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Here are five charts that reveal the scale and outlook for CTV from the perspective of its access points.

Meta will launch Quest VR subscription service for schools with Roblox: Its virtual-learning product could pay off long term but adds to expenses with dubious short-term ROI.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the takeaway's from this years March Madness NCAA basketball tournaments, what's most fueling a revolution in women's sports, who will rule the new pay TV world by 2026, the likelihood that sports betting faces a reckoning in the next 12-months, the best-selling cars in America, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, forecasting analyst Zach Goldner, and director of forecasting Oscar Orozco.

Brands could have a more direct hand in movie production: Hollywood firm Sugar23 will host an upfront presentation seeking investments in film projects.

AI is widely used to make news content: An AP survey found that 70% of staffers use AI to make content, a sign that the industry is racing to find use cases.

Apple TV+ leads in content quality but lags in library size: A study demonstrates its high ratings—but small catalogselection hampers market growth.

OpenAI in the spotlight again over questions about internal stability: It fired two AI researchers over alleged data leaks. The incident suggests that previous chaos isn’t over.

Can Roblox make ads a staple of nonmobile gaming? The company has partnered with PubMatic to launch a bidding exchange for ads in a major shift for the industry.

Choice is spurring innovation in AI and privacy. Users can now pick from more diverse, multifunctional options, challenging default browsers like Chrome and Safari.

The FCC mandates ISPs disclose true service details in clear “nutrition labels,” ensuring transparency and challenging ISPs to match their marketing claims with reality.

Meta’s and OpenAI’s upcoming models will make AI more useful: They’ll be able to think, plan, and take action. The features will boost productivity and escalate AI’s risks

JIC Certifies Comscore and VideoAmp: Marking an important shift in TV ratings, this move challenges Nielsen's dominance and fosters measurement diversity.

Podcast Listeners Prefer Personalized Ads: AMA's survey indicates a shift toward tailored advertising, with a significant majority favoring customized content.

Governments and tech giants allocate billions to AI, raising concerns over dwindling startup funding and innovation in non-AI sectors.

Escalating costs across technology, streaming, and online services are resulting in consumer pushback through password sharing and strategic rotation.

Music stars battle AI over copyright and creativity: A collective open letter and Tennessee's new ELVIS Act underscore the industry's fight for fair compensation.

Record viewership for March Madness and Wrestlemania: Significant audience growth is a reminder of why streamers and networks dish out billions for rights.

Disney lays out its timeline for password sharing: The company could see more gains than Netflix thanks to its recent addition of Hulu.

The New York Times wants in on ad attention metrics: A partnership with Adelaide will help the publisher create more robust offerings for advertisers.