Consumer Electronics

The case for better bicycle tech: Garmin adds a camera to its Varia cycling radar device, which could help cyclists avoid collisions.

From 1,000 songs in your pocket to $3 trillion in theirs: The iconic music player set the computer maker on a course to dominate consumer products that carried over to the iPhone and beyond.

Rivian’s fall from grace: After a historic IPO, Rivian hits a speed bump with a stock price drop and supply chain headaches. However, the startup is positioned to regain its momentum.

Best Buy broadens its focus beyond electronics as consumer spending shifts: The retailer is adding outdoor furniture, beauty, and e-transportation to its stores in a bid to maintain pandemic-era gains.

GM gets bullish on EVs: GM thinks it can outmatch Tesla in the EV race by focusing on more-affordable options for cars and trucks. But can it keep up with the competition?

The factory has eyes: Startup Invisible AI will deploy its computer vision analytics system in all of Toyota’s factories in North America. But the unprecedented insight could have some downsides.

Sustainability you can touch: Consumers are getting more options to purchase eco-friendlier laptops like Lenovo’s Slim 9i. But the greener option is to fix and maintain current devices.

Economy-building batteries: US EV battery production plans are in full gear to help reduce foreign dependence on clean energy while boosting the economy. However, securing sufficient minerals remains a barrier.

EVs, DIY-style: Soaring gas prices have classic car lovers flocking to conversion specialists for an electric makeover. The trend could help decarbonize the global transportation sector much faster.

Sun-powered EVs: The sun can help reduce EV range anxiety. But integrating solar cells into vehicle bodies is a better option for average drivers than hauling heavy panels around.

Apple delivers on its self-repair promise, sort of: An online service will allow you to order parts and tools to fix your iPhone 12, 13, and SE 3. Will other device-makers follow suit?

The metaverse’s brainy side: Moonhub wants to bring the eduverse to the workplace. It could be the end of worker-training reluctance but will require purchasing many pricey headsets.

Goldilocks zone for EV battery temperature: GM’s heat pump can extend EV battery range and cut charging times. Advancements in the technology could benefit far more than cars.

Quantum computing hits the road: Quantum computing company IonQ partners with Hyundai to make AVs safer. Often met with skepticism as a theoretical futuristic technology, quantum computing shows its practical applicability.

Simpler rooftop solar solution: New solar shingle technologies are making rooftop solar easier for property owners. But supply chain challenges mean many roofs will stay low tech.

The latest wealth-builder—used EVs: Expensive fuel and slow vehicle production have triggered a stampede for used hybrids and EVs, sending prices skyrocketing. Without better batteries, prices will continue to soar.

Apple bets on India’s manufacturing sector: Apple diversifies its supply chain and opts for Indian manufacturing to ease fallout from China’s lockdowns. But it won’t help in the short term.

Solar energy goes dark, in a brilliant way: Researchers create solar panels that generate electricity at night. It’s part of a sustainability revolution that’s using radiative cooling to boost green energy.

Mercedes in the AV driver’s seat: Getting a green light for its Drive Pilot positions Mercedes-Benz as an AV frontrunner. As it tests the legal liability waters, other automakers could follow.