The company will open up the metaverse to teens and invest in games to drive VR adoption just as Apple firms up plans to compete in immersive AR/VR.

CEO demos the next big thing in smart wearables at TED Talk: Startup Humane’s AI-enhanced wearable could disrupt the smartphone market. But sluggish device sales points to a delayed release.

Its chip division will post a steep Q1 loss due to high inventories and slowing demand for PCs and smartphones. Austerity measures could sideline its expansion plans.

Convenience, access to care drive patients to health apps: But don’t expect consumers to pay for them.

Oura goes offline with Best Buy deal: The smart ring is moving into bricks-and-mortar sales to capture consumers’ attention.

McDonald’s had the most downloaded app of any quick-service restaurant in the US in March, with 3.5 million downloads, about 2 million more than No. 2 Starbucks, according to Apptopia. Taco Bell, Subway, and Domino’s Pizza rounded out the top five.

Removing verified checks from thousands of users—including high-profile individuals and government agencies— escalates the risk of impersonation and misinformation.

BeReal gets serious about increasing engagement and time spent: Its new feature allows users to actually post on the platform more frequently. Imagine that!

The world's largest chipmaker forecast a 16% sales tumble in Q2 as the tech sector slows down. Its plans for new factory locations could be in peril.

A look at Netflix’s confusing video game strategy: A high-quality catalog means little if most of the company’s 232 million subscribers don’t know it exists.

Expensive headsets aside, Apple already has the necessary developer, app, gaming, fitness, and streaming video ecosystems to build its next big thing.

Declining demand and rising costs are taking a toll. Samsung and Apple dominate the premium segment, leaving room for budget brands to thrive in emerging markets.

China still has some clout as the biggest chip market in the world, and the restrictions could spur competition and growth in domestic semiconductor production.

Optimizing its user interface for touchscreens could help to make Microsoft’s Windows 11 a viable option for gaming on future handheld devices without investing in a mobile console to compete with Nintendo or Sony.

Children’s safety advocates are pushing back on Meta’s plan to open the metaverse to minors in order to expand user adoption. An unmoderated metaverse without proactive security poses various dangers to minors.

Apple opens first stores in India amid broader push to grow local sales, production: The company is turning to the fast-growing market as it looks to reduce its reliance on China.

Social media newcomer Lemon8 racked up about 64,000 US downloads per day, on average, in recent weeks, according to Apptopia. The platform, which comes from TikTok owner ByteDance, capitalizes on the shopability of photos and short videos with its Pinterest-meets-Instagram format.

The deal is a sign that Intel is serious about pivoting into the foundry business. Having Arm as a client could make Intel one of the most competitive foundries in the world.