Consumer Electronics

Microsoft’s next-gen Surface devices will feature AI: The Surface Pro 10 and Laptop 6 will get AI enhancements and new chips and features to revitalize sales.

AI set the stage for the rise of humanoid robots: Symbiotic technological advances between the sectors are laying the groundwork for mass market commercial humanoid robots.

An unprecedented ITC ruling based on claims that Apple infringed on blood oxygen monitoring patents leaves the tech giant no recourse but to temporarily pull its devices.

An influx of AI-enhanced devices will test consumer appetites: Tech companies are developing a new class of consumer products based on multimodal generative AI. What will become of smartphones?

Intel wants to beat Nvidia at the AI chip game: Tech companies look to diversity on the AI chip front. It means heightened competition among chip makers to meet demand.

Grimes is promoting an AI toy called Grok: Generative AI could give the toy industry the same kind of boost it’s set to give the gaming industry, but it also raises ethics concerns.

Led by Apple’s urgency to reduce reliance on China, manufacturers are pouring billions into factories in India that could expand beyond consumer electronics.

Apple is planning a foldable device. Samsung wants a piece: It could release an iPhone or iPad/MacBook hybrid in 2026 as it seeks to make its mark on the foldable field.

On-device AI is about to power a smartphone revolution: Smartphone sales are projected to rebound in 2024 and 2025, driven by generative AI innovations.

Google DeepMind makes history with new materials predictions: It could revolutionize multiple industries while bolstering Google’s leadership in AI research and development.

Best Buy trims its sales outlook as demand cools: The retailer expects holiday shoppers will be hungry for bargains.

The partnership addresses business concerns of complexity, data security, and customization in generative AI integration.

Microsoft’s strategy targets 1 billion users, extending Windows 10 for generative AI use. The move unlocks a vast global user base for AI.

The iPhone 16 could be ‘the ultimate virtual assistant’: The latest buzz on Apple is that it plans to integrate a generative AI model into Siri, competing on the voice assistant and on-device AI fronts.

Humane’s Ai Pin will be ready to order this week: The generative AI-focused wearable is creating a buzz, but its value proposition for average consumers is uncertain.

Apple unveils groundbreaking M3 chips at ‘scary’ event: The 3-nanometer process chips are a testament to Apple’s innovation, but it may have to do more to keep loyalists happy.

Is Humane’s AI Pin priced right at $1,000? It’s part of a coming class of devices that could challenge the smartphone’s decades-long supremacy.

Apple spooks tech rivals with surprise launch event: A "scary" event promises new Mac laptop unveilings and potential chip developments, stirring excitement ahead of holiday shopping.

Nvidia wants to take its chip market dominance to the next level: It’s adding CPUs to its chip portfolio to rival Intel. It could shake up the PC landscape.

Samsung’s profits get hammered again: Smartphone and laptop sales aren’t picking up amid a memory chip glut. Samsung has the right foundation to invest in chips to rival Nvidia’s.