It’s the first state to require insurers to establish such rules. As others consider similar laws, insurers need to stay one step ahead in combating bias.

Diverging from conventional industry strategies, Honda is addressing customers’ charging needs ahead of launching its electric SUVs in 2024.

Meta’s gutsy celebrity-powered AI maneuver: It’s integrating Llama 2 AI with Quest 3, Ray-Ban glasses, and popular apps. Celebrity AI personas and metaverse ambitions signal bold competitive moves.

AI’s productivity gains aren’t guaranteed: Study reveals AI boosts speed but can reduce accuracy and diversity of thought. Selective use is the best approach.

France’s competition authority raids Nvidia’s offices and is investigating potential monopolistic practices, challenging the chipmaker’s dominance in the AI chip market.

On today's special podcast episode, we continue our monthly show where we discuss the biggest trends of the moment and the newest research, sprinkle in some analysis, and bundle it up into a quiz. Every month, three of our analysts representing their respective coverage area teams compete against each other. (We also encourage you to play along at home.) We keep a running score and will crown a winning team at the end of the year. Today, we cover retail media network investment and experimentation, the generative AI (genAI) bubble, and Google's dominance. Tune in to the discussion with this month's contestants: our vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian, analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, and vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti.

Volkswagen’s IT outage halts production, spotlighting the hurdles traditional automakers face in transitioning to tech-focused vehicles—a space where Tesla thrives.

OpenAI eyes developing an ‘iPhone of artificial intelligence’: After a fresh investment, it’s looking to partner with LoveFrom to develop an AI-driven consumer device.

Google’s Search loophole leads to illegal ads on major websites: Drug and gun ads on websites like the FDA and UN add to a series of the tech giant’s recent missteps.

Amazon, Meta face a reckoning over RTO mandates: Amazon addresses return-to-hub disruptions, and Meta splurges to end a London lease early. Questions rise about strategy.

Amazon, Meta face a reckoning over RTO mandates: Amazon addresses return-to-hub disruptions, and Meta splurges to end a London lease early. Questions rise about strategy.

Meta’s quest for metaverse redemption: It unveils the Quest 3 VR headset at Meta Connect 2023, showcasing advanced features and a competitive price to challenge Apple’s Vision Pro.

Can AI globalize podcasts? Spotify collaborates with OpenAI to offer voice translation for podcasts, which could enable cross-language content creation and expand ad revenue and reach.

ChatGPT gets a voice and eyes: The sensory integration is a strategic move to counter the rising competitive threat and move toward achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Getty targets premium AI image content: It’s partnering with Nvidia to launch an AI image generator, using high-quality data for realistic AI creations. Detailed prompts will be key.

Amazon will invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic for AI development. Big Tech seeks AI expertise through partnerships and investments as AI takes center stage.

Meta to unveil Gen AI Personas this week: It’s part of a strategy to appeal to younger demographics and gain ground in the AI race. There are pitfalls ahead.

Meta and Salesforce face rehiring quandary: The tech giants want their laid-off employees back but will have to overcome trust issues for the plan to work.

Apple’s gaming aspirations hinge on the iPhone 15, but the flagship smartphone struggles with overheating issues.