Restaurants & Dining

Marc Lore’s mobile kitchen startup Wonder restructures as pandemic-era expansion stalls: The company’s on-demand model has proven expensive and difficult to scale.

Here's how the iconic brand pivoted from transactional marketing to brand-building in the long term.

Starbucks credits the pumpkin spice latte for helping it beat Q4 earnings expectations: But the company’s growth owes just as much to its robust loyalty, customization, and convenience initiatives.

Consumers can’t get enough of food delivery: Both Uber and DoorDash reported significant growth in their delivery businesses as users keep the orders coming.

Same-store sales are rising at many QSRs: They’re benefiting from some consumers trading down from pricier restaurants and others looking for an affordable option as grocery prices rise.

McDonald’s and Chipotle keep growing: That’s despite both chains raising prices to offset their rising costs.

Consumer spending grew 0.4% in Q3: But the shift to spending on services continued as goods spending fell for the third straight quarter.

Mentions of inflationary language on Yelp increased 4% in Q3 as compared to the previous quarter and 22% year over year (YoY), according to a publication from the business review platform.

Jack in the Box’s takeout-only concept reflects changing customer habits: The chain is doubling down on takeout and drive-thrus to enhance convenience as more households turn to fast food.

QSRs are eating up TV ad impressions: With Subway and Arby’s leading the way, the category is still pulling back—but less than other major spenders.

Eat, drink, and be scary: Chipotle hooks up with BeReal to bring back “Boorito” Halloween promotion.

Advanced Insights helps restaurants optimize their businesses by identifying sales trends and offering targeted operational recommendations.

Inflation forces restaurants to adjust their operations: Rising prices are leading restaurants to increase their menu prices and substitute lower-cost ingredients.

Dunkin’s new rewards program looks a lot like Starbucks Rewards: The chain is the latest company to adopt a more personalized loyalty system.

Retail workers have unionized at a rapid pace: But that momentum may slow as companies like Chipotle and Amazon push back aggressively and consumers grow concerned about an economic downturn.

Olive Garden parent Darden Restaurants fell short of expectations in Q1: Inflation is causing the company’s customers to pull back on dining out.

Burger King is getting a facelift: Parent company Restaurant Brands International will invest $400 million to revitalize the brand and modernize stores.

As of August, 65% of US adults said they’d spent more on groceries and less on experiences in the past six months. Meanwhile, 59% agreed they’d spent less on experiences such as travel and dining out. Adults also reported focusing on savings while forgoing big-ticket purchases.

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