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Private 5G’s big debut: NTT’s multi-party, multi-phase private 5G project for Las Vegas will boost connectivity in schools, power security and monitoring systems, and make telehealth more accessible.

Podcasting’s questionable metrics could hurt its ad business: Major podcasters spent millions on mobile game ads that dramatically inflated listenership.

On today's episode, we discuss how the digital ad duopoly is evolving, the most interesting dark horse digital ad giant, and whether Netflix, not TikTok, is a bigger threat to Facebook and Instagram. "In Other News," we talk about ad industry practices coming under fire as privacy lawsuits surge and who the winners and losers will be when the third-party cookie says goodbye. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paul Verna.

On today's episode, we discuss how advertisers and publishers can adapt to the privacy and data strategy needs of a radically changing advertising ecosystem for the benefit of both brands and consumers. "In Other News," we talk about the implications of two significant legal cases for Google and what to make of Apple offering more ads. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Max Willens and Neustar's global vice president of marketing solutions Brett House.

Spam texts are soaring: The FCC is fast-tracking regulation that could quash spam SMS at the network level to combat a growing telecommunications problem.

Uber is taking advantage of Mexico's digital ad growth: The company's new advertising business should diversify its revenue as well.

YouTube’s new Shorts functionality shows it views TikTok as a threat: The video giant is taking steps to make its short-form rival more creator-friendly.

Just as agencies came to terms with the pandemic wave, they were forced to contend with the war in Ukraine, ongoing supply chain disruptions, global political polarization and unrest, soaring inflation, and concerns of a recession

On today's episode, we discuss the significance of Super Bowl LVII ads already selling out, why personalization is so difficult, ad views in the metaverse, why folks are livestreaming in the wrong place, what to make of Oprah's content deal with Apple TV+ ending, an explanation of the most important sustainability features for retailers to offer, where tailgating came from, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Blake Droesch, Dave Frankland, and Max Willens.

Pumpkin spice season continues to draw customers in: Both Starbucks and Dunkin’ got a boost in traffic after rolling out fall flavors.

Retail media is following in the footsteps of search and social as digital advertising's third big wave, and has already established itself as a force. Built on a foundation of valuable first-party purchase data, contextually relevant ad experiences, and closed-loop reporting, retail media is seeing advertiser budgets quickly migrating in its direction. This fall, Amazon’s exclusive rights to NFL Thursday Night Football will “kick off” the first of retail media’s next three phases of growth and prove why digital advertising’s third big wave is destined to be the biggest.

Retailers’ theft-prevention strategies risk alienating consumers: But Home Depot, Wegmans, and Best Buy show the difficulties of striking a balance between shopper satisfaction and store security.

Advertisers are flocking to clean room solutions: Where there's opportunity, there's hype—and confusion about security remain.

There are a few ways to view the decline of the pay TV bundle. In our pay TV figures, we exclude vMVPDs, which deliver live TV over the internet. When viewed this way, pay TV will decline 7.2% this year to 66.4 million households. That figure will drop to 54.3 million households by the end of 2026.

Apple’s manufacturing shift from China: The iPhone maker is looking to India and Vietnam to manufacture its most profitable products—a sign that Apple’s long time reliance on China’s manufacturing could be coming to an end.

Privacy standards are changing under advertisers’ feet: Lawsuits from private citizens and the federal government show that a digital advertising reckoning is under way.

At what point does a branded video game become advertising to children? The recent streak of partnerships between brands like Walmart and Spotify with Roblox are finding success but raising concerns.

TikTok ups the ante on app experience with two significant updates: Its much-longer character limit and comment dislike button should help the platform in vastly different ways.