If you’re trying to appeal to Gen Z, “hire Gen Zers,” said Jennifer Quigley-Jones, CEO and founder of influencer marketing agency Digital Voices. Whether making social media content for brand-owned accounts or working with influencers, marketers that want to sell to Gen Z need to work with Gen Zers.

European regulators open an investigation into TikTok: The app’s potential harmful impact on teens and moderation failures have raised regulator scrutiny.

Amazon struggles to get on the same page as Gen Z consumers: Nearly half say they’re trying to shop less with the retailer, although Amazon retains a clear edge over other ecommerce players.

Brands and retailers are responding to shifts in alcohol consumption, particularly those of the growing Gen Z demographic as they establish habits and steer the industry’s future. With younger people drinking less and mid-level beverages waning in popularity, product diversification is becoming an even bigger business imperative.

Sometimes, consumers don’t behave how we expect. Despite their digital-native status, Gen Zers still shop in-store, while baby boomers are all about new-kid-on-the-block Temu. And though they’re still mostly children, Gen Alphas are making their mark on the retail landscape.

Ulta Beauty is using in-store vending machines to bring more joy to the shopping experience, and AI enables it to analyze more customer data for personalization. The retailer is also training its store associates to engage younger beauty consumers.

To out-influence Gen Zers’ favorite financial social media creators, banks should mimic certain finfluencer strategies.

The top three tasks that boomers Internet users find technology important for are managing money (cited by 73% of respondents), staying informed with current events (69%), and keeping their home secure (59%), per an October 2023 Razorfish survey conducted by GWI.

Clothing is the top category across age and gender. According to the December 2023 Insider Intelligence Ecommerce Survey (conducted by Bizrate Insights), more than half of respondents in each group reported buying clothing online at least once in the past month

The “The Sopranos” turns 25 this year, and the “mob wife” look—big hair, fur coats, animal prints, and lots of gold jewelry—is back and trending on TikTok.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (a helpful reminder), and ahead of the romantic holiday, Sweethearts put out a collection of “situationship” hearts with “messages as blurry as your relationships.” The candies are targeted at Gen Zers in an aim to get buy-in from consumers who may not be head over heels for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

What Wednesday’s fiery Senate hearing means for social media: Tech CEOs apologized to parents and voiced support for legislation during a long, tense session.

Gen Alpha’s obsession with skincare is driving beauty sales: Younger shoppers are gravitating toward premium brands and spending more time browsing the aisles at Sephora.

Children’s video consumption hit a peak last year: A report found that kids spent 112 minutes daily on TikTok and 96 minutes on YouTube Kids.

Florida might pass the most restrictive social media bill yet: Under the legislation, all minors under 17 will be banned from social media use.

$5 billion in student debt forgiveness will impact more than 70,000 borrowers, opening up an opportunity for advising them on new financial strategies.

The beauty and cosmetics sector brought in $94.36 billion in consumer spending last year, claiming the title of the fastest-growing retail category in the US, per our The US Beauty Consumer report. With most consumers planning to boost their beauty budgets in 2024, the sector’s defiance against cautious spending habits is set to continue, driven by the enduring “lipstick effect,” the rise of dupes and Chinese-associated ecommerce giants, and more.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the digital habits across generations: what baby boomers' top digital activity is, Gen X's approach to all things digital, and how much more time Gen Zers actually spend on social media over other generations. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paola Flores-Marquez and vice president of research Jennifer Pearson.