When it comes to courting younger consumers, NFTs (fire)work: At least that’s what Macy’s is hoping for with its Fourth of July campaign.

Gen Z listeners aren’t big on podcasts: That’s a problem for Spotify, which is trying hard to get young listeners on board.

VideoAmp turns its attention to Hispanic viewers: A new partnership with TelevisaUnivision could help it claim even more of the measurement market.

Not every TikTok feature works for Reels: Meta is bringing yet more features from its rival video app to Instagram, but it isn’t so simple.

Juneteenth marketing misfires show DEI efforts need authenticity: Brands can gain the loyalty of Black consumers and other demographic groups by confronting and addressing pain points that uniquely affect them.

Like any long-lasting relationship, a partnership with Black consumers should start with a deep understanding and appreciation of the elements that make them, as individuals and as a group, unique.

As many brands honor members of the LGBT+ community this Pride Month, consumers are looking for more than just a rainbow logo—they want action.

Metaverse events roll out welcome mat for LGBT+ community: Brands seize on opportunities to celebrate Pride Month in the virtual world.

PepsiCo’s Bubly comes out to honor LGBTQ+ community: The brand’s Pride Month campaign includes financial support for safe venues.

Usage timers reveal teens are spending hours on TikTok: The platform added features to limit time spent as criticisms of social media reignite.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is seen as a marketing imperative: Verizon announced the results from its initiative to drive DEI change.

A bipartisan data crackdown is coming: A new bill restricts use of personal data, but leaves exceptions for anonymized data.

The baby formula shortage is hurting low-income families hardest: Increased imports and relaxed WIC requirements are short-term fixes, but more competition is needed to prevent future crises.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Gefen Skolnick, founder and CEO at Couplet Coffee, about what it means to create a brand catering to the interests of the Gen Z consumer.

Podcasts attract diverse audiences, but room for improvement is seen: Racial breakdown of podcast listeners nearly mirrors that of the US as a whole.

TikTok use is being driven by younger adults: Almost half of the app's US users will be between 18 and 34 this year, a figure that decreases as the user segment gets younger and older. For instance, just 1.8% of TikTok's users will be 65 and older in 2022.

Netflix layoffs are a warning sign for Big Tech: Losing trillions of dollars in value, Big Tech is pausing investments and new hires, which could slow momentum for tech startups.

Retailers are making good on their diversity pledges: Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Ulta Beauty are some of the retailers hoping to win loyalty from previously underserved audiences.

Brands and retailers increasingly focus on DEI initiatives: Target’s $25 million in paid media to diverse-owned/founded firms is the latest in a number of corporate commitments.

Asian consumers remain an opportunity for brands: A new Nielsen study suggests on-screen representation is on the rise but remains lacking.