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“Fortnight” sets single-day streaming record as Taylor Swift unveils double album: Strategic surprises and Spotify's immersive campaigns underscore marketing genius.

254.2 million people in the US will watch OTT video this year, per our February 2024 forecast. YouTube is close behind, with 241.8 million people watching on the platform.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss why Amazon is pulling back from "Just Walk Out" technology, how the Atlantic magazine turned things around, what will ignite TV shopping, whether LinkedIn testing TikTok-like videos is a good move, what science says about how to be happy, and more. Tune into the discussion with vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian, analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, and vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti.

Complying with Beijing’s censorship of messaging apps underscores the company’s reliance on Chinese production and sales as app bans become a new geopolitical battleground. Read online

On today's podcast episode, we discuss why social media platforms are less equipped to stop toxic content, the main ways AI will heighten brand safety concerns, and steps marketers can take to mitigate risk. "In Other News," we talk about whether brands repurposing vertical video ads for TVs can work and what Hulu adding its content to Disney+ means for the streaming universe. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of content Paul Verna.

A guide to everything seen (and overheard) at POSSIBLE to help you determine if it's worth putting in your 2025 budget.

Government employees threaten to quit over former OpenAI researcher’s hiring: We can expect to see rising discord over generative AI’s social and economic risks and what to do about them.

Best Buy launches an Apple Vision Pro app: The retailer aims to appeal to early adopters and tech-enthusiasts with the means to splurge on the latest and greatest new products.

Netflix exceeds Q1 forecasts with strong earnings and subscriber growth: Shifts reporting focus from subscriber numbers to revenue and engagement starting 2025.

Disney to add 24/7 FAST channels to mimic cable experience: The company is tapping into a growing streaming trend that could revitalize struggling shows.

Around $84 billion in digital ad spend was lost to fraud last year, according to Juniper Research. That number will more than double by 2028, reaching $172 billion. Some 22% of US digital media experts consider digital video to be one of the media types most vulnerable to fraud, per a study from Integral Ad Science and YouGov. But connected TV (CTV) has an advantage over other digital ad publishers.

Big Tech throws caution to the wind with massive AI capital expenditures: Tech companies’ multibillion-dollar AI spending spree could face the harsh reality of an overtaxed energy grid.

Eight in 10 US Amazon Prime Video subscribers will be ad-supported this year, according to our February 2024 forecast.

Google escalates its California battle against publishers: The company has started blocking news links in response to an act that would require it to pay publishers more.

The music industry swings back against AI: SAG-AFTRA and labels like Universal Music Group signed an agreement that protects musicians from the tech.

Warner Bros tops $1 billion at the box office thanks to “Dune: Part Two” and “Godzilla x Kong”: The studio sets new record in just 15 weeks.

Big Tech scrambles to attract talent amid AGI quest: Companies have hundreds of AI-related open positions to snatch the best from a small pool of applicants to build frontier systems.

Allegations of a former TikTok data scientist may renew concerns that US data was shared with Chinese parent.

Streaming services drive 6.7% increase in 2024 US ad market, excluding cyclical events: Retail and travel sectors boom, but entertainment and tech face headwinds.