Google could limit tracking on Android: The move follows in Apple's footsteps, but Google will likely be more willing to work with the ad industry to develop a privacy-friendly alternative.

It looks likely that apps and other service providers will pursue more varied monetization strategies this year. Traditionally, apps mostly pursued two strategies: in-app purchases and in-app advertising. Over the past couple of years, many developers have combined the two, but we’re increasingly seeing them use subscription-based models, as well as coupons or other incentives for viewing advertising, such as rewarded video. This shift will continue into 2021.

Social commerce is a fast-growing segment of the US ecommerce market that’s garnering more attention and investment from media companies and brands.

Downloading apps? There’s an app for that

Signal boosts its chat features: The move is aimed at capturing a more mainstream audience, and though we don’t think it will hurt WhatsApp, it could make for a more fragmented mobile messaging space in the future.

Apple's holiday boom: Apple had its biggest quarter for revenues ever, as holiday electronic sales drove double-digit growth across product categories.

Fast-casual restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill is a pioneer in meme marketing, having incorporated memes into its social media strategies since mid-2018.

eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Yoram Wurmser discusses Apple's unfathomable Q4 results and market position. He then talks about how Apple’s new privacy labels may influence the choices consumers make, Google's new mobile search redesign, and whether 2021 could see 5G smartphones fall below the $200 mark.

As WeChat enters its second decade, Allen Zhang Xiaolong, chief architect of the super app, pledged at an annual conference to make videos its cornerstone in the coming years. More specifically, Zhang spotlighted Channels, its short-form video feature, and a more seamless user experience with official accounts and miniprograms (lightweight apps within WeChat that require minimal downloading and disappear after use).