective platforms. Across the social platforms we studied, less than 10% of users felt ad load had decreased.

All eyes on TikTok: The social video network says it’s banning political ads and fundraising on its platform, but a poor enforcement record and ties to the Chinese government raise doubts that it can remain neutral.

Zuck has a golden opportunity if he doesn't muck it up: Meta’s market valuation drops are tied to its metaverse aspirations. Its upcoming product releases need to be crowd pleasers.

Shorts will share 45% of its income with creators: It’s YouTube’s biggest move yet to respond to the threat posed by TikTok.

High-end luxury is having a moment. Consumers in this category haven’t been hurt by inflation the same way the average US consumer has, so brands need to elevate to hold onto them.

On today's episode, we discuss how Amazon's Thursday Night Football debut went, whether TikTok might be the new search engine, if people want to buy things with emojis, how many folks will sign up to Netflix with ads, how many ads are too many, an explanation of whether Apple is the dark horse of search, how much the world doesn't recycle, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our director of reports editing Rahul Chadha and analysts Ross Benes and Evelyn Mitchell.

Reels, Reels, and more Reels: Facebook released an API for Reels, allowing users to share short-form videos to the app from outside platforms.