Consumer Electronics

OpenAI eyes developing an ‘iPhone of artificial intelligence’: After a fresh investment, it’s looking to partner with LoveFrom to develop an AI-driven consumer device.

Best Buy has a new plan to capture shoppers’ attention: The struggling consumer electronics retailer launched Best Buy Drops, an app-only feature that offers limited-time deals and product releases.

Agility beats Tesla at mass production of humanoid robots: Its RoboFab will churn out 10,000 Digit bots annually, beating Tesla’s Optimus to market. Price is the limiting factor.

The UAW strike affects 9% of its 150,000 members and stops production at Detroit’s Big Three, inviting delivery delays and competitive loss.

Big Tech’s shift to support products longer and enable right-to-repair is becoming more important than feature upgrades and innovation.

Apple’s iPhone 15 under fire despite upgrades: The smartphone slump means even Apple loyalists are picky. The tech giant will have to work hard to keep users.

Global smartphone shipments could hit a decade low of 1.15 billion units—a 4.7% YoY drop. Innovation stagnation is the key culprit, but iPhones are gaining ground.

Best Buy believes we’ve hit a low point in tech demand: The combination of inflation and shifting spending patterns has made for a tough environment for the consumer electronics retailer.

The battle between Epic Games and Valve takes its next step: In an attempt to become the dominant digital gaming storefront, Epic is letting developers keep a huge cut of revenues.

Lamborghini unveils its first EV powered by AI: It wants to redefine the future of supercars with cutting-edge technologies while responding to the push for luxury EVs.

New USB-C charging ports are the biggest change for upcoming iPhones. We could be facing an innovation slump for smartphones as manufacturers push to raise prices.

Betting big on premium foldables when smartphone shipments are plummeting is a luxury for the world’s leading smartphone maker, but it bodes well for future growth.

Computer and consumer electronics purchased during the pandemic are due for an upgrade, which is good news for Amazon and retail as a whole. But besides that possible bright spot, this year’s Prime Day event will likely be “unremarkable” as other retailers steal Amazon’s spotlight.

Consumers’ pullback in discretionary spending is having an outsized impact on Best Buy: The retailer’s comparable sales fell 10.1% year-over-year in Q1.

Best Buy is in a tough spot: Given the challenging market for consumer electronics, the retailer is revamping its membership program to try to boost loyalty and drive sales.

GM cancels its best-selling EV, the Chevy Bolt, while Tesla slashes prices to accelerate sales. Intensifying competition could be the opportunity for consumers to switch to EVs.

Its chip division will post a steep Q1 loss due to high inventories and slowing demand for PCs and smartphones. Austerity measures could sideline its expansion plans.

The world's largest chipmaker forecast a 16% sales tumble in Q2 as the tech sector slows down. Its plans for new factory locations could be in peril.

Optimizing its user interface for touchscreens could help to make Microsoft’s Windows 11 a viable option for gaming on future handheld devices without investing in a mobile console to compete with Nintendo or Sony.

An outage Monday downed Apple Music, Radio, and iTunes Match for users in the US, Europe, and Asia. Are persistent outages due to infrastructure or possible cyberattacks?