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Meta’s and OpenAI’s upcoming models will make AI more useful: They’ll be able to think, plan, and take action. The features will boost productivity and escalate AI’s risks

88,000 LG connected TVs face security risks, underscoring rising potential threats as IoT devices proliferate. Enhanced security could be a key factor for future products.

Join industry experts on Behind the Numbers: The Banking & Payments Show as we take a compelling deep dive into the world of cryptocurrencies. Explore the market's rebound, analyze EMARKETER’s predictions, and unravel the dynamics behind the soaring values. This episode brings to light the phenomenal recovery of Bitcoin, reaching an unprecedented $69,000 peak, bouncing back from 2022's dramatic downturn. Delve into the critical factors propelling cryptocurrencies to new heights and the significant role of 'halving' in sustaining this momentum. In our engaging 'Headlines' feature, we dissect the factors contributing to the resurgence of crypto values, examining the critical elements that influence market highs. The 'For Argument’s Sake' segment ignites a thought-provoking debate on the practical uses of cryptocurrencies, with a spotlight on Bitcoin. Expert analysts, Grace Broadbent, and Tyler Van Dyke, join host, Rob Rubin, to offer their insights into the currency's real-world applications. Key Insights: - Cryptocurrencies are witnessing a remarkable revival, with Bitcoin leading the charge by hitting an all-time high. - Market analysts and enthusiasts are keenly observing the impact of 'halving' events on cryptocurrency values. - A detailed analysis of the utility and real-world application of cryptocurrencies fuels a spirited debate, underlining the digital currency's role in the current financial landscape.

A bipartisan data privacy bill could rewrite the digital ad business: After years of state-level laws muddying the waters, Congress is pulling together.

Generative AI search engine Perplexity will launch ads in the next few quarters. But while advertisers probably don’t need to form Perplexity ad strategies just yet, they should keep an eye on how the search engine is approaching monetization for clues into what Google (and other emerging search competitors) could do in the future.

Governments and tech giants allocate billions to AI, raising concerns over dwindling startup funding and innovation in non-AI sectors.

Google gets its AI footing at Cloud Next: A litany of generative announcements—including a leading AI chip—make investors happy. But will demand for the technology have staying power?

Best Buy’s customer service will soon be powered by genAI: The retailer is rolling out AI assistants for customers and employees as it tries to deliver more helpful experiences at a lower cost.

Escalating costs across technology, streaming, and online services are resulting in consumer pushback through password sharing and strategic rotation.

The ICBA alleges Navy Federal’s co-branded military program blurs the lines between banks and credit unions.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss which digital behaviors Hispanic Americans over-index on, how they get their news, and what advertisers should consider when trying to reach and market to these folks. "In Other News," we talk about where in the world people use social media the most and how kids use the internet. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Matteo Ceurvels and Paola Flores-Marquez.

Meta makes the Quest 3 more like Apple’s Vision Pro: It launches an experimental app with spatial computing features. The Quest’s relative affordability is Meta’s advantage.

Spotify uses AI prompts to generate playlists, Nvidia expands into Southeast Asia, and the CHIPS Act grants TSMC funds for a third Arizona chip fab. AI is transcending use cases and expanding regions.

Targeting EU compliance could broaden arcade/console game access on iOS. It could boost developer revenue, but it also risks scams.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether teens will need permission to access social media, if companies saying goodbye to the CMO role is a good move, Spotify's video plans, the path for ride-hailing firms, better ways to measure progress, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Ross Benes, Carina Perkins, and Max Willens.

Uniqlo plans to open over 20 US stores this year: The push mirrors similar efforts by Ikea and Zara, reflecting foreign retailers’ belief in the importance of physical retail.

Google mulls AI search paywall to fund costs, risking organic traffic and ad revenues in the name of growth. Can AI competitors beat it to market?