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Nielsen under private ownership faces challenging road ahead: The company needs to show it can keep up with measurement upstarts.

Triller’s in trouble: Despite a $200 million raise, legal turmoil has eliminated any comparisons to TikTok.

Among US podcast ads, pre-roll spots generated about 5% more website visits during Q2 than those in the middle of an episode. While that margin is fairly slim, both placements produced better results than post-roll, likely because earlier spots catch listeners before they drop off.

Franchises don’t just rule movies: They’re also ruling your TV screen. Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ show premiere raked in 25 million viewers globally.

UK regulators worry Microsoft could game the system: Controlling a trove of gaming assets puts the onus on Microsoft to silence regulators’ fears that it could monopolize various gaming segments.

US-China conflict over chips intensifies: AMD and Nvidia stocks plunge on reports of new government sales restrictions of chips to China and Russia. US chipmakers could be forced to abandon potential sales.

Snap in survival mode: Snap is laying off some of its augmented reality hardware and software talent, stalling years of innovation and putting its leadership position in AR at risk.

Sony’s mobile play: A hoard of portable and console gaming titles positions PlayStation Studios Mobile Division as a key player in a gaming market that could reach $338 billion by 2030.

Robin Games brings real-life shopping to mobile gaming: The developer’s latest release allows players to purchase furniture and decor after trying them in-game.

Allure becomes latest magazine to kill its print edition: A sign of the times—and an opportunity for Condé Nast's beauty pub to focus.

Samsung goes after more CTV ads with streaming revamp: Its ad-supported service gets more channels and shows, but competition looms.

Even The Washington Post feels the ad downturn: Long-standing problems with digital publishing are combining with lower ad spending to create a perfect storm for the industry.

On today's episode, we discuss whether sports streaming is making us all lose, how much time younger and older folks spend watching TV, California passing tough internet privacy rules for kids, how much recessionary fears have taken their toll on brand loyalty, what happens when robots create ads, an unpopular opinion about the new social media app BeReal, some interesting facts about real-life dragons, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our director of forecasting Oscar Orozco and analysts Blake Droesch and Dave Frankland.

NBC and Apple’s deal is a role reversal for media: Networks like NBC used to rule content but now rely on tech giants to make up for flagging viewership.

Eminem & Snoop Dog's NFT performance falls flat: Not all metaverse concerts are created equal.

Sony expands its empire into mobile: Its latest acquisition will be a testing ground for in-game ads and mobile service games.

Hungry for growth, Twitter is turning to podcasts: The platform will be incorporating the popular audio format in its Spaces tab.

Shipments of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices will increase more than sixfold worldwide over the next four years, from 14.3 million this year to 87.7 million in 2026.

TikTok and YouTube are taking short-form video to CTVs: Strong viewer growth is making TV screens the next battleground for digital video dominance.