Consumer Electronics

Google DeepMind makes history with new materials predictions: It could revolutionize multiple industries while bolstering Google’s leadership in AI research and development.

Best Buy trims its sales outlook as demand cools: The retailer expects holiday shoppers will be hungry for bargains.

The partnership addresses business concerns of complexity, data security, and customization in generative AI integration.

Microsoft’s strategy targets 1 billion users, extending Windows 10 for generative AI use. The move unlocks a vast global user base for AI.

The iPhone 16 could be ‘the ultimate virtual assistant’: The latest buzz on Apple is that it plans to integrate a generative AI model into Siri, competing on the voice assistant and on-device AI fronts.

Humane’s Ai Pin will be ready to order this week: The generative AI-focused wearable is creating a buzz, but its value proposition for average consumers is uncertain.

Apple unveils groundbreaking M3 chips at ‘scary’ event: The 3-nanometer process chips are a testament to Apple’s innovation, but it may have to do more to keep loyalists happy.

Is Humane’s AI Pin priced right at $1,000? It’s part of a coming class of devices that could challenge the smartphone’s decades-long supremacy.

Apple spooks tech rivals with surprise launch event: A "scary" event promises new Mac laptop unveilings and potential chip developments, stirring excitement ahead of holiday shopping.

Nvidia wants to take its chip market dominance to the next level: It’s adding CPUs to its chip portfolio to rival Intel. It could shake up the PC landscape.

Samsung’s profits get hammered again: Smartphone and laptop sales aren’t picking up amid a memory chip glut. Samsung has the right foundation to invest in chips to rival Nvidia’s.

Supermodel shows off Humane’s AI techie broach: A wearable, screenless AI assistant could merge high tech with high fashion. But will average consumers go for it?

AI at the heart of Google’s Pixel 8 plan: Pixel 8 leaks show advanced camera and natural language features. Google balances device ambitions with Search.

OpenAI eyes developing an ‘iPhone of artificial intelligence’: After a fresh investment, it’s looking to partner with LoveFrom to develop an AI-driven consumer device.

Best Buy has a new plan to capture shoppers’ attention: The struggling consumer electronics retailer launched Best Buy Drops, an app-only feature that offers limited-time deals and product releases.

Agility beats Tesla at mass production of humanoid robots: Its RoboFab will churn out 10,000 Digit bots annually, beating Tesla’s Optimus to market. Price is the limiting factor.

The UAW strike affects 9% of its 150,000 members and stops production at Detroit’s Big Three, inviting delivery delays and competitive loss.

Big Tech’s shift to support products longer and enable right-to-repair is becoming more important than feature upgrades and innovation.

Apple’s iPhone 15 under fire despite upgrades: The smartphone slump means even Apple loyalists are picky. The tech giant will have to work hard to keep users.

Global smartphone shipments could hit a decade low of 1.15 billion units—a 4.7% YoY drop. Innovation stagnation is the key culprit, but iPhones are gaining ground.