Marketer use of text messaging is on upswing: Despite its imperfections, data suggests the underused channel could help brands boost engagement.

Regulators are diverging on Big Tech acquisition and opening opportunities for blockbuster mergers despite mounting antitrust concerns.

Meta strategically opening up WhatsApp’s chat payments functionality in Brazil and Singapore is the next step in creating a super app for over 2 billion global users.

The company's plan to pause 5G network construction could impact cell tower leasing and potentially slow overall 5G adoption.

After growing its smartphone portfolio, Google is looking at tablets and foldable phones as the next devices to extend its mobile platform.

Meta showcased upcoming AI enhancements for its business solutions, emphasizing messaging apps and video. It aims to leverage AI to drive innovation until the metaverse matures.

The company is threading artificial intelligence into its core products and services used by millions of users while doubling down on AI accountability. Read online

The yearly developers’ conference could see AI announcements overshadowing Android, Google Nest, and hardware releases.

A nine-year contract serves as a litmus test for wider government, military, and enterprise adoption of Verizon’s mobile devices and connected networks and solutions.

Future GM EVs won’t support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, placing the burden of choice on consumers. Locking people out of their smartphone connections could backfire.

The chip giant says it will begin producing 2-nm chips in 2025. A clear product runway for next-generation microprocessors will help secure future business from its customers.

Gaming on smartphones saw declines for key metrics in 2022, putting a wrinkle in a growth trend that nearly dates back to the launch of app stores. Read on for figures that highlight what’s changing, and how these changes might impact user acquisition.

T-Mobile’s weakness in protecting critical customer data is exposed—its investments and expansion could be overshadowed by a questionable security record.

Oppo leads in shipments and Apple is close behind. With China’s smartphone production down 13.8% YoY, opportunities continue to emerge on the premium end.

6G R&D launch efforts ripple globally: The 6G wireless standard is taking shape as development gets underway in several countries. Prepare for a bullish US response to China’s breakthrough.

Snapchat's Q1 revenues fall short of expectations: Despite lower ARPUs, Snap's saving grace is its coveted younger audience.

Amazon calls it quits another healthcare offering: The Big Tech giant is shutting down its Halo division—we unpack the multiple factors behind the decision.

Yahoo is getting into sports betting: The early internet giant acquired Wagr to complement its popular fantasy league service.

Consumers are weary of stowing banking products across several providers. Embracing super apps could help banks tackle their problem.