Meta’s gutsy celebrity-powered AI maneuver: It’s integrating Llama 2 AI with Quest 3, Ray-Ban glasses, and popular apps. Celebrity AI personas and metaverse ambitions signal bold competitive moves.

OpenAI eyes developing an ‘iPhone of artificial intelligence’: After a fresh investment, it’s looking to partner with LoveFrom to develop an AI-driven consumer device.

Best Buy has a new plan to capture shoppers’ attention: The struggling consumer electronics retailer launched Best Buy Drops, an app-only feature that offers limited-time deals and product releases.

Mobile is driving ecommerce sales growth, with 43.2% of the $1.137 trillion in US ecommerce sales we project for this year. As mcommerce sales rise, retailers are innovating to get a piece of the $491.14 billion pie. Mobile commerce will be especially vital this holiday season. Some 79% of US online shoppers shopped via mobile during the Cyber Five last year, according to Bizrate Insights data cited in a Forrester report.

US mobile in-app ad spend will be about four times higher than in-app purchase spend this year, at $159.24 billion compared with $42.37 billion, according to our forecast.

Snapchat turns to social commerce for ASEAN growth: TikTok's broad reach and engagement overshadows personal content sharing platforms.

Apple’s gaming aspirations hinge on the iPhone 15, but the flagship smartphone struggles with overheating issues.

Microsoft leaks put a timeline on its in-game ad ambitions: The company hopes to earn $1.4 billion in gaming advertising revenues by 2030.

WhatsApp continues its push to become an end-to-end shopping platform: The messaging app is rolling out new features to make it easier to purchase items and services via chat.

Klaviyo's IPO shines a spotlight on email marketing's vast reach: AI and personalization emerge as key strategies for brand engagement.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how advertisers should adjust their plans based on social video time's slowing growth, whether people will spend more social media time on connected TVs, and the ratio between ad spend and time spent on social networks. "In Other News," we talk about whether TikTok can become a more traditional social network and getting paid to watch ads on a new socially conscious social media app. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Debra Aho Williamson.

WhatsApp rolls out Channels globally: Enhanced features, collaborations with celebrities, and added privacy are in focus.

Apple’s iPhone 15 under fire despite upgrades: The smartphone slump means even Apple loyalists are picky. The tech giant will have to work hard to keep users.

TikTok and Meta still struggle with content moderation: Threads has blocked search terms related to COVID-19, while TikTok cast too wide a net reining in Qanon.

Roblox Assistant empowers creators, enhances AI adoption, and reflects a broader industry trend of integrating AI assistants to tailor services and democratize AI use.

T-Mobile’s bid to acquire Comcast’s 600 MHz spectrum holdings is a strategic move to expand its network dominance.

Young patients want their wearable health data sent right to clinicians: But this vision for connected health won’t become a reality anytime soon.

Emphasizing health, environmental awareness, machine learning, and the mandated USB-C standard indicates the innovation taps are running dry.

TikTok continues to grow as a search platform: A report found 51% of Gen Z prefers the app over Google. Meanwhile, the latter braces for a search antitrust trial.

YouTube TV gained 300,000 subscribers in Q2 while the pay-TV industry suffered losses. The shift signals a new TV landscape where Big Tech gains ground.