Advertising & Marketing

Ohio manufacturing site could turn the tide for Intel: The new location will employ 3,000 and could inspire other chip manufacturers to jump on local government incentives and cheap land.

NBCUniversal reduced Winter Olympics ratings expectations: Its broadcast strategy is changing after last year’s tepid Summer Games.

Why Amazon keeps experimenting with physical stores: While offline sales represent a tiny fraction of its overall sales, Amazon has plenty to gain by venturing into the real world.

Is the Banning Surveillance Advertising Act a threat? Even if the US bill to limit targeted ads doesn’t pass, its introduction signals a legislative landscape that favors privacy more than ever.

China’s computing cloud gets bigger thanks to backing of Big Three telecoms: Computing power is Beijing’s new global strategy focus, and it’s quickly catching up with the US.

Leaders from Pandora, Roblox, Riot Games, and more are banding together to make the metaverse safer: Lack of Big Tech support could make implementation impossible.

Xbox makes nearly $70 billion bet on Activision Blizzard: Microsoft moves in just as the maker of Candy Crush and Overwatch saw slumping sales due to misconduct allegations.

White House calls major tech firms to a summit: Last month’s widespread log4j vulnerability drew the attention of national security officials who are now looking to plug holes in major software systems.

TSMC makes big investment to meet surging chip demand: Chip leader looks to spend at least $40 billion to expand production capacity in 2022, before competing chip fabs become operational.

The pandemic and global chip shortage can’t slow surging PC sales: Demand is expected to continue to meet remote work and school requirements.

Telemundo’s new streaming brand thins the barrier between English- and Spanish-language content: NBCUniversal and Comcast hope Hispanic viewers will turn Peacock’s luck around.

By 2024, we expect US digital ad spend to be about $65 billion higher than what we expected before the pandemic. The biggest drivers behind these larger-than-expected increases are retail media networks and connected TV.

Social video advertising is now capable of driving benefits throughout the funnel. Advertisers expect to prioritize a few key paid social strategies in 2022, including developing more native video ad creative, promoting creator videos as paid ads, investing more in ISR, and supporting efforts around still-emerging shopping livestreams on social platforms.

Semiconductor sales are expected to normalize after a record-setting 2021 predicated by various shortages and extended gaps between orders and deliveries.

New podcasts are having difficulties breaking through: The industry boasts more listeners—and investment—than ever before, but new shows struggle to increase their audiences.