Apple looks to AI announcements to fuel recovery: Apple's Q2 earnings beat estimates despite falling iPhone sales. It authorized $110 billion for stock buybacks and promised a huge AI reveal ahead

New Snapchat features targets subscription growth: Exclusive editing capabilities introduced for paying users, with expanded AI functions and retro selfie lenses to boot.

Can gaming move the needle for LinkedIn? The platform has launched three New York Times-like minigames that incentivize users to return daily and compete with others.

FCC fines four mobile carriers $200 million for illegal sharing of customer location data, risking privacy, regulations, and backlash. It’s the latest setback to rock a struggling sector.

Growing bipartisan concern and intensifying scrutiny on social media platforms' transparency and content management could alienate advertisers.

OpenAI and Google are gunning to get their chatbots on the iPhone: Apple is contemplating a deal with AI companies on generative AI. It doesn’t signal defeat.

The EU demanded Apple make iPads DMA-compliant in six months to avoid heavy fines, opening the market to alternative services. It could impede Apple’s AI pivot.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what happens now that the TikTok ban bill has been signed into law, whether AI is ready to significantly change search, the likelihood that Threads ads will be a hit, what social commerce's ceiling will be, the WNBA and the sports gender pay gap, and more. Tune into the discussion with analysts Jasmine Enberg, Minda Smiley, and Max Willens.

iPhone sales plunge 25% in China, slipping to fifth place as local brands like Huawei dominate. AI features could fuel a rebound, but genAI iPhones are still months away

Amid global bans and escalating regulatory scrutiny, ByteDance may shut down TikTok in the US rather than sell—even if it loses out on significant revenue

Its investment could strengthen the device ecosystems for AI integration and its focus on talent and supplier proximity could boost the local economy

Meta's Threads surpasses X in US user engagement: With 28 million daily users and top app store ranks, Threads challenges the more established X.

The TikTok ban is coming after all: President Biden signed a bill that gives ByteDance the rest of the year to find a buyer or withdraw from the US entirely.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the unofficial list of the most interesting retailers for the month of April. Each month, our analysts Arielle Feger, Becky Schilling, and Sara Lebow (aka The Committee) put together a very unofficial list of the top eight retailers they're watching based on which are making the most interesting moves: Who's launching new initiatives? Which partnerships are moving the needle? Which standout marketing campaigns are being created? In this month's episode, Committee members Arielle Feger and Sara Lebow will defend their list against vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian and analyst Blake Droesch, who will dispute the power rankings by attempting to move retailers up, down, on, or off the list.

Phi-3 Mini, a compact AI model with 3.8 billion parameters, rivals OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and supports on-device operation, enhancing real-time analytics and privacy, making it ideal for business use

It’s challenging the US divestiture law, citing First Amendment rights, as it faces a potential ban that could push users to rival platforms. Read online

Posting a lower-than-expected loss in postpaid phone connections, Verizon had its best Q1 in years thanks to streaming partnerships and fixed wireless internet service.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss why Amazon is pulling back from "Just Walk Out" technology, how the Atlantic magazine turned things around, what will ignite TV shopping, whether LinkedIn testing TikTok-like videos is a good move, what science says about how to be happy, and more. Tune into the discussion with vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian, analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, and vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti.

Complying with Beijing’s censorship of messaging apps underscores the company’s reliance on Chinese production and sales as app bans become a new geopolitical battleground. Read online

Struggling with practicality, poor battery life, and security concerns are roadblocks to consumers adopting the latest AI-powered devices. Read online