LinkedIn isn’t immune to layoffs: Events have transformed in the pandemic’s wake, and the platform’s global events team is a casualty.

On today's episode, we discuss how B2B content marketing evolved through the pandemic, who does the best job, and some best practices. "In Other News," we talk about how the B2B buyer-seller relationship is changing and what share of US B2B buying will be online. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Kelsey Voss.

Intuit identifies Hispanic entrepreneurs as a B2B marketing opportunity: up to 4 million Hispanic workers in the US are reportedly considering launching a business this year.

Shopify’s ambitions extend far beyond ecommerce: The tech company wants to spur growth by rolling out new features aimed at B2B, offline retail and local shopping, and social commerce.

B2B content marketers rely on campaigns, plans, and calendars—but none of these equate to a marketing strategy. Simply producing more content can affect the quality and dilute messaging, draining overall value.

LinkedIn fraud attracts FBI attention: Reports of investment scams represent brand risk as the platform seeks to lure more advertisers.

Curated by eMarketer, this special collection of interviews will help you understand how CMOs tackle challenges, disrupt an industry, embrace digital transformation, and make the CMO role their own based on their industry and organization’s needs.

Immersive technologies are reimagining what’s possible in the B2B space. Watch Industry Voices: CMOs Look Ahead with Milena Oliveira, senior vice president and CMO, to hear how 3M’s Transportation and Electronics Business Group (TEBG) leverages mixed reality alongside industry expertise to support an integrated customer experience.

Salesforce AppExchange makeover aids discoverability: Back-office enhancements improve much-needed improvements to search capabilities.

Professional services players don’t think being in the “Russia business” is worth it: Accenture becomes the first major company in the marketing and advertising industry to entirely pull out of the country over its Ukrainian invasion.

The climate for sustainability is getting hot: IBM’s new accelerator is yet another example of brands championing sustainable initiatives.

US chip fabs struggle as inventories drop to just five days: Dark days are ahead as demand is up 17% but relief is likely months or even years away.

Candid announced plans to pull out of the direct-to-consumer space, shifting to B2B: The move by the oral care brand illustrates that D2C is not an automatic winner across all categories.

Virtual events didn’t make major strides in 2021: Despite another year of the pandemic fueling adoption, don't expect virtual events to become higher fidelity than in-person events anytime soon.

Yelp debuts two ad products to help brands target local communities and businesses: As CPG marketers grapple with product discovery, the platform is hoping to meet their needs—and steal ad dollars from the digital ad triopoly—with these solutions.