On today's episode, we discuss Gen Zers and healthcare: what the beginning of their journey looks like, social media as an entry point, and what they want from their experience. "In Other News," we talk about Amazon expanding its Amazon Clinic telehealth services to include video visits and how connected fitness is getting on post-pandemic. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Rajiv Leventhal and Lisa Phillips.

Foreign investments in China plummeted 87% to $4.9B due to US-China tensions and COVID-19. Businesses are skeptical of China’s global openness, and tech giants shift production to India.

Netflix initiates gaming tests for TVs and PCs: An effort to diversify entertainment and tap into its 238 million subscribers.

Even managers were doing it: The SEC and CFTC imposed $549 million in fines on a slew of financial institutions for using unapproved messaging apps and failing to keep records of their business communications.

US Supreme Court denies Epic Games’ appeal against Apple’s App Store payment practices, maintaining the current commission system amid ongoing antitrust concerns.

Cloud gaming expansion is in the works and could sustain user engagement amid content strikes.

Netflix is making progress with gaming: A controller app that syncs to your TV is the first sign in months that Netflix is still committed to making video games work.

“Shopping apps and marketplaces that specialize in ultralow-cost goods from China are gaining a foothold among US consumers—with broader implications for the future of ecommerce,” our analyst Sky Canaves wrote in our Chinese Ecommerce in the US report. Canaves expanded on what’s driving this retail opportunity for companies like Shein, Temu, and TikTok in the US and how it will impact the US market on a recent “Reimagining Retail” podcast episode.

More European troubles for Meta: The social media giant will be fined nearly $100,000 per day in Norway over data privacy violations.

Google faces criticism for ending Chromebook support before the school season—with 13 models affected. A watchdog emphasizes potential security risks and need for clearer retailer communication.

Instagram’s Threads updates after dwindling usage, X delays payouts amid other debts, and TikTok modifies its EU algorithm due to the Digital Services Act.

On today's episode, we discuss why Snap's growth continues to stall, what to make of their TikTok-esque short form video feed Spotlight, and what to expect from the company in the second half. "In Other News," we check in on Pinterest and discuss the most interesting trends in social media usage by generation. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Jasmine Enberg.

Caught off guard by new rules, manufacturers scramble to acquire import licenses. New measures support India’s self-reliance and production goals but could result in tech shortages.

TikTok aims to transform Gen Z engagement into product sales, challenging local shopping apps despite potential future regulatory issues and existing competition.

Apple’s iPhone sales slump continues, subscriptions set record: Robust services revenue is helping to keep Apple afloat and pay for the AI R&D it’ll need to take on rivals.

On today's episode, we discuss whether Meta has officially bounced back, what to make of Threads at this point, and what Meta's metaverse plans will look like in 2024. "In Other News," we talk about the impact of TikTok's new text-only posts and what happened to social media app Lemon8. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Debra Aho Williamson.

Its Q3 results show a near 60% profit plunge to $1.76 billion. The decline was led by its phone and IoT divisions, prompting restructuring and potential layoffs.

Google leads the race to integrate generative AI into smart speakers, with Amazon, Apple, and Samsung following suit. Big Tech sees new market opportunities but needs to tackle security

Amid a sector-wide slump, AT&T is slashing jobs and consolidating offices as part of an $8 billion restructuring plan, signaling ongoing issues in the telecom industry.

Kochava isn’t out of the legal woods: The embattled ad firm must now deal with a class-action, private lawsuit that could do more damage than the FTC.