Apple dives headfirst into 5G: Reports say it may release a fleet of 5G-enabled phones, roll out a 5G-enabled SE model, and ditch its mini version. If they’re true, Apple’s commitment to 5G could help drive 5G adoption more widely.

Thanks to hefty spending at the FCC’s C-band auction, AT&T believes it has enough spectrum to bring 5G coverage to 70–75 million people by 2022. But AT&T needs to continue forging partnerships to deploy that spectrum in ways that consumers will actually notice the benefit.

The telecom announced it will remove data throttling from its Unlimited Elite plan. AT&T’s move highlights the pressure telecoms are under to stay competitive in the rabid race for 5G supremacy.

BytePlus gives brands access to star-making AI: ByteDance is offering websites and apps the option to take advantage of TikTok's recommendation algorithm and a suite of content and measurement tools.

For the first time, we have published our TikTok user forecast for Mexico, one of the hardest-hit countries by the pandemic. As people there stayed home more in 2020, many turned to the internet for entertainment, and the number of monthly TikTok users surged 222.5% year over year, according to our estimates.

The group’s report claims the current 25 Mbps download speed minimum is insufficient to meet rising bandwidth needs. At the same time, much of the country’s population still lacks access to speeds even under the current minimum.