New data collection strategies emerge from Apple’s privacy update: Advertisers and publishers are turning to ecommerce, direct mail, and other means to enhance their first-party information, our recent report finds.

Intel leads consortium for chiplet production: AMD, Qualcomm, Arm, TSMC, and Samsung make up a dream team of silicon producers, but the exclusion of Nvidia and Apple raises questions.

Uber’s new “Explore” tab makes it a major advertising player for events: The ridesharing app will recommend events and restaurants to users and allow them to purchase tickets.

Podcasts are an obvious play for Twitter but might not be a golden ticket: An in-testing podcast tab on the platform was leaked by a user.

HBO Max was the most downloaded US mobile entertainment app in 2021, with 46.0 million downloads and a monster growth rate of 101%. Second-place Netflix saw downloads drop by 15% year over year to 38.0 million.

Netflix’s gaming investments set it apart from streaming competitors: The company acquired a Finnish mobile games studio that it has worked with in the past.

Global iPhone production hits record growth despite chip, component crisis: Demand for iPhone 13 models, reduced pricing on older handsets, and Huawei’s declining market share help Apple reclaim smartphone leadership.

Verizon banks on private 5G for business: The carrier’s service in BlackRock’s offices will showcase an opportunity for 5G to shine while challenging Wi-Fi’s dominance in office, enterprise, and government use.

Big Tech faces dilemma in Russia-Ukraine conflict: While rushing to get refugees to safety, companies debate remaining neutral, which would seem like compliance with Russia, or leveling sanctions and risking retribution from the Kremlin.

On today's episode, we discuss how connected TV (CTV) advertising will scale and how AI is poised to help TV advertisers. Then for "In Other News," we talk about Google curbing cross-app tracking on Android phones and what to expect from the WarnerMedia/Discovery merger. Tune in to the discussion with chief product officer at MNTN Marwan Soghaier and our analyst Paul Verna.

India reaches 1B active mobile subscriber milestone: 350 million users are still on 2G, and India’s road to 5G needs to overcome infrastructure hurdles, which could prolong the adoption of data-rich apps services.

Ukraine conflict could bog down various supply chains: Russia and Ukraine are a significant source for materials and energy supplies, and continued conflict and Russian sanctions will lead to shortages.

FAA says airport 5G towers can interfere with Boeing 737 planes: New information could cause further confusion on 5G’s effect on airplanes as the industry awaits a definitive solution.

TikTok and Instagram were once again the top US social networking apps of 2021, downloaded 94.0 million and 64.0 million times that year, respectively. Snapchat took third place with a 10% jump in downloads, leapfrogging Facebook, whose downloads fell by 11%.

Apple in second phase of testing AR headset, but ecosystem, chip shortage are obstacles: Apple still faces hurdles to succeed in its pivot to mixed reality and metaverse platforms.

Retailers poised for boom in customers’ in-store device usage: Retailers embrace 5G and IoT for enhanced customer experiences and efficiency, but lack of digital privacy could keep shoppers at home.

Netflix’s comedy clip channel is a discoverability no-brainer: The streaming giant is bringing a TikTok-like feed of short videos to its TV app.

The rollout of AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) in iOS 14.5 effectively deprecated the primary way publishers and advertisers track users on iOS and changed how the mobile ad industry approaches monetization and measurement.