TikTok’s growth could be stifled by ties to China: Intense demand and repeated scandals have the company twisted in a knot.

Spotify eyes concert ticket partnerships: The company is testing a service that lets users buy tickets without leaving its music app.

The sleep digital therapy market is very much awake: We unpack ResMed’s acquisition of mementor’s sleep app and detail what’s new in the DTx market for sleep-based therapies.

The great disconnection: Google is imploring Apple to enable cross-platform messaging between iPhones and Android devices. But the blue bubble is the crown jewel of its walled garden.

AppLovin’s bid to acquire Unity is a landmark moment: Whether the $17.5 billion deal goes through or not, there is no stopping the coming integration of ads in games.

Our 2022 US Retail Mobile App Features Benchmark report analyzes the most in-demand retail mobile app features and ranks the top 10 leading multicategory retailers based on their mobile apps.

Building on momentum from a significant pandemic bounce, mcommerce sales continue to grow, albeit at the lowest rate in years.

CHIPS and Science Act a boon for US manufacturing: President Biden signs the bipartisan bill, and chipmakers like Intel, Micron, Qualcomm, and GlobalFoundries are on board with expanding their US chip fabrication.

Game over for gaming industry’s boom: Nvidia is the latest company to note the sharp decline in the gaming industry as shortages, declining consumer spending, and continued inflation take their toll.

Quality-of-life features don’t amount to privacy changes: Meta is introducing user privacy features to WhatsApp that fail to address longstanding data privacy concerns.

UNC is adding new patient engagement features as healthcare consumers grow impatient with providers’ poor digital experiences.

Samsung’s smartwatch opportunity: The growing demand for smartwatches and lack of an Android alternative to Apple Watch could help Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 capture market share.

Sports betting’s ad cooldown won’t be permanent: A year of hefty spending might have DraftKings slowing down, but sports will persist through a recession.

Kargo’s doubling down on the future of rich media: The ad tech firm is buying Ziggeo to enhance its video capabilities.

CHIPS Act draws a line in the sand: The $52 billion CHIPS Act will go a long way to help chipmakers fire up chip fabs in the US, with the proviso that they avoid chipmaking in China for 10 years.

There’s a new chip sheriff in town: The semiconductor industry undergoes a seismic shift as AMD excels in earnings, innovation, and its future diversification plans.

More repairable Samsung Galaxies: The company will ship kits, parts, and step-by-step instructions for end-user and technician fixes of recent S20, S21, and Tab S7+ devices, indicating that right-to-repair pressure is working.

In-game ads are set to debut during a downturn: The popularity of free-to-play games will help them endure, but advertisers may be cagey about spending.

On today's episode, we discuss how much of an effect Elon Musk has had on Twitter's recent performance, how advertisers are now viewing the company, and what initiatives the social media platform will likely consider moving forward. "In Other News," we talk about how bots and spam influence advertising and whether shorter ads on social media are the way to go. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Jasmine Enberg.