To keep loyalty members engaged, brands must focus on what customers want, offer smart rewards, and keep tweaking their programs. For example, Victoria’s Secret built a special community in its app, while Vitamin Shoppe added multiple tiers and benefits after careful planning.

Despite its AI potential, decentralized teams and bureaucracy reportedly hinder progress at a time when competitors are racing to compete to bring genAI to the mainstream.

Users aren’t happy with the downgrades, and some may be wondering if it’s Google’s attempt to push them away from Fitbit and toward the Pixel Watch

TikTok proves social search is here to stay: Its new image search function capitalizes on a shift from traditional discovery methods.

Consolidating AI teams and hiring a former Apple executive behind Siri innovation could make its Bixby assistant competitive. AI startups have a viable partner to push adoption.

Games offer publishers a valuable trove of first-party data: Media groups are rolling out daily games offerings that are often loaded with ad trackers.

The photo-sharing app’s user growth is plateauing and financial prospects are dimming. Can its new owner successfully pivot BeReal to regain relevance?

With its on-device AI and security, Apple is aiming to drive AI that’s attractive to enterprise users. AI startups outside its walled garden need to work harder for adoption.

iOS 18 to feature RCS, at long last: Apple's update will boosts cross-platform messaging—and benefit marketers with richer customer interactions.

Following nearly 25% growth in 2023, US game ad revenues will total $8.59 billion this year, a growth of 6.7% over 2023, per our March 2024 forecast.

Microsoft gaming head Phil Spencer suggests an Xbox handheld is in the works, reflecting a mobile gaming trend and a potential shift from consoles to portable devices.

It’s integrating genAI features into several products while making Siri smarter with access to GPT-4o. The ecosystem advantage promises privacy and personalization.

The dominant drone maker faces a potential US ban under the Countering CCP Drones Act and might need to sell to a US company or abandon the market completely.

Airlines have a lucrative advertising opportunity: United Airlines is capitalizing on its robust user location data to introduce ads in-flight and in its app.

The developer show comes amid pressure to deliver a cohesive AI strategy as Nvidia surpasses Apple’s market value. Balancing AI adoption with privacy will be a hurdle.

Samsung’s lead in the market is slowing, and it could fall to a competitor with more affordable repair options.

Consumers worldwide want more from their mobile banking apps. Here are three charts that examine what consumers are looking for and how meeting demand benefits banks.

iPhone demand in China surged 52% YoY in April, boosting Apple despite fierce local competition and driving premium handset sales growth.

Google rushes to fix bizarre AI search results: It’s hardly the first time that generative AI has gone off the rails, but it could undermine Google’s core business model.

T-Mobile is buying most of UScellular’s wireless operations for $4.4 billion, strengthening its rural 5G access while pressuring competitors to secure similar deals.