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ByteDance takes aim at Amazon’s book sector prowess: Building on its engaging algorithm and #BookTok’s success, ByteDance’s new social media platform for bookish users might pull sales away from Amazon.

Mix Twitter and Tucker Carlson to create advertising poison: Carlson’s audience hasn’t made him appealing to advertisers, and he can’t reverse Twitter’s decline.

Fubo-iSpot partnership will enhance CTV ad measurement: Advertisers stand to make better-informed decisions with their ad budgets.

Price hikes helped Disney offset subscriber losses: Disney remained relatively still in its earnings report, but the year ahead will have major shifts.

Worldwide mobile AR revenues will more than double from $18.67 billion this year to $39.81 billion in 2027, per ARtillery Intelligence. These figures encompass revenues from both consumer and enterprise applications, such as productivity software, advertising/marketing applications, consumer spending on in-app purchases and premium apps, entertainment and games development, and retail/ecommerce enablement software.

This year’s upfronts have been unusual, with the haze of the Writers Guild of America strike and a decisive shift toward streaming. From YouTube’s mixed messages to Netflix’s ad-supported tier’s less-than-impressive beginning, here are five trends pinpointed by our analyst.

LinkedIn leads in news trustworthiness among social players: Platforms with lower info reliability scores could suffer from lower time spent, which affects ad revenues.

How long will the writers strike go on? Countless high-budget productions have stopped in their tracks, but the fight could go on for months.

Is Google reversing its tone with publishers? A $100 million deal with The New York Times is good news for the newspaper but doesn’t affect other publishers.

China is way ahead on the necessary guardrails to ensure adoption of the technology. Beijing hopes to lead global AI standardization.

Educators in Asia are increasingly exploring the metaverse for instructional purposes. This could lead to wider adoption and lay the foundation for future VR users.

Podcast ad spend is dispersing from the most popular shows: Advertisers looking to maximize effectiveness are putting budgets behind a larger range of content.

NFL looks to get younger viewers in its game: League enlists Gen Z influencers to capture Sunday Ticket signups, but it could be a hard sell.

News media make gains in trust: US poll puts The Weather Channel at No. 1 but shows differences across political persuasion.

Fubo stock surges 31% on strong earnings: Sports-focused live TV streaming service says it will be cash-flow positive by 2025.

Live Nation’s thrives amid scrutiny: Company reports record $3.1 billion Q1 revenue and 19.5 million event attendees.

YouTube is no longer separate from the streaming wars: Almost half of its viewership is on TVs, and advertisers are spending heavily on the platform.

ChatGPT’s popularity, its impact on businesses, and potential for misuse are pushing governments and regulators to set limits. Where do they even begin?

While the platform’s ad-supported tier gains momentum, Netflix needs to beef up its targeting capabilities to win advertisers over. Meanwhile, viewers may be turned off by a heavy ad load and a crackdown on password sharing. But global growth shows promise for Netflix’s future.