71% of teen YouTube users use the platform at least once per day, while 58% of teen TikTok users do the same on TikTok, according to October 2023 data from Pew Research Center.

As a potential TikTok ban looms, brands are considering what a world without TikTok Shop would look like. I probably won’t look all that different, but there are a few places where TikTok’s absence will be felt more than others.

While making up just 2% of US market share in their categories, the 97 companies on Bain’s Insurgent Brands 2024 list captured nearly 20% of incremental category growth last year, per the firm.

Just 39.6% of US Gen Z mobile banking users feel comfortable saving for the long term given their financial situation, per our September 2023 survey.

With third-party cookies on the way out, access to customer data is more valuable to brands than ever. By leveraging loyalty programs, brands can collect first-party data, including customer demographics and shopping habits, in exchange for targeted offers or deals. But in order for brands to get access to customer data, they need to be sure their loyalty program resonates with their audience.

To form deeper, more authentic relationships with consumers, brands like Claire’s and Pacsun are launching their very own creator communities to help them produce content, provide product inspiration, and advise on marketing campaigns.

Out of all US generations, Gen Z is willing to pay the most ($229.14 per month) for websites, apps, and online services if they could not access them for free (no ads or subscription fee), according to November 2023 data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Consumers care about sustainability, but often aren’t willing to buy environmentally friendly products if they’re deemed lower quality, especially if it costs more. One solution for retailers and consumers is resale, an industry worth $108.64 billion in 2024, per our December 2023 forecast. Not all environmental initiatives have to be at the consumer level, though.

Reddit's IPO faces hurdles with a predominantly white user base: A shift to more inclusive strategies could expand its appeal and relevance.

TikTok often gets all the attention, with headlines trumpeting it as Gen Z’s new search engine. But the reality is more nuanced.

Over half (51%) of Gen Z consumers worldwide use social media to look up a brand versus 45% who turn to search engines, per GWI Core data from 2023.

Some of Gen Z’s favorite social media platforms claim a similar share of young users; but how they spend their time on the platforms vary, prompting marketers to align their strategies and investments accordingly. Instagram dominates direct messaging, while YouTube takes the lead on livestreaming and TikTok maintains its stronghold on short-form video. We delve into the three insights, with an actionable takeaway for marketers.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss in what instances Gen Zers prefer TikTok over Instagram, Snapchat's relevance for young folks, and how much we anticipate young people will soon pull back from social media. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Minda Smiley.

Brands pivot towards genuine engagement with Black consumers: It’s move prompted by past performative marketing—oh, and a $1.8 trillion market opportunity.

55% of Gen Z adults access streaming TV through someone else’s subscription, according to a December 2023 DISQO study.

Gen Z embraces Do Not Disturb mode to combat notification anxiety: The trend indicates a societal shift towards mental health and digital well-being.

"Delulu"—slang for delusional—is a popular Gen Z refrain used to describe achieving outcomes through the power of positive thinking. But Gen Zers’ delulu approach isn’t working for their financial lives.

Gen Z consumers are tech-savvy digital natives that feel more comfortable searching for products on social platforms like TikTok over traditional search engines like Google. Even when they’re shopping in-store, they employ technology to help them, browsing mobile phones and using self-checkout to make the shopping experience more seamless.

If you’re trying to appeal to Gen Z, “hire Gen Zers,” said Jennifer Quigley-Jones, CEO and founder of influencer marketing agency Digital Voices. Whether making social media content for brand-owned accounts or working with influencers, marketers that want to sell to Gen Z need to work with Gen Zers.