On this podcast episode, we explore the deployment of AI in payments in 2024. First, we discuss the most impactful use cases for AI in payments, such as fraud detection and prevention, false declines and purchase conversion, B2B payments, enhanced customer service, and digital wallets. In our "For Argument’s Sake" segment, we rank these use cases in order of impact and debate our decisions. Join the conversation with host Rob Rubin, our analyst David Morris, and Angela Murphy, PhD, client partner at Persistent Systems.

It’s investigating potential harmful effects on minors. Addictive design, privacy, and age verification face an overhaul.

Apple targets a sales revival with iPhone 16 launch: True to CEO Tim Cook’s word, generative AI will be baked into Apple’s latest devices to help boost profits after lackluster iPhone 15 performance.

Crashes, declining trust, and potential bans fuel safety concerns and activism, challenging the technology’s readiness and future expansion.

A Switch 2 delay and PS5 sales slump: Aging consoles pose a challenge for this year’s holiday sales forecast. But it could also create an opportunity for other gaming formats.

Unveiling Magika as an open-source model for cybersecurity, plus investing in global standards, emphasizes Google’s role in AI safety.

Google’s Gemini Pro 1.5 is powerful and confusing: After a recent release and rebranding, Google is showing off another accomplishment in the AI race. Consumers might not care.

OpenAI to take on Google directly with a search product: Generative AI can enhance search and introduce new problems. Google’s vast search market advantage will be tough to surpass.

Google wants to boost internal productivity with Goose AI: Releasing the coding software internally could be an initial step in what could become a full-fledged product launch.

Cisco cuts 4,250 jobs amid tech slowdown and persistent dip in demand for telecom and connectivity equipment.

Zuckerberg touts the Quest 3 as open, affordable VR for all, challenging Apple’s premium closed ecosystem. Can Vision Pro’s large developer and app base make it competitive?

Mozilla uncovers serious privacy breaches by romantic chatbots: The companionship AI market is booming, but there’s a fine line between a legitimate business and a phishing scam.

ChatGPT will now remember you: OpenAI’s latest upgrade will make prompting more streamlined for Plus users. But digital privacy could be a tradeoff.

The purchase could redefine smart TV advertising and give the big box giant an edge in revenue from shoppable ads and streaming fees.

Shopify’s Q4 revenues rose 24%: But the company projects its Q1 operating costs will eat into its profit—a surprise after it trimmed its expenses about 20% last year.

Xbox exclusives may hit PlayStation and Nintendo platforms amid lagging sales and a Game Pass slowdown. Cross-platform gaming could boost its cloud business.

Wearables could be the next AI-charged segment to see competition, with Google emerging as the key contender.

Microsoft researchers hint at human-level intelligence with new AI: A research study showcases a model with advanced, flexible capabilities. Challenges mean it won’t necessarily be a best-seller.