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With a customer-centric, privacy-first strategy, marketers can meet compliance requirements. Find out how to deliver a new and engaging user experience, build trust with customers through transparency, and more

Sports betting will grow in 2022 and beyond as states, TV networks jump on board: The industry saw record growth in 2021 and will continue to rise, but views on just how fast differ.

Corona drives home commitment to sustainability with branded island: As loyalty slips, the beer brand and others hope flashy marketing moves will keep customers in the fold.

A&W highlights real-life workers in ads: New campaign serves as point of differentiation from fast-food rivals and seeks to lure job candidates in tight labor market.

Digital and alternative advertising lift overall ad spending in 2021: As spending returns to pre-pandemic levels, it’s become clear advertisers find emerging channels more appealing than traditional ones.

Fortnite’s new social spaces illustrate a way to leverage the metaverse: The online video game is using new interactive, non-violent mode in the game to drive user interest and create ad space for brand partners.

Publishers are wary of Amazon Live, citing growth and revenue issues: The ecommerce giant’s live shopping product lacks the native audience of other platforms looking to get in on the social commerce wave.

These are boom times for digital advertising. While the pandemic battered the economy, the job market, and consumer confidence, it did little to quash a bonanza in digital ad spending. Still, there are challenges ahead for the industry, including grappling with the thorny issue of measuring ad performance across fragmented media platforms and walled gardens.

Volkswagen launches AR experiences via QR codes for Amazon campaign: The promotion highlights the power of the technology while leveraging Amazon’s ecommerce dominance.

On this episode of Brand Anatomy, where we get exclusive looks inside leading brands, eMarketer Briefing director Jeremy Goldman sits down with Harold Klaje, executive vice president and president of global advertising at Reddit, to discuss which markets are the platform’s top priority, how Reddit caters to users and advertisers abroad, and how brands are building their own presences on the site.

Big Tech’s regulatory woes deepen in Europe as companies struggle to adapt to a privacy-centric ad landscape: A series of hefty fines and legislative amendments means firms like Google and Facebook will have to make room for competitors.

YouTube’s new search data tool lets creators and marketers see what happens before a user clicks play: Amazon and other companies have launched similar features, suggesting that Big Tech wants to show interested parties where opportunities lie on its platforms.

As comfort-buying furniture online continues to rise, the direct-to-consumer (D2C) home furnishing sector has exploded with growth and competition. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on D2C with Joybird’s vice president, marketing and business development Eric Tsai to hear how the La-Z-Boy-owned brand scales its custom furniture business by staying in sync with consumer expectations.

YouTube TV in talks to add new channels to broaden advertising appeal: As the battle for connected TV (CTV) ad dollars heats up, YouTube doubles down on live programming.

BuzzFeed will premier live video series on TikTok: The move should help stave off stiff competition from other social players looking to make inroads into the live video space.

As a new bottled water brand on an already crowded shelf, education is essential for creating brand trust. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on CPG with Nirvana Water Sciences’ marketing director Alex Matos to hear how the brand’s marketing hinges on teaching the benefits of its infused spring water to prospective consumers.