Learn how companies can use location data effectively and where location data goes from here. "In Other News," we discuss the most impressive part of Apple's earnings and what's next for smartphone experiences. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Yory Wurmser.

Hydrow thinks the at-home fitness trend will continue: Despite Peloton’s well-documented woes, connected fitness companies have plenty of opportunity for growth.

Snap’s new AR landmarks are a glimpse at a mobile metaverse: The company found success with try-on AR lenses, but now it’s going beyond.

Secure private 5G networks could transform industrial communications: As more private 5G deployments in stadiums and in offices gain adoption, network-as-a-service installations can maximize what the technology has to offer.

Apple’s iPhones are riding the 5G wave: The release of a midrange iPhone SE and China’s 5G push could make Apple the dominant 5G smartphone provider for months to come.

Instagram’s role in the metaverse will involve NFTs and the creator economy: At SXSW, Zuckerberg hinted at long-term metaverse plans and upcoming NFT features.

Meta’s facing international growth challenges: Legal inquiries and fines from South Africa and Ireland are the latest hurdles the social media leader must contend with.

The closure of an ad-free YouTube app is a reminder of ad blockers’ prominence: Digital advertising efforts are at odds with the experience most internet users want.

Meta uses fitness data to tap into Apple’s ecosystem: Bringing the metaverse’s fitness stats into Apple Health via Oculus headsets helps Apple users close their activity rings and gives Meta synergy with a larger user ecosystem.

Despite a supply chain crunch, Apple maintained its dominance in wearables shipments during Q4’21. We detail how Samsung and Fitbit could close the market gap.

Instagram’s consolidation is one more example of the ascendant “super app” concept: Boomerang, Hyperlapse, and IGTV are all going away, as platforms realize they don’t want users toggling between experiences.

Thinner and lighter devices are a repairability problem: Tech companies like to talk about how far ahead they are in sustainability, but their products undermine their net-zero aspirations.

India’s government looks to open up 5G spectrum: Cheaper bandwidth could get Indian carriers to accelerate much-needed infrastructure upgrades as active mobile subscriptions surge

Ukraine’s internet access suffering outages from Russian bombardment: Internet companies scramble to restore services but have to limit bandwidth. Skylink’s internet is helping fill gaps but could also be targeted.

The murky legal status of video game ‘loot boxes’ could impact brands: The publisher of an NBA video game is being sued for a feature often compared with gambling for minors.

List of Big Tech companies, carmakers shunning Russia grows longer: Services and apps go dark, putting pressure on Russian consumers. But will continued sanctions influence the Russian government?

Apple, carriers looking at massive 5G adoption from iPhone SE 3: The most affordable iPhone could come this month and bring over a number of holdouts seeking to upgrade, increasing market share.