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Savvy marketing could improve trust of online-only brands: Though ecommerce has boomed in the past year, consumers don't trust brands only available online.

Procter & Gamble is the world’s top advertiser: The consumer goods giant is expected to beat Amazon this year after losing its title in 2020’s rankings.

Mailchimp is looking for a buyer: The email service provider is seeking a $10 billion valuation as it continues to diversify from its email marketing roots.

On today's episode, we discuss how travel is changing, how the overall Olympic ratings shook out, why your inbox is now a shopping mall, how brands are already marketing to Generation Alpha, Facebook's Ray-Ban smart glasses, how the office came to be, the limitless power of hugs, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Jillian Ryan, Nicole Perrin, and Paul Verna.

Facebook is rethinking privacy: A recent interview suggests that the company knows it needs to retool how it targets ads to reflect a growing privacy-conscious segment of its users.

Due to COVID-19, aspiring marketers feel underprepared: A new study suggests many young marketers-to-be feel that the pandemic has hindered their skill sets.

Customers still value the ability to visit a physical branch—and banks should accommodate them with a blended approach that incorporates important aspects of both the physical and the digital.

The computing products and consumer electronics industry saw increased revenues in 2020, and that bump will accelerate digital ad spending for years to come.

Its Swarm acquisition could foreshadow an era of increased commercial satellite acquisitions and market consolidation as major players scale up satellite deployments.

Shane Pittson is the vice president of growth at oral-care provider Quip, overseeing advertising efforts and consumer research, optimizing lifetime value and customer acquisition costs, and improving retention rates. We recently spoke with Pittson about creating buzz for a brand, gaining retail distribution, Quip's brief stint on dating apps, and more.

Affiliate, or partner marketing, has become more important to both advertisers looking to drive actions and publishers trying to diversify revenue streams. Adam Ross, CEO at affiliate marketing firm Awin, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss how the market has evolved over the past two years, why practitioners are looking for more standardization, and how advertisers and publishers are working together.

The Olympics sees viewership decline: Despite the drop, NBC netted a profit on its ad sales.

Diverging post-cookie strategies: Some are pumping the brakes on preparations, while others are embracing Unified ID 2.0.

Telehealth wasn’t the only healthcare service to benefit from pandemic-induced lockdowns and restrictions in 2020. Retail health clinics—health centers located in retail stores—have grown in popularity as a convenient way to access simple health services.