TikTok swoops in to fill the addressability drought: D2C brand spending increased 231%, but its lead won’t last forever.

Roblox’s ad efforts come at a tricky time: A spending downturn, prickly regulatory mood, and unclear in-game ad standards make this a tough space to navigate.

TikTok's popularity has translated to explosive growth in TikTok’s ad revenues. This year, TikTok will net $5.96 billion—more than Twitter and Snapchat combined.

On social media, younger shoppers are far more likely to trust brands and influencers, while older shoppers prefer retailers. Just 9% of baby boomers worldwide follow and buy from accounts run by influencers, compared with more than 40% of Gen Zers and millennials.

Meta’s teen safety missteps are costing it: Irish regulators fined the company more than $400 million for violating user data privacy laws.

Triller’s in trouble: Despite a $200 million raise, legal turmoil has eliminated any comparisons to TikTok.

Higher toy prices eat into demand: Price increases drove higher toy sales in the first half of 2022, but fewer households are buying.

Eminem & Snoop Dog's NFT performance falls flat: Not all metaverse concerts are created equal.

Pinterest looks to revive flagging growth with Shuffles: The invite-only collage app is making waves on TikTok and boosting the platform’s appeal with Gen Z and younger audiences.

The music stops for AI-generated rapper: Capitol Records drops FN Meka from label after outcry over stereotypes.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Harley Block, co-founder and CEO of Gen Z consultant IF7, about its strategy to help brands like Abercrombie & Fitch reach the younger audience on TikTok.

Fortnite’s young users are a huge selling point for brand partners: IHeartRadio is the latest brand to launch an experiential marketing campaign in the video game.

The US is becoming more multihued and multicultural: Demographic changes make it imperative that companies devote more attention to the needs and opportunities for highly diverse younger age cohorts.

The cost of school supplies is weighing heavily on US parents. Between May and June, 40% of those planning to do back-to-school shopping considered it a significant concern in their budget, compared with 30% last August. Meanwhile, 19% said they could not afford it, up from 14%.

It’s TikTok’s turn to be the misinformation platform: Algorithmically recommended content has once again led to the viral spread of harmful info ahead of an election.

Snapchat feature lets parents see who teens chat with in app: Platform looks to ensure safety while protecting kids’ privacy.

Roblox isn’t growing: The young-skewing gaming/metaverse platform reported lower net bookings than Q2 2021.

Emily Hosie, founder and CEO at Rebelstork, created a resale platform for gently used baby gear and products.