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Google Search ads, AI, and the antitrust zeitgeist: US v. Google shows signs of being a heated battle fueled by public sentiments about Big Tech. It’ll have implications for AI advancement.

The second-largest employer in the US will hire 250,000 logistics workers, offering higher wages and bonuses despite sluggish retail and past layoffs.

Musk cuts safety staff at X amid content moderation woes: Twitter’s trust and safety team loses more employees. Users will be less likely to pay for a toxic platform.

On today’s podcast episode, we discuss how finserv digital marketers are incorporating credit marketing, even in top- and mid-funnel campaigns. • In our “Headlines” segment, we chat about the role of marketing as a revenue generator in banking—specifically, an article we published in August with results from an American Banker Association survey that stated 72% of marketing execs don't believe revenue generation is a part of marketing’s role. • In “Story by Numbers,” we examine the results of digital campaigns that revolve around credit marketing and the ROI in creating a unified, full-funnel marketing strategy. • In “Pretend CMO,” our guests have to thread together a multifaceted digital-only marketing campaign and discuss how it attributes ROI to the campaign's different digital channels. Tune in to the discussion with host Rob Rubin, our analyst Tiffani Montez, and Aundra Thompson, director of product strategy and strategic planning for marketing solutions at TransUnion.

Panos Panay brings a fresh vision, capable of reviving Amazon's languishing device portfolio. It’s a strategic gambit that could infuse new interest in hardware.

Google is bringing Bard AI to its suite of apps. The potential for adoption is huge and could minimize reliance on rival services like ChatGPT.

OpenAI seeks to counter Google’s Gemini with ‘Gobi’ multimodal AI project: Amid intensifying AI competition, the move seeks to enhance ChatGPT's capabilities with image and code interpretation.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss why supercharged online sports gambling is now everywhere, what the ecosystem looks like, and some hard truths about gambling addiction. "In Other News," we talk about the latest on writers' and actors' strike negotiations and how it is influencing advertising decisions and studio revenues. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paul Verna.

Twitter's rebrand to "X" meets resistance: 69% of users stick to the original name despite Musk's changes.

US-TikTok negotiations restart after ultimatum: A potential agreement could grant government unmatched oversight, altering app's autonomy.

US Copyright Office maintains that AI doesn’t get protection: A second ruling from the regulator could slow advertising adoption of genAI.

The UAW strike affects 9% of its 150,000 members and stops production at Detroit’s Big Three, inviting delivery delays and competitive loss.

Google unveils Meta-Prompt: Its autonomous prompting algorithm is part of major AI research investment. It needs to complement product development to take on Microsoft.

California’s landmark climate law takes aim at Big Tech: It could amplify public recognition of AI’s environmental impact, prompting businesses to prioritize sustainable practices.

Businesses and consumers will need to factor warranty costs into future VR headset budgets. Current models are virtually unrepairable and could end up as e-waste.

Ecommerce success relies on a seamless search strategy. To help consumers find, learn, and buy products more easily, retailers are building out their on-site search capabilities, adding video, incorporating AI, and giving shoppers more tools to find what they are looking for. Here are some of the latest improvements from Walmart, Amazon, and Instacart.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether people will ever buy items they see in TV shows, if online ratings are broken, a relaunched Amazon Shipping trying to compete with UPS and FedEx, if CNN and sports can move the needle for streaming service Max, whether the continuing partnership between Target and Starbucks is boosting curbside pickup, where we got gas before gas stations, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian and analysts Blake Droesch and Paul Verna.

TikTok integrates Wikipedia snippets into search: A move towards broader search capabilities amidst rising competition with Google.

Stability AI launches "Stable Audio," a music generator using textual prompts: The versatile technology reimagines sound creation and could be a glimpse into the near future.

Unity’s pricing change has game developers fleeing: The popular game engine introduced per-download fees, sparking an industrywide backlash.