Canada internet goes dark: A router malfunction at Rogers takes out a quarter of Canada’s network, affecting key services and exposing the danger of consolidation and a lack of competition in network providers.

T-Mobile’s App Insights is a learning moment for advertisers: The new tracking program has been called creepy as consumers protect their personal data.

Gamers take a break: After a multi-year boom, the gaming industry’s lackluster year in 2022 is just a correction. With big titles in development, 2023 could be a blockbuster.

Smartwatch competition intensifies in Q3: Google is readying to launch its Pixel Watch and Apple Watch is adding sensors to better monitor’s user’s vitals, further pushing Big Tech into the healthcare industry.

Repairability could be a key smartphone feature: Google and Apple now allow users to fix flagship phones. This is a huge advantage over competitors that focus on deals for new phones.

Do subscriptions make sense for Snap? The social and AR leader is launching a new subscription service that offers extra bells and whistles.

Connected TV to draw users and time spent in the US: CTV is vying with smartphones and tablets for consumer attention while generating advertiser interest, our forecast shows.

Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency challenges are mounting: German authorities are the latest to take issue with the policy’s monopolistic qualities.

Samsung leads in next-gen chip production: Production of Samsung’s 3-nanometer chip leaves rivals like TSMC and Intel scrambling. And chip innovation is quickly outpacing the speed of legislating subsidy bills.

As the crypto exchange reportedly mulls a takeover bid for the trading app, we look at the pros and cons of the rumored acquisition.

A mighty cure for weakness: A wearable exomuscle device could help improve strength in those recovering from injuries or with other limitations. But only if it's easy to wear and affordable.

Since seeing a major boost at the start of the pandemic, mobile gaming app downloads have moderated but held steady. In Q1 2022, there were 14.3 billion downloads of mobile games worldwide, 1.4% more than the same quarter in 2021.

Health tech companies have reeled in billions in VC funding with promises to boost health outcomes and lower costs—but a new study sheds light on the lack of clinical outcomes they actually generate.

Think ByteDance is just TikTok? Think again: The Chinese tech giant is aiming to make inroads into the mobile gaming market, particularly in the US.

5G and satellite internet at war: SpaceX, DISH, and RS Access fight over who can use the 12GHz spectrum. The FCC could arbitrate the issue.

5G gains momentum through new applications: Consumer 5G adoption may have slowed down, but new markets for private 5G, additional functionality, and new applications are helping spread the bandwidth across industries.

$52B chip bill stuck in legislative limbo: The CHIPS for America Act would help offset some of the losses suffered by American chipmakers or allow them to pursue expansion plans.