Cisco cuts 4,250 jobs amid tech slowdown and persistent dip in demand for telecom and connectivity equipment.

The ad industry and FTC haven’t buried the hatchet: A battle over “junk fees” is the latest stage of conflict between regulators and the ad industry.

Vodafone and Three UK’s proposed £15 billion merger faces opposition by the CMA and could reshape the UK telecom landscape and current consolidation trend.

Strategic balance in turbulent times: Comcast navigates subscriber losses and advertising fluctuations, leveraging its diversified assets for a robust Q4 performance.

2023’s 5G sales slump could rebound in 2024, spurred by AI data centers and private 5G demand and driving the telecom sector’s diversified investment and growth.

SpaceX’s Starlink successfully tests orbital-to-mobile connectivity, overcoming technical hurdles and promising global network expansion and potential mobile network evolution.

Streaming cancellations rise as costs climb: Major platforms like Netflix and Disney+ are adapting with new strategies.

A 4.7% decline in 2023 outpaced earlier forecasts. The addition of AI-capable chips could accelerate upgrade cycles, maintaining premium smartphones’ dominance in 2024.

The $886 billion US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will allocate funds for private defense network updates, giving network providers potential for lucrative contracts.

The FCC denied Starlink’s $866 million subsidy due to doubts about its technology’s capability. Broadband access for hundreds of thousands of underserved users will be delayed.

After three years, Epic Games wins its case against Google’s Play Store monopoly. App stores might need to alter practices to accept alternative payment options on online marketplaces.

Despite reporting $2.2B in quarterly profits, T-Mobile announces layoffs in tech and corporate roles amid a broader restructuring, echoing an industry-wide trend of consolidation.

AT&T's launch of "Internet Air" enters the booming fixed-wireless access market, joining rivals T-Mobile and Verizon, and promises to heighten competition in service and pricing.

Amid a sector-wide slump, AT&T is slashing jobs and consolidating offices as part of an $8 billion restructuring plan, signaling ongoing issues in the telecom industry.

Lower investments can shrink marketing budgets, causing CMOs to adjust strategies and resources. A carrier consolidation trend may be the next step.

AT&T’s stock hits a 29-year low amid potential billion-dollar cleanup costs. Lawsuits or costly remediation could follow.

The “Digital India” vision and government backing are accelerating 5G adoption, which is targeted to hit 700 million subscriptions by 2028. The potential for growth is a beacon for investors.

Ripping and replacing more than half of its 4G and 5G infrastructure will cost billions of euros. It also runs the risk of alienating its biggest trade partner.

Vodafone and CK Hutchison plan to merge their UK carriers, creating the country’s largest wireless network. Consolidation could result in higher pricing and poor service.