Advertising & Marketing

Meta makes multiple moves: It won’t take cuts of creator revenues through 2024, and will look to digital avatars as a new revenue stream from brands.

Microsoft dials down facial-analysis AI: The technology can infer people’s emotional state, gender, and other attributes, but the algorithm’s inherent bias makes it prone to inaccuracies that could lead to misuse.

AVs have surveillance potential: Chinese officials’ recent restrictions on Teslas are just a fraction of more widespread concerns about vehicle digital privacy. Regulators and automakers should preemptively take action.

Canada’s new legislation could hurt digital entertainment players: If it becomes law, Bill C-11 would harm Netflix and TikTok, among others—and be difficult to enforce.

Reddit tries to solve its brand safety problem: A new partnership with DoubleVerify brings much-needed metrics and safety tools to its burgeoning ad platform.

Clean rooms are becoming critical to the fortunes of Big Media: Snowflake’s new solution with OpenAP demonstrates the importance of first-party data.

Conversations at Cannes: Our analyst on the ground fills us in on some of the Festival's latest developments.

Meta’s new prototypes show promise: Unveiling future VR headsets and announcing brand partnerships could stoke interest in the metaverse, but Meta still has a long way to go to push the platform into the mainstream.

Cloudflare sneezes and takes down half the internet: A server policy change downed apps, websites, and crypto services for hours, exposing the fragility of relying on a centralized network infrastructure.

End of a web surfing era: Internet Explorer’s retirement triggered nostalgia but also panic. With half of Japanese organizations still using it, Microsoft has an opportunity to get them to Edge.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, The Era of Uncertainty, as our analysts address key questions about the rapidly shifting landscape for social media, retail and ecommerce, and financial services.

B2B content marketers rely on campaigns, plans, and calendars—but none of these equate to a marketing strategy. Simply producing more content can affect the quality and dilute messaging, draining overall value.

Walmart and Roku see streaming as the next ecommerce frontier: The retailer and streaming company are partnering to bring shoppable ads to CTV.

Streamers poised to take greater share in US upfront market: Advertising dollars will flow to services such as Hulu, Peacock, Roku, and YouTube TV.

Here's what you missed at Cannes so far: the future of advertising, inclusivity, and sustainability are themes that keep coming up.

Google feels pressure from the EU’s antitrust streak: The company promised to negotiate to pay publishers who appear in search results after a hefty fine.

VideoAmp turns its attention to Hispanic viewers: A new partnership with TelevisaUnivision could help it claim even more of the measurement market.

Brands shouldn’t shy away from foreign soccer partnerships: Brands only used up 5% of soccer’s $1.8 billion digital ad inventory.