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Growing bipartisan concern and intensifying scrutiny on social media platforms' transparency and content management could alienate advertisers.

The EU demanded Apple make iPads DMA-compliant in six months to avoid heavy fines, opening the market to alternative services. It could impede Apple’s AI pivot.

Paramount announces leadership committee amid CEO Bob Bakish's departure: Potential sale and stock impacts loom large as new structure faces scrutiny.

New ad feature Select Shorts debuts on YouTube: Targets engagement across diverse categories, supported by strong viewership data.

Amid global bans and escalating regulatory scrutiny, ByteDance may shut down TikTok in the US rather than sell—even if it loses out on significant revenue

YouTube's ad revenues soar to $8.1 billion in Q1, surpassing expectations: Growth is being fueled by innovations and shifts from linear TV to digital platforms.

iPhone sales plunge 25% in China, slipping to fifth place as local brands like Huawei dominate. AI features could fuel a rebound, but genAI iPhones are still months away

Our Industry KPI data highlights an opportunity for CTV ads: Scrollable ads outperform other CTV formats due to their accessible, uncomplicated nature.

Its investment could strengthen the device ecosystems for AI integration and its focus on talent and supplier proximity could boost the local economy

Spotify’s strong Q1 has it looking to the future: With audiobooks, AI, and video in the fold, the company needs to identify its next growth sector—and fast.

Hispanic consumers in US are digital-forward: The group’s healthy use of social media and rising buying power offer opportunities for brands.

The decision aims to enhance job mobility and spur innovation but faces opposition from businesses and potential legal delays.

Hasbro and Mattel reined in costs in Q1: Looking ahead, the toy companies plan to wring more value out of iconic brands such as Dungeons & Dragons, Hot Wheels, and Barbie.

Apple adjusts Vision Pro expectations after lackluster sales: The device’s expensive price tag is likely to blame—opening an opportunity for Meta to focus on affordability in the AR/VR space.

Social giant emulates Google's Android approach by opening up Horizon OS to third-party AR/VR hardware makers, intensifying competition and broadening Meta’s mixed reality ecosystem across gaming, productivity, and education niches.

Google tells employees to work faster to earn their keep: The generative AI marketplace shakeup and increasing regulation are causing stress at the company. Layoffs aren’t helping.

Political engagement plummets on Meta’s platforms as new policies take effect: Campaigns and news outlets face challenges and must turn to alternative outreach methods.

Netflix dispels rumors of reduced film output, pledges diversified 2024 content lineup: Co-CEO Sarandos outlines strategy, including AI and live events.

Consumers are more ready for shoppable TV than ever. “The opportunity around shoppable TV is changing due to significant advancements in technology and shifts in consumer behavior,” said David Cohen, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), in its recent Retail Media Goes to the Movies report.

Serial churning is on the rise: Data and commentary from Antenna and Deloitte reveal that price increases are part of the problem.