Is IBM missing the AI-weather forecasting connection? The tech giant is considering shedding its weather assets, but climate change’s effects mean businesses need better forecasting technologies.

Iterating mobile operating systems: Android 14 and iOS 17 focus on enhancing health, accessibility, and region-specific features to make future smartphones even more vital personal devices.

Google is accused of offering benefits to developers who put their apps only on Google Play. Could more regulation and fines follow?

An outage Monday downed Apple Music, Radio, and iTunes Match for users in the US, Europe, and Asia. Are persistent outages due to infrastructure or possible cyberattacks?

Apple’s MacBook mostly dodged holiday weakness a few quarters ago, but shipments fell 40.5% compared to the first three months of 2022. This trend could continue throughout the year.

SEA is a fast-growing region for digital adoption, with smartphones being the primary device used to access the internet. Despite this, the region is falling behind in overall internet adoption.

Samsung has a golden opportunity to reverse its misfortune: Profits have plunged as inflationary pressures put its US expansion in jeopardy. Outdoing Nvidia on chips is a winning strategy.

Uber’s Middle Eastern subsidiary Careem gets $400 million to fuel super app expansion: The company will use the investment to scale its business in the region.

Unreported attacks could lead to fines and penalties from government regulators, legal liability for damages to the victims, and an increase in future breaches.

Children and mothers are more connected to the internet than ever. And thanks to remote work, education, and entertainment, their reliance on connectivity continues to grow. Here’s what marketers need to know.

Biased data is bad data: A JAMA study found demographic and socioeconomic factors significantly affected wearable device research.

Over the past month, we’ve seen ad updates from all the major players, from Meta’s generative AI ads to Google’s attempts to decrease clutter. Here’s what they mean for advertisers.

The rumored Q Lite console will use Remote Play to stream PlayStation 5 games. It’s slated for a 2024 release and could help Sony compete in the mobile gaming market.

The world's largest electronics manufacturer reported its slowest revenue growth in over two years, due to lower demand and rising costs. A bad sign for consumer electronics.

The company is shedding dozens of jobs while giving employees a chance to be rehired, revealing it is far more resilient than other Big Tech companies.

Google Fiber launches its symmetrical 8 Gbps service in Arizona. It’s a top competitor on pricing and speeds for downloads and uploads. How will rivals react?

A double-whammy for TikTok: The embattled video app was fined for millions in the UK, and banned from Australian government devices.

50% of Americans support a government ban on TikTok, with higher support among Republicans and older Americans. Continued scrutiny could be TikTok’s downfall.

Cutting back international availability of 23 technologies used in semiconductors production makes future chipmaking efforts more difficult for China.