Gen Zers are ready to spend. The majority will be adults in 2023, meaning increased spending power. And they rely heavily on digital when making purchases: Gen Z will surpass Gen X in the number of US digital buyers by 2025, per our forecast.

Chewed out on Capital Hill: TikTok CEO testimony fails to convince lawmakers, leaving platform's future in the US uncertain

Scroll through TikTok and you’ll see young users explaining why acting millennial online is “cringe,” or embarrassing. But millennials are still the biggest buyers on social media. As Gen Z grows up, they’re gaining on millennials a bit. But millennials will continue to outnumber Gen Z—and other generations—on social media through at least 2026.

As the possibility of a TikTok ban grows in the US, users are looking for other platforms to satisfy their short-video needs. In a Cowen survey, 26% of adult US users said they’d switch to Instagram Reels, and 21% said they’d head to YouTube Shorts. Meanwhile, 37% had no plans to use another short-video app.

Next year, ecommerce will make up 75% of total US resale volume and reach $90 billion, according to our forecast. US resale is also growing faster than overall retail sales, and retailers want in on the market. Whether you’re launching a resale program or examining the opportunity, here are five charts to help.

The number of Gen Z mobile banking users will reach 33.7 million in the US this year and continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.4% through 2026, per our forecast.

Amid the turmoil, a neobank has an identity crisis: MoneyLion can’t sell the reason for owning a content studio.

Alcohol ecommerce is growing. See how alcohol purchase trends are shifting, who’s buying, and how to reach new customers.

Advertising groups keep the DEI push alive: Consumers have shown they want more diverse content. Advertisers would be foolish to turn away.

Paramount’s potential BET sale could be a win-win: A deal could allow the media giant to focus on its streaming services and advertising innovation

Investors have faith in the future of gaming: Ex-Riot Games execs have secured $55 million in Series A funding to create a hit.

Facebook’s latest dark pattern scandal will make advertisers nervous: The New York Times reports that young Instagram users’ posts are being shared to Facebook in an effort to mask shrinking Gen Z participation.

Record viewership for women’s sports is finally making brands take notice: A coalition of brands and sports leagues is pressuring networks to give women’s sports primetime slots.

Deemphasizing DEI: As the ad industry grapples with a soft economy, layoffs, and fading social justice fervor, diversity and inclusion appear to be lower priorities.

Utah’s proposed bills say much about the advertising climate: Legislation would curb minors’ access to social media broadly and advertising in particular.

Klarna is about more than BNPL: Its Kosma open banking platform is growing as the company creates new revenue streams on the back of its banking and payments infrastructure.

It’s no surprise that 18- to 24-year-old TikTok users spend a lot of time on the app—79 minutes per day, according to our latest forecast. But what’s not so obvious is that Millennials and Gen X users are gobbling up tons of TikTok videos, too.