Bipartisan anti-Google bill doesn’t bode well: The measure may not become law, but support for it could be a sign that tech regulation may eventually materialize.

Can connectivity save the Amazon? Elon Musk plans to provide Starlink internet access to the Amazon. However, by collaborating with embattled Brazilian President Bolsonaro, skepticism of the project will abound.

Gamified rehab could take off in healthcare: A Montana hospital is using VR and AI as part of its rehab therapy program. We detail how this could boost patient participation and treatment outcomes.

Canada ramps up 5G security: Huawei and ZTE solutions are banned. Critics say the move comes a little too late as telecoms bear the burden of replacing without disruption by June 2024.

Seeing is believing: Our quick explainer video gives you insight into what the metaverse is all about.

With cloud migration comes tough choices: As enterprises move to the cloud, a slew of decisions await. Many are opting for a cloud-native approach, but it’s not an easy path.

A new kind of hybrid: Renault’s Scénic Vision will feature a hydrogen-powered battery for fast charging and a long range. But technical and logistical hurdles could be roadblocks to adoption.

The case for better bicycle tech: Garmin adds a camera to its Varia cycling radar device, which could help cyclists avoid collisions.

Honda’s Prologue SUV ushers in its EV transition: The second-largest Japanese carmaker is leaning on American technology to jumpstart its wider electrification efforts with a SUV it designed in VR.

Startups face live or die outlook: Y Combinator warns about lean times ahead and how to stay alive during the downtown. Companies that saved last year's feast should fare well.

After two years of booming business for tech and media, the industries are now facing a wave of cost-cutting measures like layoffs and shutdowns that signal a focus on profitability but could harm companies’ reputation with prospective employees in an already-tight labor market.

Google’s DeepMind is close to unlocking human-level AI: Gato is capable of achieving over 600 tasks, which could result in Google spinning it out, but it still needs to learn to scale.

Mineral moon pies: Humans haven’t set foot on the moon in half a century, but plans are accelerating to return, this time for resource extraction. Geopolitical conflict could be a barrier.

Netflix layoffs are a warning sign for Big Tech: Losing trillions of dollars in value, Big Tech is pausing investments and new hires, which could slow momentum for tech startups.

AVs head back to driving school: AAA testing revealed that some self-driving cars aren’t ready for primetime. With traffic fatalities mounting, adding more AVs to the mix could be dangerous.

Competitive talent requires competitive pay: The overall economy and tight labor market mean companies like Microsoft have to sweeten compensation to keep top talent. But will it be sweet enough?

Digital divide fuels food insecurity: The broadband gap could mean many living in food deserts have less access to delivery apps. But low connectivity is just one part of the problem.

Chipmakers faced with huge stockpiles: The war in Ukraine and China shutdowns are taking their toll on the PC and smartphone market. Manufacturers might have to pivot to produce chips for other uses.

Uber Eats wants to make it easier for customers to order food: The food delivery platform is adding voice ordering, stadium partnerships, and autonomous delivery features to boost convenience.