Can Roblox make ads a staple of nonmobile gaming? The company has partnered with PubMatic to launch a bidding exchange for ads in a major shift for the industry.

Since its launch in September 2023, over 11% of US households have purchased items via TikTok Shop, according to data from a recent Earnest Analytics’ report, which analyzed credit card transaction data to learn more about TikTok Shop users.

A bipartisan data privacy bill could rewrite the digital ad business: After years of state-level laws muddying the waters, Congress is pulling together.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss which digital behaviors Hispanic Americans over-index on, how they get their news, and what advertisers should consider when trying to reach and market to these folks. "In Other News," we talk about where in the world people use social media the most and how kids use the internet. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Matteo Ceurvels and Paola Flores-Marquez.

Mall foot traffic is returning to pre-COVID-19 levels. In 2023, visits to indoor shopping malls were down 5.8% from 2019 levels, an improvement from the 15.3% decrease in 2021, per’s The Comeback of the Mall in 2024 report.

TikTok remains Gen Zers’ preferred social network in terms of time spent, but its growth is hitting a wall. That’s natural, given the enormous amount of time they’re already spending on the app.

Young people spend an enormous amount of time on social media. Despite how it can make them (or their parents) feel and the harm it can cause, that’s not likely to change.

Over half (51%) of US children recall seeing commercials on YouTube recently, the top platform for recognition across multiple digital channels, according to an October 2023 survey from Precise TV.

Here’s what a TikTok-less America would look like for marketers, users, and creators, based on our latest forecasts.

Florida bans minors from social media in a major shift: The bill further fractures US social media regulation and could impose hefty fines for noncompliance.

Hispanic digital media usage rivals or exceeds that of the total population on most media platforms, especially Instagram and WhatsApp. Their strong online presence and enthusiasm for sharing product recommendations with friends make them both a target and an ally for advertisers.

For Gen Z, music festivals like Coachella or Stagecoach aren’t just about the music—they’re about self-expression. Because of how closely Gen Z links festivals and fashion, apparel brands like Pascun are using the events to connect with the young festivalgoers. And Pinterest is tapping both online and on-site activations for Coachella.

They feel they’re lagging behind others they see on social media, but they don’t understand exactly what financial goals to aim for.

Don’t let the myths get you down, social shopping is alive and well. Gen Z is full of contradictions. And “TikTok-famous” is becoming synonymous with Hollywood famous. Here are three key takeaways from Shoptalk 2024.

MrBeast will create a reality series for Prime Video: In a move that defies platform allegiance, YouTube’s most popular creator will help generate a hit for Amazon.

South By Southwest was last week, and AI and VR were all the buzz. Gen Alpha is growing up with these technologies, which means the next generation of consumers will not just be used to AI and VR—they’ll expect to see it. Here are three takeaways from our analyst regarding tech trends at the event.

BeReal faces a critical juncture with stagnant growth and funding woes: A strategic pivot or acquisition looms as it seeks to remain viable.