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On today's episode, we discuss whether most of what AI writes is useless, if AI is coming for your job, the likelihood of human extinction, and AI rules that could help us avoid that scenario. "In Other News," we talk about what Nvidia is and why it just joined the hyper-exclusive trillion-dollar club and what happens now that Neuralink can test its brain implants on humans. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jacob Bourne and Gadjo Sevilla.

Generous government incentives and a thriving and competitive local EV industry are helping China surpass EV adoption goals.

The Vision Pro headset puts Apple at the forefront of the augmented reality discussion, but the device’s business focus and exorbitant pricing could limit wider appeal.

Advertising employment peaks: AI advances may promise potential disruption.

Adding mobile plans to existing Amazon Prime subscriptions has the potential to entice millions of wireless customers looking for a cheaper alternative.

On today's episode, we discuss whether we'll be able to tell if something is AI-generated, whether AI can be considered an "inventor," and whether now is the right time to adopt this technology. "In Other News," we talk about how smart ChatGPT really is and what ever happened to IBM's AI supercomputer Watson after it won at "Jeopardy!" Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jacob Bourne and Gadjo Sevilla.

The iconic Volkswagen bus has been reimagined for the EV age. It could energize new automotive markets and restore VW’s brand reputation.

What Insider and Gannett strikes mean for publishing: The industry’s long decline has made it hard for companies and workers to meet at the table.

Though we’ve downgraded our retail media forecast, we anticipate the channel will experience double-digit growth through 2027. “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that retail media is one of the most important and potentially most transformative ad spending channels in media right now,” said our analyst Max Willens.

Retail media is moving from its initial state (search and on-site display ads) up the funnel toward social, open web, and connected TV. As retail media networks move into their next era, they should leverage partnerships to explore new channels, said Evan Hovorka, vice president of product and innovation at Albertsons Media Collective.

On today's episode, we discuss what AI-generated ads will look like, TikTok testing a new AI chatbot called Tako, Formula One finding a new way to advertise on its cars, ESPN offering its channel as a standalone streaming service, what using VR in a car will look like, visualizing the US workforce as 100 people, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, director of forecasting Oscar Orozco, and analyst Max Willens.

With 34 million developers, a massive app ecosystem, and a burgeoning ad business, Apple could fast-track its metaverse ambitions behind its MR headset announcement.

Privacy violations expose questions about data security in IoT devices and could lead to stricter regulations and potential impact on targeted advertising strategies.

While many businesses are still trying to get to grips with some of the original implications of GDPR, technology is refusing to stand still. The rapid rise of generative AI is testing the bounds of data protection regulators.

HP plans to release generative AI-enabled PC in 2024: It could surpass rivals that get cold feet on AI.

On today's episode, we discuss the significance of Netflix saying it has 5 million monthly active users on its ad tier, the biggest impacts of the new streaming service Max, and how much noise a combined Paramount+ and Showtime offering can make. "In Other News," we talk about the current state of esports and what the best connected TV (CTV) ad formats are. Tune in to the discussion with our director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman.

55% of US broadband households use connected TVs for streaming services, making standalone devices like Google’s Chromecast less essential.

The White House and Commerce Department support aggressive EU proposals, while others fear competitive disadvantage. Meanwhile, Beijing seems to have the upper hand.

Nvidia and WPPs groundbreaking AI partnership will mean fewer jobs: The impressive tech will give advertisers enormous flexibility but by their own admission will result in job cuts.

Another TikTok data controversy: App’s storing of major influencers' sensitive financial data on Chinese servers contradicts CEO's previous claims.