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Pressure to drop TikTok from app stores intensifies: Following the removal of TikTok from various government and educational institutions, US senators are urging app stores to drop the controversial app.

Meta’s vow of efficiency marks renewed optimism: Meta shares rally after analysts upgrade stock due to Meta’s new, leaner direction. Meanwhile, the company continues to spend billions on an unrealized metaverse pivot.

Apple’s 10-year bet on the MLS has begun: The company is asking advertisers to help build a following for sport with no viewership promises.

Spotify’s $20 billion podcasting dream is a long way off: Despite a strong quarter for revenue and user growth, investments will take longer than expected to pay dividends.

RIP Showtime—as a standalone brand, that is: Paramount+ and the premium cable TV network are merging, the first of many expected streaming mergers.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s balance sheet is forcing it to play the licensing game: It’s a win for Roku and Tubi. For HBO Max subscribers, not so much.

US, allies put pressure on China’s chipmaking efforts: Key producers of equipment critical for advanced chip design won’t be exported to China, which could lead to reprisal or wider geopolitical retaliation.

UK streaming subscribers picked up at end of 2022: Prime Video was a main beneficiary, but data suggests economy still pressuring consumers.

Meta pulls plug on contracts with gamers: Austerity measure could lead Facebook Gaming streamers to defect.

Doctors use entertainment as education: Video games keep physicians’ skills sharp long past medical school.

Google bows to regulatory pressure: The European Commission demanded Google’s services provide more transparency for consumers. The move is a win for regulators pushing back on Big Tech.

Is exclusivity or access more important for streamers? HBO is testing the long-held theory by releasing the premiere of a hit show on YouTube for free.

This year, both the number of smartphone QR scanners and the number of augmented reality (AR) users will grow in the US, reaching 94.1 million and 97.1 million, respectively, according to our “Mobile Trends to Watch for 2023” report. Growth is expected to continue through 2025.

TikTok steps up its PR in the US capital: It’s hard for a Chinese company to make friends on the Hill, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

Nielsen’s digital era begins: The longtime measurement giant announced the launch date for part of its Nielsen ONE platform just as its competitors are heating up.

Network configuration error downs Microsoft’s services: A network update took out Microsoft’s services globally, once more exposing the vulnerability of relying on monolithic cloud services.

Retailers continue to invest in the metaverse, despite limited consumer interest: Startups Emperia and Digital Village each bagged millions in funding for their virtual store tech.

Ticketmaster’s dominance of ticket sales draws concern of US senators: Company grilled over Taylor Swift incident, its pricing, and fees.

Disney wants to see how big pickleball can get: The sport got a popularity boost over the last two years, prompting ESPN to make a low-risk bet on its streaming future.

PC slump slams peripheral and accessory market: The ripple effects of reduced consumer spending are creeping beyond PCs. Webcams, which were backordered during the pandemic, saw a 50% decline in sales in Q4.