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Kate Emery, marketing manager at roofing company GAF, explains why the company invested in VR.

Dr. Robert Louis, director of skull base and pituitary surgery at Hoag Neurosciences Institute, explains how VR improves surgical outcomes and boosts patient retention.

Interest in augmented reality and virtual reality has been hyped for some time, but the tech hasn't reached mass adoption. Cost is certainly a factor, but it's not the only one.

The high cost of TV service continues to be the most common reason adults in North America have cut the cord, according to TiVo survey data.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer analyst Paul Verna discusses the winners and losers from the Academy Awards telecast, including TV ratings, ad rates and streaming video.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, analyst Paul Verna discusses trends in music consumption and how the Grammys fit—and don't fit—with consumers' evolving habits.

Only among millennials have smartphones reached parity with desktops and laptops as the device of choice for second-screening.

A new way to shop; Amazon holiday shopping; and more.

Streaming services are building up a head of steam in the US, according to data from Raymond James.

Industry leaders discuss VR as a tool for planning, designing and testing new retail concepts.

Vinay Narayan, executive director of strategy for HTC Vive, explains why the enterprise market is key to more widespread adoption of VR.

Spotify's stock market debut is a testament to the power of on-demand music streaming, a model that has helped reverse the music industry's long decline. On the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, we dig into the reasons for Spotify's success, and consider the challenges the company may face in coming years.

Amazon is known for its convenience, selection and competitive prices, but its trove of user-generated reviews is also a valuable asset.

Robertson Barrett, president of digital media at Hearst Newspapers, talks about the relationship between free sites and subscription content, and how advertisers feel about paywalls.

A recent survey of internet users worldwide by Salesforce showed 81% of respondents watched broadcast TV at least monthly, more than any other format. But there are stark generational differences in the way they consume media, especially video.

Consumers have been cord-cutting and cord-shaving for some time now. PwC reports that streaming services now have the same penetration rate as pay TV packages in the US.

Dan Greenberg, co-founder and CEO of native advertising solutions provider Sharethrough, discusses how buyers’ increased desire for contextual targeting and native advertising will benefit premium publishers in 2018.

As TV viewers continue to spend more time watching video content via connected TVs and over-the-top (OTT) video services, advertisers want to make sure that they’re there, too. While programmatic access to such inventory is the exception today, it will ramp up over the next 12 to 24 months.