Half of US B2B marketers say that email marketing is the channel that has the biggest impact on their multichannel strategy, outpacing social media (33%) and content marketing (26%), per April 2023 Ascend2 and Zoominfo data.

LinkedIn boosts user-generated content: The platform emphasizes Collaborative Articles, badges for expertise, and enhanced reactions to redefine networking.

The company thought AI wouldn’t deliver revenue gains until 2024. Recent earnings show that it’s already fueling profit in cloud and productivity services.

US B2B marketing data spending will grow 2.5% in 2024, up slightly from 2023’s 2.3% growth but still below pandemic growth rates of over 4%, per our forecast.

After years of stronger growth during the pandemic, increases to marketing data outlays are slowing thanks to tighter marketing budgets, privacy regulations, and a need to show ROI.

The Chinese search giant unveiled Ernie 4.0, an AI marketing tool rivaling Adobe and Canva. This places China on the global AI map, though Ernie’s capabilities still need to be assessed.

LinkedIn slashes 700 jobs amid slowing growth: A strategic move or sign of bigger challenges in the tech sector?

The need for AI-capable servers presents an attractive opportunity to shift away from PCs and their lagging sales. GPU supplies remain a choke point for expansion.

Martech spending will be more conservative compared with previous years. Though economic forecasts are improving, B2B firms are still laying off staff and tightening their belts. Firms are reevaluating and consolidating their tech setups to maximize ROI. Many are “disinvesting” from technologies that fail to provide the desired outcomes.

Anthropic attracts billions from Amazon and Google for AI. Potential conflict arises with attached conditions. AI investment boom may lead to Big Tech power play.

LinkedIn debuts campaign-creation tool powered by generative AI: Platform is out to address unique challenges in reaching B2B decision-makers.

Amid evolving AR landscape, Snap's enterprise unit shuts down: The decision highlights Snapchat's need to prioritize innovation while managing finances.

US B2B digital ad spend growth rates for key sectors like tech, finance, healthcare, and telecom will be 13.2 percentage points lower on average between 2023 to 2025 compared with 2017 to 2019, according to our forecast.

Media Ratings Council endorses LinkedIn's ad counting practices: It’s an industry stamp for precision and validity in the advertising arena.

Slack and Zoom integrate AI and offer features like conversation summaries and virtual assistance. But siloing these capabilities may hinder interoperability.

B2B merchants have a significant opportunity to drive growth: By addressing some low-hanging fruit such as improving their checkout processes, they can gain share in the rapidly growing space.

B2B digital ad spend growth is leveling out after a pandemic boom. Budgets for advertisers will be relatively flat throughout our forecast period. But significant shifts are happening in the way advertisers spend on digital ads.

What’s happening? Active user figures are falling on both X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) and Meta’s Threads, which started strong but has stumbled recently, with more than 80% of users logging off. Their loss could be LinkedIn’s gain, as both Gen Z use of the platform and B2B ad spend there increase.

Marketing sits at the executives’ table—but still could use some respect: A survey shows that despite its expanding role in driving growth, many banks still view marketing mostly as an expense.

Led by Apple and Intel, US tech giants protest India’s unexpected tech import license rules, fearing trade disruption. Regulations could make tech firms rethink expansion.