Its AI Overviews feature aims to keep consumers engaged and integrate targeted ads seamlessly, enhancing both user experience and advertiser reach.

Tech giants praise Nvidia while they plot its downfall: Nvidia’s earnings are expected to impress again, but the longer-term trajectory is more uncertain as competition mounts.

Toyota, Nissan, and Honda collaborate on AI and hardware for software-defined vehicles, accelerating innovation and lowering development costs.

Can Apple entice hesitant consumers with a thinner iPhone? Smartphone buyers have been unimpressed with recent models. A flashy feature is a smart move if priced right.

The computers feature AI-enabled hardware with on-device AI applications, kickstarting a new PC upgrade cycle.

OpenAI loses key superalignment researchers: Upheaval at the genAI startup raises questions about safety and governance—pointing to Big Tech’s advantages in the AI race

Big Tech bleeds talent over RTO policies: A study found that senior employees left for competitors with more flexible policies, potentially impacting AI era productivity and innovation.

Samsung’s AI-enabled tablet ad counters Apple’s controversial iPad Pro “Crush” spot. Putting people ahead of technology champions creativity and sparks brand competition

As the company rehires Supercharger staff to meet its $500M network expansion goals and drive future EV adoption, we ask why they were fired in the first place.

Despite having 7 million paid subscribers, Meta is shuttering the Facebook-based work service to build better AI and mixed reality business solutions

Google’s I/O showcases bold AI integration across products: The announcements show its marketplace strength but it’ll need an effective monetization strategy to beat the competition.

On-device AI will mark a major update for Siri and the iPhone. It could be a watershed moment for consumer AI use that boosts OpenAI’s value

Major firms like Apple and Microsoft are investing heavily in Southeast Asia, drawn by its strategic advantages, booming tech market, and pro-business climate.

OpenAI unveils desktop option for ChatGPT and latest GPT-4o model: It’s offering the latest upgrades for free. A short-term revenue hit could be worth longer-term site traffic.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how bad "serial churning" has gotten and how to fix it, whether inventing new sports tournaments can work, if Perplexity's "search engine" will threaten Google, the use case for AI computers in your ears, where you can see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, forecasting analyst Zach Goldner, and director of forecasting Oscar Orozco.

Will OpenAI back down from its AI search threat against Google? Announcements before Google’s I/O conference would be a power play that could add more risks to Google’s threat landscape.

OpenAI considers creator privacy features and whether ChatGPT should engage with adult content: The genAI sector faces tension over content moderation and profitability. A technical fix remains elusive.

Data centers, which power a growing number of cloud apps, video-on-demand services, and artificial intelligence services are nearing a power crisis.

More layoffs plus the closure of some Bethesda studios show how precarious it is to manage a large catalog of gaming properties.

Microsoft enhances 365 Copilot AI: It’s effectively tapping into its enterprise customer base. But future demand for AI tools could skew toward specialization.