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On today's podcast episode, our contestants compete in The Great Behind the Numbers Take Off, 2024 health trends edition, where they will try and cook up the most interesting predictions for the coming year. They'll discuss why healthcare is going to be a hyper-partisan issue in the 2024 US election campaigns; how that will affect how people think about and deal with their own healthcare going forward; and why the coming year will create unprecedented challenges for patients when it comes to affording care and treatment, leading them to explore other options for accessing and paying for care. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Rajiv Leventhal and Lisa Phillips.

Diamond Sports Group looks to restructure post-bankruptcy: Prime Video to become pivotal platform for regional sports coverage.

Supreme Court justices face AI’s legal gravity: They’re concerned about government readiness and AI’s implications for the legal system, signaling a need for future legislation and regulatory standards.

Long-standing TV series end as streaming rises: The move reflects shifts in viewer habits and advertising strategies.

Global leaders voice concern and excitement over AI revolution: The world is divided over AI. Its potential to accelerate business practices contrasts with workforce impacts, economic inequality, and beyond.

Amazon unveils AI tools for Fire TV, shopping: The generative AI frenzy is pushing companies to make everything about AI. Some use cases have more market potential than others.

CNN restructures for digital consumption: Aiming to captivate mobile-first audiences with new content and subscriptions

This year, North America holds the title for most podcast listeners at 149.4 million, per our August 2023 forecast. By 2027, China will take over with 178.7 million listeners.

Substack’s controversy shows the perils of poor moderation: The company refused to remove pro-Nazi content, leading to the departure of major creators.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how this year will look as Google's cookies fade away, the biggest threat to Google's search dominance, how many consumers are moving to ad-supported streaming, whether Apple can move the VR needle, Peloton's content hub on TikTok, the first person to ever complete Tetris, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Ross Benes, Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, and Max Willens.

UK regulator says it wants Big Tech to share more data: The Competition and Markets Authority’s power is expanding, and it is still taking shots at tech dominance.

Microsoft nips at Apple’s heels: The Windows giant’s generative AI investments are taking it to new marketplace heights. Meanwhile, Apple struggles with iPhone sales and will need a strong Vision Pro launch.

Netflix's ad plan grows rapidly: After a 70% quarterly increase in subscribers, more ad formats are on the way.

OpenAI pursues media partnerships for ChatGPT training: The AI giant strives to address copyright concerns, but could impact publishers ad revenues in the long term.

Combined US TV and connected TV (CTV) ad spend will grow every year through to the end of our forecast period in 2027, when it will reach nearly $100 billion, according to our October 2023 forecast.

A new peak for ad industry employment: 2023 saw the ad industry reach 504,600 jobs—its highest ever figure and a sign that 2022’s troubles are in the rearview.

Award shows still have significant linear audiences: The Golden Globes’ viewership rose 50%, but football remains the king of linear.

Amazon’s live-streaming service plans to lay off 500 employees amid profitability struggles and surging operational costs—revealing that popularity and engagement don’t always result in profits.

Regulators fear antitrust risks in AI technology and question their mutual independence. Persistent scrutiny could scare off investors.

Netflix spent less on original content in 2023: Strikes and cost-cutting efforts resulted in a lower output, but the company is ready to spend heavily in 2024.