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Intel shifts offshore to Malaysia to expand chip fabs: Facing rising competition back home, America's largest chipmaker could benefit from foreign incentives to expand its chip production.

On today's episode, we discuss why many companies are now scrambling to appoint a chief customer officer, what makes for a good one, and what might trip them up. We then talk about what it means to be authentically diverse and how recent (and potential) privacy moves have prompted companies to amass customer data. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Dave Frankland.

YouTube attempts to keep creators loyal by giving them what they want: As social platforms compete for original content, YouTube follows in Meta’s and TikTok’s footsteps with more robust creation tools.

Apple’s vaunted data privacy policies aren’t as strict as you think: Despite what the tech company says, users who opt out of data tracking on iOS can still be tracked.’s Zoom firing fiasco offers a cautionary tale for employers: In a tight labor market, companies that hurt their brand can find it harder to attract talent when they need it.

We expect retail media advertising to be one of the fastest-growing segments of digital advertising in the US at over 31%. But this is just one of the five key trends that we predict will most shape the retail landscape in the year ahead.

How brands can take advantage of "NFT mania:" The massive trading volume and the skyrocketing consumer curiosity about NFTs has made them buzzy—but what can brands actually do?

Ralph Lauren launches a holiday-themed Roblox experience: The digital clothing debut marks the latest move by a legacy brand looking to build relationships with the metaverse platform’s young user base.

On today's episode, we discuss Amazon's role in the trend of retail media advertising and some of the new advertising features we can expect to see from the online shopping giant. We then talk about Walmart's readiness to take on Amazon and whether America's internet is turning into a QVC-like shopping channel. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman.

Instagram’s new safety controls for teens could hurt attempts to attract them: The features are intended to halt harmful content, but teens were already losing interest in the platform, and additional limits could be counterproductive.

Tide opts out of Super Bowl LVI spot: Low ratings from the Olympics might be behind the brand’s decision to step away from the sporting event.

The desire for sustainability extends to search engines, ads: A new report suggests consumers are ready to switch to sustainable search engines and opt out of ads that aren’t environmentally friendly.

Buying new bedding is often triggered by necessity or a life event, and when that sale happens online, creating a sensorial experience is critical. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on D2C with Boll & Branch CMO Jonathan Bottomley to hear why great customer service paired with inspirational and educational content helps retain existing customers and prompt future sales.

Marketers are taking data collection into their own hands: Recent privacy changes have led brands to use incentives like sweepstakes and discounts to gain consumer info instead of relying on Big Tech companies.

Univision is testing a new system to link TV ads to online behaviors: The network’s partnership with data firms attempts to bring the immediacy of digital video analytics to linear TV.