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Amid scrutiny of its data policies, Meta launches Privacy Center: With user trust in Facebook still low, parent company Meta hopes more transparency will quell criticism.

Commonplace cookie practices won’t cut it in France: The country fined Google and Facebook over confusing cookie messaging and for not offering a “reject all” button—practices widely used in the industry.

Intel ramps up chip design efforts by hiring Apple’s chip engineer: Apple’s loss is Intel’s gain in 2022, which is poised for intensified silicon competition.

Samsung could bring folding-screen technology to tablets and laptops: Its leadership position in foldables could help it develop a niche for folding-screen products.

As retail media advertising continues to increase year over year, retailers and brands have the opportunity to better plan their digital advertising strategies

New products and technologies announced at CES 2022: We break down outstanding trends and the most compelling Connectivity and Tech announcements from the show floor.

WarnerMedia partners with measurement firms to launch Nielsen alternative: The broadcaster is the second this week to announce a fresh option as the TV measurement space becomes more fractured.

Major streaming services enjoyed double-digit viewing time growth in 2021: Our latest US Time Spent With Media Forecast shows that Netflix and Disney rode hits like “Squid Game” to unforeseen success.

2021 was a year of reckoning across various industries due to the worsening chip crisis. Chip and component supplies ran dry, exposing weaknesses in supply chains, while manufacturers scrambled to adjust product lines.

NBCUniversal launches NBCUnified: The initiative seeks to capitalize as marketers look to enrich their first-party consumer data given the pending demise of third-party cookies.

Did Google pay Apple to stay out of the search game? A new lawsuit claims so: Antitrust scrutiny heats up on Big Tech ballooning unchecked into trillion-dollar firms.

Hulu raked in $2.1 billion in ad revenues between October 2020 and November 2021, by far the most of any ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) platform in the US.

The vision of augmented reality (AR) headsets replacing smartphones could become a reality sooner than expected in China. Advances in hardware and new AR commerce use cases are paving the way.

Find out how to produce always-on marketing that is consistently authentic, relevant, and able to keep up with today’s fast pace and heightened consumer expectations

Sports betting companies tripled TV ad spend in the last months of 2021: With sports gambling available to more people than ever before, operators look to national TV to bring in customers.

Despite the iOS privacy changes rolled out last year, app publishers worldwide still rely heavily on advertising to make money.

Brands eagerly jump on the retail media network bandwagon: As access to customer data becomes a priority for brands, retailers see an opportunity to diversify their revenue streams.

Nielsen’s rocky 2021 gave rise to new measurement competitors: TV networks that once relied on measurement firms to do business have now joined CTV manufacturers in staking their own claim.

On today's episode, we discuss what our analysts think will be the key trends of 2022. Will Facebook's grip on digital advertising loosen? How much of a splash will viral commerce make? How much will the pendulum swing back towards physical retail? And more. We then talk about the most important social media challenge facing brands this year and whether Amazon's marketplace model is coming to a store near you. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer analyst Jasmine Enberg and principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman.