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Gamified rehab could take off in healthcare: A Montana hospital is using VR and AI as part of its rehab therapy program. We detail how this could boost patient participation and treatment outcomes.

Consolidation in the video game industry isn’t over: Electronic Arts is reportedly looking for a buyer or to merge with another media firm.

Gaming smartphones could be the next key mobile segment: Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon processors might establish a new breed of gaming-centric devices.

Snapchat and YouTube chip away at Meta’s social commerce lead: Both social platforms are adding features to encourage users to shop.

Podcasts attract diverse audiences, but room for improvement is seen: Racial breakdown of podcast listeners nearly mirrors that of the US as a whole.

Seeing is believing: Our quick explainer video gives you insight into what the metaverse is all about.

VCs show game developers some love: Games Fund One unlocks $600M dedicated capital to help develop digital communities and ecosystems during a time of cautious tech investment.

After two years of booming business for tech and media, the industries are now facing a wave of cost-cutting measures like layoffs and shutdowns that signal a focus on profitability but could harm companies’ reputation with prospective employees in an already-tight labor market.

On today's episode, we discuss how a Netflix tier with ads could affect the company, its users, and advertisers, what price point it may come in at, how many users will switch over, and what advertisers should make of this potential inventory. "In Other News," we talk about how much overlay ads move the needle and Peacock's new In-Scene Ads. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Paul Verna and Ross Benes.

Netflix’s spending changes are affecting its brand: Fallout from layoffs and difficulty producing hits are forcing the streamer to reexamine its image.

As brands strategize on how best to engage consumers, Mint Mobile is looking to leverage event programming such as live news and sports. In this Q&A, Mint Mobile's Aron North, CMO, discusses the importance of experimentation, and why the brand allocates 10% of its budget for exactly that.

Content edits aren’t off limits for brand safety: Disney+ has removed several controversial scenes and lines from content as it ramps up its ad launch.

Southeast Asia emerges as a mobile-first consumer economy: Online food delivery, grocery sales, and digital payments to benefit as internet accessibility expands in the region.

Rising costs and economic uncertainty are contributing to a reconsideration of streaming’s future. Streaming services are under pressure to attract consumers and retain them, all while inching toward profitability.

195 year-old brand enters the metaverse: Historic footwear brand Clarks is launching its first Roblox campaign, following brands like Chipotle, Nike, and Ralph Lauren.

Netflix is playing catchup with its younger competitors: The platform began building livestream capabilities while competitors launch completed products.

Global shipments of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets will hit 16.5 million this year, up more than 5 million or 32.1% from last year. Most of these shipments are to consumers, but commercial sales are set to multiply over the next five years, driven by the opportunity for product visualization prior to purchase.

Formula One is finding its footing in the US: Two new races and record viewership in the US have brands eager to get on board.

Asian consumers remain an opportunity for brands: A new Nielsen study suggests on-screen representation is on the rise but remains lacking.