On today's podcast episode (part 1), we discuss what publishers can do about GenAI that summarizes answers, how to strike the right ad load balance, and who has the best 'what-to-do-about-social-media' strategy. "In Other News," we talk about what social app BeReal's next move will be and why X (formerly Twitter) is pivoting to CTV. Tune in to the discussion with our director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman and analyst Daniel Konstantinovic.

The company bolsters security and offers credit monitoring after hackers leak data on the dark web. Lawsuits and fines may be on the horizon.

Microsoft uncouples Teams from Microsoft 365 globally in reaction to the EU’s antitrust probe—proving how regional rules can have a global impact.

Big Tech’s year of regulatory pressure: As the EU investigates Apple, Alphabet, and Meta under the DMA, it’s demanding compliance in 12 months. Companies scramble to avoid fines of up to 10% of global revenues.

On today’s podcast episode, host Bill Fisher is joined by our analysts Paul Briggs, Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, and Carina Perkins to discuss the implications of new digital legislations that recently came into force in the EU. Could they be a template for tighter digital laws elsewhere in the world?

Tim Cook promises big AI advancements for existing product lines. Developers might be forced to choose between building apps for on-device AI or AR/VR Vision Pro.

X’s US app usage dropped 23% since Musk’s takeover, outpacing the decline of rivals. Can bundling genAI result in user recovery?

Marketers bet on gaming's potential: IAB reports planned increase in ad investment, reflecting confidence in the medium's reach and safety.

On today's podcast episode (part 2), we discuss what America looks like without TikTok, who would be most likely to buy the short-video app, and what marketers should be thinking about to plan for the future. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Minda Smiley and Max Willens.

Unwitting users experience Google’s AI search: Google wants feedback from people who aren’t AI-inclined. Dealing with spam will help build a symbiotic hybrid search platform.

On today's podcast episode (part 1), we discuss the details of what's going on with a potential TikTok ban, how grave of a threat TikTok might be, whether Americans actually want a ban, and the likelihood of TikTok getting banned this time around (out of 10). Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Minda Smiley and Max Willens.

Proposed changes to Big Tech’s business model fall short, and now a trifecta of investigations could put pressure on tech giants’ wider expansion in the region.

As Apple waits for its AI moment, its devices and users already have a head start. Microsoft’s AI Surfaces are only available to enterprises, delaying wider adoption.

The DOJ and 16 attorneys sue Apple for antitrust law breaches, citing restricted competition and innovation, as tech giants rally against Apple’s practices. How many bites can Apple take?

Google/Fitbit to build an AI-driven personal health coach: Wearable companies are tapping genAI to improve their devices’ health features. We examine the market and assess which companies are best positioned for success.

Game studios turn to in-app advertising as purchase revenues fall: Unity report shows 26.7% growth in ad revenues, with simulation games leading.

AI-driven personalization is one of the top trends US digital retailers believe will impact their business this year. It’s tied with an increased focus on omnichannel tools like SMS, according to December 2023 data from Bolt.

The race to provide AI on 2 billion Apple devices could alter the industry’s balance of power. Apple leaning on Google for genAI echoes past deals in Search.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how young Gen Zers differ from older Gen Zers, the numbers that tell the story of teens' social media use, and how teens and parents approach screen time. "In Other News," we talk about whether 20-somethings saying "no" to TikTok is a big deal and whether a new push to ban TikTok is for real this time. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jasmine Enberg and Paola Flores-Marquez.